The Best Things About Blogging

1. Individuality and community.
Blogging gives us the best of both, lets us develop our self in “the collective heartbeat”. (Anne Lamott)

2. The freedom.
Anything goes: some days this is my own TED stage or talk show. On others, my stand-up. Sometimes it’s my notebook.

3. The empowering.
You can take yourself as seriously as you want to and ask others to.

4. The humbling.
You remember you’re just a leaf in the forest. Let’s keep it real.

5. The immediacy, the organic exchange.

6. The traffic.
The comment board is the interface of lives and a place where people can lend their perspective to expand yours.

7. The pay-out.
It’s the immigrant ethos. You sight unchartered space in blogosphere, nothing in your pocket. You stake your ground, work hard, and can build something of worth.

8. The low maintenance.
Comb my hair? Figure out which top to wear?Ā  I can blog in my bathrobe behind my smiling avatar, ever presentable.

9. The low cost.
I got the premium plan to keep the ads away, for your sake and mine. I felt vandalized when they started popping up. There is no motive for my writing other than the joy and I’m not here to mark out a trail to a pretty place that empties your wallet. Anyway, at 27 cents a day it beats spending on gas and an overrated drink at Starbucks.

10. The Efficiency.
I’m all set. Honey, no need to write anything for my funeral. Just pull up the comments for the eulogies!

203 thoughts on “The Best Things About Blogging

  1. Pingback: Too GOOD not to share… – Site Title

    • It isn’t protocol to leave your URL. FYI: it feels spammy to the host bc it’s unnecessary. If you have linked your site properly to your username and avatar, decent bloggers will visit back. But I get the excitement and don’t mind supporting a new blogger. You’re off to a nice start commenting on blogs. Thanks for the read.

      All the best,

      • No problem. I am happy my posts on blogging are helpful, to new folks on the blog esp. I would leave you some more links here but to give you the choice of tapping in: if they interest, you can tap any post to open up my sidebar and keyword-search blogging. You’ll pull up posts on the topic that both veteran and new bloggers have liked.

  2. These are all the fine things , the platform to express ourselves and learn what others are feeling and thinking. It is best not to take ourselves too seriously .

    • I agree that’s always a safe side to keep to. It hAs been rewarding, though, to hear how empowered guest writers have felt after their time here, and how they went on to tackle bigger dreams like launch their book. Our encouragement of one another goes a long way. =)

      • It is a great way to get inspired and move forward publishing that book one always dreamed of doing. The opportunities are endless. Have a great day!

  3. All very relevant. I would add the word “creativity” in there somewhere. Creative expression and the freedom and release it propagates.

  4. Hehe I use it like a diary too, when I wrote my up to date CV recently I went through my blog for date reminders šŸ˜„. I enjoyed your list and I always enjoy reading your blog šŸ‘šŸ»āœØ

  5. I recently decided to start my own blog for the reasons you mention! Yesterday, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about my latest post when he said that blogging is all about pomposity. I really think that while this might be a part of it -why else would someone want to share with so many people such thoughts-, all those other beneficial things are not to be disregarded. Actually this is why we write no?

  6. The best thing about blogging for me is I can see how someone on the other side of the world lives and experiences this life. My connections with people I would never imagine meeting and the amazing inspiration I receive from talented writers such as you Diana. Enjoyed reading these.

  7. The organic exchange and an opportunity to share ideas and meet the ideas of others is a privileged thing here in the Blogosphere and I’m so glad I finally found it after all these years. My creativity finally has a purpose and a home. Love this summary of all the benefits of blogging.

  8. It is one of the most uplifting things about a blog, isn’t it? Striking a kindred exchange with complete strangers, to discover that our likes and passions are often alike, however different our personalities may be. Point 7 strikes a chord šŸ™‚

  9. An excellent list. You always come up with something a little different, a new twist, not what we’ve heard a zillion times before, congratuations, you rock. šŸ˜€

  10. I hate reading blogs that say This post is sponsored, and then they show their children in the clothes they got for free. I instantly stop reading them. It is like reading a commercial.

  11. I’ve asked myself that quintessential question many times… why am I blogging?

    Community, individuality, empowerment, freedom, low maintenance, low cost, and yes, I’m all set too – comments for the eulogies!

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