About the Wayfarer

I am a woman out of the Lost & Found.


Gosh, it’s been fast, the little girl feeling from first grade still a clear memory. How many annual calendar pages do you tear off in 40 years? 480. Beyond the 1/10 of the sheets that mark my prologue in Korea, my life divides into thirds. The first chapter written in NYC, the second in PA that suburbanized the college girl, the third in CA that ruralized the wife and mom. We live across from cows now.

Motherhood consumed me in its centripetal force. Okay, I let it – in my determination to be the best darned mom I knew how (any resolution cemented with best darned certain to unglue). What was it about turning 40 that felt so different? Was it the crest of my climb, a sure descent from here? Or could I borrow a lesson from Moses? He had it made until the mistake that cost him his crown to Egypt at 40. Surely he’d done himself in. The next forty years on the run he became a family man tending sheep. Little did he know God had all the time in the world and had him on training ground to humble and ready him to shepherd a nation out of slavery – in the four decades ahead.  No coincidence that a human baby is full term at 40 weeks.

When I hit the age that embodies spiritual gestation, something happened. I remembered I was more than a mother. The woman God had created to reflect Him in her way had gone missing. I remembered that writing is how I breathe.

So I’m no longer holding my breath.

See the stones collected in the wayfaring, some posts light and colorful, others dense. Relationships, identity, learning, time, faith, hope, the physical, the invisible. I see God’s handprints everywhere. Whatever catches my eye in the journey, I hold up to you. I offer no secrets to growing a money tree, have no magic in these hands to captivate you with aesthetics. You’ll see some photos and videos but stories, largely, and what I hope you welcome as insight. The best I’ve got for you are words. Single guys read me as the moms do. Artists and writers have joined us. So I speak of it all – not just the parenting or my faith. But of the things we share in our humanity. The holistic journey.


1,645 thoughts on “About the Wayfarer

  1. It is so wonderful that you want to share your inspiring words and illuminating perspectives with the world; if only more people were willing to open themselves up in such a way, or go to the same efforts as you have with this site.
    The key the bringing humanity together is to foster understanding, share experiences and reach out to cross the boundaries of physical and emotional distance; I feel you are one person who can do just that.

  2. I feel what you are saying, though I can’t really claim to know much about motherhood, it is still the same sort of feeling I get at times. Or, for that matter, the urban – suburban – rural transitions, I get it. Nice that you wrote about it. (I do have a friend like you, also in CA, who sounds a lot like you 🙂 and she is also a mom and has a similar background. Lives in Sebastopol). Will follow 🙂

  3. You’ve got a really good ear as a writer. Having that allows you to say—not merely ‘write’—about things that reveal shortcomings and the less favored and favorable sides of being human, all redeemed by the very sound of being human which in its heart is gentle, peaceful, kind.

    Thanks for stopping by my site.

  4. There is indeed something about reaching each new decade that makes us pause and reflect on this new stage. As I joined the 60-somethings more than two and a half years ago, I’ve been deciding whether or not I’m getting old. The mirror says yes, and sometimes my body agrees. Then we visit a zoo or park and we become kids again. Each new grandchild gives us more reason to feel young. (My husband played with our two-year-old granddaughter in the middle of a Walmart with a huge ball she found.) It is gratifying to know that you recognize the Creator’s hand in whatever happens. We only need open our eyes and see His loving-kindness. As you go through this decade and the ones that follow, you will surely realize all the blessings that come with every birthday. Enjoy the journey!

  5. Interesting.. And I really like, when you say ” I see Gods handprint
    everywhere” wow you can really tell the experts. :). Although I write for personal release, I can see you have a passion.. All I have read so far are quite dynamic…

  6. I do like your analogy ‘But the woman God had created to reflect Him in her way before she birthed her child had gone missing. I remembered that writing is how I really breathe.’ I identify with this. And it’s not a crest which we descend from we actual start climbing to find the woman we were before domesticity engulfed us.’

  7. Hi thank you so much for visiting my blog and liking one of the post. I too visit your blog and i am happy to find thoughtful blog…Nice blog. I am following it now and am sure i will get very interesting stuffs from your blog…Keep writing…stay blessed 🙂 🙂

  8. Hello! I tried to go back to your blog from today to look into this insomnia aid (was it Sleep Tracks??). Anyway, I’m googling on line but not sure if I got it right and I can’t get back on to your blog. It says the page can’t be found. Help!!!! (Thanks).

    • M, I was about to turn in but could you tell me if you see the post now? It was scheduled to run again on the Reader so that’s probably what caused the lurch. Yes, Sleep Tracks is right. I’d appreciate knowing the problem’s resolved. Will hang around for your response if I can. Thanks!!


  9. I love the comment finding my way out of motherhood..while still mothering Thank you for being honest and sharing your experience. I find mothering to be quite challenging and at times all consuming. I make time for myself and because I coparent with her dad, I have more time alone. But even when I was married, I made time for myself to read or meditate, or take a nice bath, otherwise I would be a mess. Raising a human being is the hardest job ever.

  10. Greetings Diana. May I assume your health is improving? Sounds like a serious condition…or am I misunderstanding the Life Support post. I have been reading many of your posts and appreciate your honesty and willingness to share and assist. Going through a transition as I am currently looking for a new job/ career after turning sixty in June. Confusing time for me, but have faith that all will work out…together for the good. Take care.

    • What thoughtful regards, Michael. Yes, I am all right – and the Life Support was a humorous twist (and a sad one, as I’ve missed my blog so) on my blog’s being out of commission. You’re not in an easy place. I hope you find yourself on higher ground. Thank you so much for reading.


  11. Hi, lovely to meet you. I just had to stop by and say Thank You for the ‘like’ on my Apple Fritters which has led me to your amazing blog. I look forward to reading more. Have a wonderful day 🙂

  12. Thanks for stopping by my 80Insights blog. I’m glad you liked “The Truth About Core Beliefs” and hope you’ll stop by often. I shall be following your journey with interest.

  13. The picture of you and your husband is a great one one. My eyebrow was raised when you wrote of Moses, the way you broke it down. How he trained by herding the sheep not realizing what was in store. Thank you for bringing it to light!

  14. Hi, Holistic Wayfarer = catchy; I like it. Diana, is it? Just dropped in to say hi. I enjoy what I’ve read so far and 12 days… is my favorite. Keep up the good work. Your blogging friend, Jack C.

  15. Diana, Thanks for stopping by my site, BigSisterKnows.com. You have a beautiful blog, and it looks like we are touching on many of the same topics. As a writer, I completely understand your statement about needing to write, to express yourself in that way no matter what other priorities you have in life. I look forward to reading more and pray that God continues to bless you and use you to encourage others. Thanks!

      • I needed that encouragement this week, Diana – thank you! I am learning it’s all about connecting with each other and encouraging one another, even when it’s out of our normal comfort zone. Have a great week!

  16. Good heavens! What can I add to what’s already been said by fourteen hundred odd others? Only perhaps that it took you a handful of years to understand and I came to my senses when the empty nest syndrome hit me. If you needed it (you don’t) my advice would, like the girl guides be, be prepared. 🙂

  17. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. You have a wonderful way of writing and looking at the world and I can’t wait to explore your blog more. Warmest hugs and wishes from an ordinary every day woman trying to make the most out of life in Australia. 🙂

    • Wow, you sure know how to blog. =) How to connect. Thank you for the warm greeting and encouragement, Miriam. The title about choosing happiness caught my eye even though it was a reblog. Keep doing YOU on the board. You have such heart. Would love to stay connected. Thanks for the follow!


      • Hey Diana, lovely to meet and I really am looking forward to sharing lots with you and reading much more from you. Warmest wishes. Miriam xx

  18. Hi! I’m glad I find you here in the blogging community. Writing is like breathing to me also, something I can’t live without. Although I’m very new in the blogging world I felt so happy I started. In a relatively short period ot time I got to connect to people I just knew virtually on a deeper level and I’m greatful. I also meet a lot of interesting people here and ones I can relate to. Thanks again, stay around!!

    • Look at you blogging so well, making connections. =) Life is relationship, right? I could tell getting your thoughts out was very important to you. Thanks for the follow and I’m glad we can share the journey.


  19. I love your blog ❤ It feels like I found a precious gem. I'm excited to read more of your inspiring and interesting stories on your wayfaring. God bless the works of your hands 🙂

  20. I wish I had known you when you were in Korea. I hope to visit that country next month.

    I will join several Americans and help to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of WON Buddhism. I’ve been meditating at a temple in Philadelphia the past two years, and a minister had requested I join them for a trip to Seoul Korea.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog and to seeing your old country.
    I think that this could be the start of a wonderful relationship, to quote Humphrey Bogart in the famous movie Casablanca!

    • Not sure you would’ve cared to know me in Korea. I left when I was four, ha ha ha ha. But I appreciate the sentiment. That is amazing, the trip before you (and the meditating that’s taking you there). Won is my maiden name, actually – something I’ve had no reason to share ’til now! Sounds like you feel more connected to Korea than I, but I would love to read about your experience there. Do keep me POSTed. =) Thank you.


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