Korean Tacos

Te amo tambien, México.
Mexicano, hermano, ya eres Coreano.
Pero no más tequila, por favor. Tacos Coreanos, bueno.
Way to go, South Korea!

32 thoughts on “Korean Tacos

    • Sad that somebody’s gotta lose, but sure is something watching the tide turn, and fast. I told T not to get complacent on those drums. One of these days, some younger drummer’s gonna smoke him!

  1. Life can turn on a dime…! You bet it can, and I’ve a collection of those dimes to prove it. But right now, and ever increasingly I’m looking for the dime that will turn this current life that seems to be sending people to hell in a sick political basket, thinking they are doing great, by forcing their children to stay behind in refuge camps, some of which as infants will be unidentifiable to their parents, after a few weeks or months.
    Sorry to be such a killjoy, in the midst of these happy sports events! But your turn of phrase turn on a dime, just seem to open the flood gates, on such a vile undertaking…

  2. OK, I may be waaaaaaaay late to the party, but when it comes to tacos please count me in 🙂
    And, one of my best meals last year was after a meeting with an outdoor company in Vancouver I left the building starving and stopped by a food stall making Korean Tacos ~ the beef and Korean spices, I fell hard for them 🙂 Would return to Vancouver just to taste those tacos again!

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