Ten Signs You’re a Real Blogger

1. Your username sounds like your real name. To you.
2. Friends will reach you faster through a comment than email.
3. Readers actually start showing up in your dreams.
4. Your sweetheart quotes from your posts. “It’s not aBoUT you, k?”
5. The dish pile has become part of the furniture.
6. You know you’ll organize that drawer. You will. Someday.
7. You get real crabby the days you don’t get to touch your beloved blog.
8. You’ll spot the seed of a post on the dirt and gravel, catch the scent a mile away.
9. Your six-year-old says, “I love your blog.”
10. You will stop blogging over your dead body.

Are you for real?

192 thoughts on “Ten Signs You’re a Real Blogger

  1. I’ll add to #5: the laundry pile doubles as a sofa. And perhaps a #11: you’ve added at least half a dozen fast-food delivery numbers to your contact list and/or you’ve signed up to have your groceries delivered 😉 Your post is such fun and all too true 🙂

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  3. Loved # 8: . You’ll spot the seed of a post on the dirt and gravel, catch the scent a mile away.

    Add my photoblogging ‘that’d go great with (insert post, challenge, thought here) that I’m working on!

    Great post.

  4. I might add as well – you write in your head – in the shower, as you sleep, as you drive and while listening to others speaking ( to you or not), all of the sudden an idea germinates in your heart and you can’t engage anyone or anything until you get the thought down….it is a sickness for sure…thanks for the list. Fun!

  5. I love this list, it is so very, very me. In fact, when I read it, I thought you were thinking about me 🙂 I’m constantly thinking about new posts, and ideas pop into my head at any given time (even when doing the ironing!). Inspiration is the key word for me as many blogs I read have given me the inspiration to write.

  6. Searching for consolation I ended up here. My first and largest blog is about to die I fear. I don’t have a tech friend to help me, nor a husband who knows what I am doing wrong. I have spent midnight oil just to have silence for thinking and searching for issues.

      • I lost all but 14 followers just the other day and now tech support has helped me get them back. Wow! What harsh training this is!

      • You didn’t really lose them. They just fall off your stats list until it refreshes again. I had a cow over it for months until I finally saw the list really does take time to refresh. Will happen – you’ll “lose” a whole bunch – as your readership grows.

      • Well, it does not take a rocket scientist to see that I am not a “real” blogger. I have found a good theme (Blog at WordPress.com. | The Goran Theme) that seems to highlight my posts, but for the life of me I cannot see any header photo I have installed. I must have tried 40 times or more last night and again this morning, maybe half a dozen more.

        Will someone (anyone) out there tell me what you see? My blog is http://helpmeettohim.org.

  7. 🙂 Not quite there yet…..still trying to fit blogging and reading posts into my daily routine. But the way it’s working out, i suspect i will be there shortly!

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