About the Wayfarer

I am a woman out of the Lost & Found.


Gosh, it’s been fast. The little girl feeling from first grade is a clear memory. How many annual calendar pages do you tear off in 40 years? 480. Beyond the 1/10 of these sheets that mark my prologue in Korea, my life divides into thirds. The first chapter written in NYC, the second in PA that suburbanized the college girl, the third in CA that ruralized the wife and mom. (At least against the zip and dash of life in the Big Apple. Cows across the street now.)

Motherhood consumed me in its centripetal force. Okay, I let it – in my determination to be the best darned mom I knew how (any resolution cemented with best darned certain to unglue). What was it about turning 40 that felt so different? Was it the crest of my climb, a sure descent from here? Or could I borrow a lesson from Moses? He had it made until the mistake that cost him his crown to Egypt at 40. Surely he’d done himself in. The next forty years on the run he became a family man tending sheep. Little did he know God had all the time in the world and had him on training ground to be humbled and readied to shepherd a nation out of slavery – in the four decades ahead.  No coincidence that a human baby is full term through 40 weeks.

When I hit the age that embodies spiritual gestation, something happened. I remembered I was more than a mother. Motherhood is no less my solemn charge today than it has been the last six years. But the woman God had created to reflect Him in her way before she birthed her child had gone missing. I remembered that writing is how I breathe.

[color]sunset shot21 copySo I’m no longer holding my breath.

See here the stones collected along the shore of my wayfaring, some posts light and colorful, others not. Relationships, identity, learning, time, faith, hope, the physical, the invisible. I see God’s handprints everywhere. Whatever catches my eye in the journey, I hold up to you. I offer no secrets to growing a money tree, have no magic in these hands to captivate you with aesthetics. You’ll see the photos, some videos and information, but largely stories and what I hope you welcome as insight. The best I’ve got for you are words. A wordsmith, I’ve been sculpting pictures from the wayfaring. Single guys read me as the moms do. Artists and thinkers have joined me. So I speak of it all – not just the parenting or homeschooling or my faith. But of the things we share by virtue of our humanity.  Hence a holistic journey.


1,588 thoughts on “About the Wayfarer

  1. Diana,
    I am amazed that you took the time to visit and comment on my blog post. What a wonderful writer you are, I have certainly enjoyed my time here this morning. I am not a writer but I do love to read. I I will be reading and enjoying your posts as I can. I could spend hours here reading and enjoying if I had nothing else to do. Reading about the orchid blooming gave me a smile. That was nice after finding out about your son’s allergy to the other plants. I have no luck with pot plants and over the years I have been very surprised when one lived and bloomed for a time. Kudos to you orchids are not easy to grow and care for in my opinion.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Mags

  2. Beautifully put. Like you, forty was a big turning point for me. My life and voice had been on hold too, but for very different reasons. Here’s to what wonders forty and everything after has to offer us 🙂

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