About the Wayfarer

I am a woman out of the Lost & Found.


Gosh, it’s been fast, the little girl feeling from first grade still a clear memory. How many annual calendar pages do you tear off in 40 years? 480. Beyond the 1/10 of the sheets that mark my prologue in Korea, my life divides into thirds. The first chapter written in NYC, the second in PA that suburbanized the college girl, the third in CA that ruralized the wife and mom. We live across from cows now.

Motherhood consumed me in its centripetal force. Okay, I let it – in my determination to be the best darned mom I knew how (any resolution cemented with best darned certain to unglue). What was it about turning 40 that felt so different? Was it the crest of my climb, a sure descent from here? Or could I borrow a lesson from Moses? He had it made until the mistake that cost him his crown to Egypt at 40. Surely he’d done himself in. The next forty years on the run he became a family man tending sheep. Little did he know God had all the time in the world and had him on training ground to humble and ready him to shepherd a nation out of slavery – in the four decades ahead.Β  No coincidence that a human baby is full term at 40 weeks.

When I hit the age that embodies spiritual gestation, something happened. I remembered I was more than a mother. The woman God had created to reflect Him in her way had gone missing. I remembered that writing is how I breathe.

So I’m no longer holding my breath.

See the stones collected in the wayfaring, some posts light and colorful, others dense. Relationships, identity, learning, time, faith, hope, the physical, the invisible. I see God’s handprints everywhere. Whatever catches my eye in the journey, I hold up to you. I offer no secrets to growing a money tree, have no magic in these hands to captivate you with aesthetics. You’ll see some photos and videos but stories, largely, and what I hope you welcome as insight. The best I’ve got for you are words. Single guys read me as the moms do. Artists and writers have joined us. So I speak of it all – not just the parenting or my faith. But of the things we share in our humanity. The holistic journey.


1,645 thoughts on “About the Wayfarer

  1. Our art show is a group of 15 artists. 3 in our 60’s , 2 in their 90’s and many who only began serious watercolours after retirement!
    I am overwhelmed and humbled by the number of followers you have.

  2. Diana, I love this piece of writing on you About page. As I see everyone else does as well! Impressive following!!! I can tell what an amazing writer you are from this sampling of your breath. I can relate as a wanted-to-be-the-best- mother of two sons. They are teenagers now. About 5 years ago I decided to find out who I was. It’s been a fantastic journey. Still parenting but also living from my soul and I share the same breath as you. So glad we connected. πŸ™‚

    • You certainly own your words, Suzanne. Look at you: they stream straight out of your heart. Love this: “I decided to find out who I was.. also living from my soul.” Thanks so much for sharing. Don’t stop writing. πŸ˜‰


  3. Haha! Suzanne here again….just realized I already follow you. So, back to say, thanks again for popping in and redirecting my attention back to your blog! : )

  4. Hi Suzanne. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post. I’m glad I’ve found yours and will be back to read more. Great to meet you and keep those beautiful words coming. x

  5. Hi Diana – I found your blog because you liked one of my posts – thank you for doing that, because otherwise I would not have had the opportunity to read some of the wonderful things that you have posted here. You have a kind and tender heart and I feel privileged to be able to say this to you now.
    Love that photograph by the way! Your husband? πŸ™‚

  6. Hello and thank you for enjoying my Way Back in Time blog. Is that your picture when you got married? It’s beautiful!

  7. Hi Dianna,
    Reading your “About” page made me feel as if I were watching a movie in which the lead actress narrates her experience as the prologue of a beautiful movie.
    Glad to meet you here. Happy blogging and I look forward to reading your articles. Cheers!


    • Hi, Terri. =) Huh, not seeing you on the subscriber list but I sure appreciate the pledge of support. The title and the opening on that post caught my eye – I went to Univ of PA. Was a touching post. I was just thinking I need to do some Yoga today. Thanks for connecting, Terri. Keep up the great job blogging.


  8. So my posting about Rabun Gap, Georgia, and the Hambidge Center attracted your attention. Perhaps it is something that you might want to look into for creativity. Best wishes. Thanks.

  9. I loved your insights into your journey. There is nothing as important or as fulfilling as mothering, 24/7 guiding and loving a child, but gradually the relationship alters as it should and we begin to see other parts of ourselves again. You are a wordsmith and I am glad you are pursuing that love.

  10. Your words is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader . The on-looker who passes by has the feeling of your writing being rained upon . Not the feeling that it is raining πŸ™‚ ! But definitely it pours on more . πŸ™‚

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  12. Hi Diana, wonderful writing and more than a mother….I, being the mummy daddy…as it were..,so get that!

    Hope you don’t mind a new follower 😁

    • What a nice greeting. Mummy daddy, oh my. Bless your heart. Perhaps that is why fiction affords such escape for you, LOL. Your site looked appealing and it was obvious you’re passionate about fiction. I don’t mind too much the new follow, ha ha ha ha ha. Thanks so much for connecting. I appreciate the support.


      • Infer it does….otherwise I think I might go quite mad! Or maybe I have and an in denial…hmmm…there’s a conundrum! My site is still evolving…I’m not sold on the theme yet and find the sheer number available rather bewildering. Still, learning curves are good for the grey matter…I think. Lovely to meet you too 😊

  13. Hi Diana. Blessings. Thank you for liking my very first post. As a result, I am now following your blog. Love your sensitive style of writing. Very informative, and riveting as well. God Bless You.

  14. Diana, I just reread this and it’s wonderful. You have a lovely, authentic way of presenting yourself. Many blessings to you, and so much joy on your journey. Thanks for visiting my blog. ☺

  15. Hi Diana! Thank so much for dropping in to my blog at:
    Your “like,” of course showed me the way to your blog. Your writing is wonderful. So calming, almost meditative. Who doesn’t need that?
    Life really is a journey. Thanks for showing me your “way.” Kudos!

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  17. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day and giving my recent blog post a like, I appreciate it. I suppose our blogs do have 1 thing in common though based on the headings. The fact that we’re both ‘finding our way’ but following different paths.

  18. I relate to your story. We are all trying to find our way and the many phases of life leave both scars and gifts of learning. I look forward to following your blog. Thank you for traveling over to read my poems. I would appreciate any feedback you have to offer on my writing.

    • I liked “where the living happens”. But where you use the -ing for verbs, it weakens the writing. You might try saying it directly, employing simpler verbs. =) I hope I haven’t offended. I’ve guided many writers and poets in their process and only mean well…because you asked. I appreciate the support, Ali.

  19. Hi Diana! It is so nice to meet you. Such a great “about” page which speaks from your heart such wisdom. Isn’t it true as the pages of life turn we see His hand more and more in the moments of our daily routines. Then we decide to share these moments with others resulting in joy being spread. Its going to be fun following along on your journey and seeing life through your eyes and words.

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