Men and Women: Oh, the Flu

She gargles the fire in her throat (upstairs),
makes lunch (downstairs),
dusts (both floors),
washes the sheets (downstairs),
reviews geography with her son (upstairs),
heats the castor pack (downstairs)
hacks into the waste bin,
does her saline wash (upstairs),
empties the trash bin (downstairs),
gets her boy more blankets (upstairs),
checks the soup (downstairs),
does the dishes,
runs over to the library (outside),
makes bone broth (downstairs)


He….well, he…pulls down the covers and does the hard work
of opening his mouth for the nice hot water and pills.


152 thoughts on “Men and Women: Oh, the Flu

  1. YES! Only the worst of illnesses–usually involving nausea and/or high fever–will keep me from doing the day’s housework. But Hubby or son complain about having to so much as make broth while sick. Sigh…..

  2. Oh, so true… so true. Sometimes you have to wonder If not having that double X chromosome is what makes men so helpless. Unless, of course, ‘he” happens to be a single Dad.

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