The Real Reasons I Blog

1. To ward off dementia.

2. Stay in touch with my roots. No such thing as overworking with Koreans. Rest? Psh. That’s what the grave is for.

3. You’ve saved me money on therapy. I didn’t have to go this year.

4. I don’t want to clean. Who in their right mind would choose mopping and dusting over THIS?

5. It’s my one rightful obsession. I don’t drink, smoke, go on shopping sprees, or get pedicures. You gotta give me sOmething.

6. I can be as anal as I want and people like me for it. Go figure.

7. I’m repressed. Parents didn’t let me stay out at night. I get to party ’round the clock as the comments roll in.

8. I hand out advice on stuff: blogging, life, men and women. And all these people think I’m for real.

9. It’s my only chance at keeping up with technology. I’m terrified to tweet, annoyed with Facebook, have yet to go near an iPod, hate texting.

10. I haven’t had this much fun since…since…
*Slump* Pathetic. (Time for my next pick-me-up post.)

266 thoughts on “The Real Reasons I Blog

  1. wow. so much similarities with my reasons of blogging. when i read it I feel it’s echoing my inner thought. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog. I’ll follow your blog now onwards.

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  3. You should blog because you enjoy doing it.

    I know that I do. I love writing about international dating/marriage. I also want to see more American men dating or marrying foreign women.

    If I do not make money, I am okay with that. But, if my blog helps create international couples, I would be thrilled about it.

    • Can’t answer the first sweet question but I am glued to my son in the home school. I’ve been organizing some of the classes/activities as well as teaching him so my time is shot. And come evening, after the mountain of dishes, I need to catch my breath and say yes to sleep so I can do it all over again the day after. *Miss you guys*

  4. Thanks for this list, it was interesting
    So true, who’d rather clean
    O..assuming, there’s a peculiar reason it is capitalized
    Very effective to ward off dementia for sure
    Especially because of how much fun it can be
    Really hope you continue writing everything you need to
    People here are so supportive


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