151 thoughts on “losing you

  1. As usual, heart felt, touching and on point. The good news is that so long as you stay close you mever really lose them. On the other hand you have Grand kids you can love all over again.

  2. Your poem “losing you” (BTW I hope I’m responding on the right thread, This grandma is finding your site a tad difficult to follow.) had my crying. It was simply wonderful! I literally was sobbing by the end. Having raised two grown sons, The first one on my own, your words and images brought me back to those early days when motherhood was new and watching every moment was a miraculous adventure. As a single working mother to my now 44 year old son who has his own children, I can read your poem from the perspective of both a mother and A grandmother. The emotions and the love don’t change because observing a human being unfold and blossom is an extraordinary gift. Just wait until you sit down to build Legos with your son’s child. Each decade is different and special but not until our children become parents do they totally appreciate and understand how much they were loved. You, my dear, have a lovely talent for bringing images to life! Bravo.

    • Lesley, thank you so much for this gift. I am so touched by the reincarnation of your journey through the poem. Your love for your guys spills over this page, and I am honored you let me know.

      As for the navigating here, I’m disappointed you had trouble. I took pains to make this blog as user-friendly as possible in every way. I did spread out a wide range of posts by topic, over time, so you can take your pick. You just tap any title once to open up the post of choice. Please let me know if anything in particular was cumbersome to work. Thank you for the follow. =)


      • I’ll try tapping! I didn’t think of that!! I look forward to reading more of your work. And don’t judge my lack of skill on my new iPad Pro as being something you did wrong on your blog. For a “junior” senior, I’m pretty computer savvy and most likely on my laptop I could have figured it out easily. I was attempting to use my new device and got a bit confused that’s all. Lol

  3. Seasons of life… I remember my toddler telling me that he was going to marry me and live with me forever. That toddler is now married to the love of his life and expecting his first child in a matter of weeks. Aging, growing up and motherhood certainly entail sadness. However, that sadness is eclipsed by the joy in seeing our flesh and blood be independent and happy adults who will always carry our hearts around with them. Thanks for sharing such a sweet and easily relatable aspect of parenting!


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