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When I was just myself, not latched onto and not
stalking my own breath, I was not aware of how
much I could unfold and conform the male race
to my recesses…  >> Read more

My poems in The Writing Disorder, a literary journal that features award-winning writers, poets, and artists:

My Breasts

64 thoughts on “Happiness

    • Thanks, IB. These are old poems I submitted, and I am two feet under, teaching writing this season, unable to do the THING myself. But let us count our blessings, especially if we have kept our distance from respirators, yes? I’ll see you all before the year is up, God willing. Stay safe and snarky. ^ ^

  1. It is amazing all that you have and continue to accomplish ~ and you do it with quality, D., which is a rare find in the world today. Great to see your writing again, wonderful poems ‘Happiness’ indeed. Take care, especially with all that is going on.

    • Hi Randi,

      I appreciate the read. They are pieces I wrote several years ago. I trust you’ve been snapping away. Take lots of pictures for us and for posterity. Help us hold onto the beauty in 2020.

  2. Hi. This is just to let you know that yr poetry speaks to me (even though I am a man, & once a boy) Food job. & because I linked you w/ Facebook & Twitter, hopefully, I just might see new poetry from you there. Do you have a blog? Thank you for time well spent this morning. gray

    • Sounds like you were well loved. I appreciate the male approbation, although I am confused on the blog question. This IS my blog, as you can see from our shared platform. WP is the only place where I am writing.

      Best wishes as you finish out the year.

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