108 thoughts on “Late to the Party

  1. This is beautiful, Diana. The wording is so true in how one lives one’s life. It really is much like sitting down to eat and then how one eats. The poem is thoughtful and profound. You are quite good in getting deep with you words and thoughts.

    • Thank you for taking the time, Yvonne. I was wondering how you and D are doing. People rally when you’re in crisis but I think there comes a point where people don’t want to know you drank grief. At least not if it’s regular fare. They don’t know what to do with that.
      Hope you are taking care of yourself.


      • Thanks, Diana. I appreciate that you asked about us. We are doing ok. Not fantastic but ok. You are correct and none of my friends inquire about my son. And I don’t mention him either. I don’t speak of my health unless someone asks. It is boring to me to speak of things that I alone must deal with. I do have two nurse friends that ask about me and we talk or see each other on average every week or so. My friends and I all stay busy with various interests so there is not a lot of chit chat. I still intend to explore tapping- just have not found time nor the energy to investigate what it might do for Danny. Take care, Diana. Love, Yvonne

  2. There are days when I can’t even find the tape. I love writing because you can be as honest as you want to be. Great post… jc

  3. Beautiful yet haunting words Diana. I do so appreciate the rawness of this post and I can certainly relate to it. Hang in there my friend, just give me a holler if you need more tape, I have this super duper strong strong stuff, guaranteed to hold!

  4. I am not a poet; I wish I were. But some days I have felt as if Scotch tape were holding me together–just barely.

  5. Wonderful poetry. I love your rhymes in casual places and your amazing images for keeping body and soul together. I relate, especially coming through rough spots and realizing what it taught me

    • Has been of surprise to me that many can relate, though it shouldn’t be. I love the feedback, Ina. I can only imagine the rough places the years have taken you through. Keep shining.

  6. Hi, Diana. Sometimes these days I feel like using barbed wire instead of scotch tape. The wire would keep everything together, but the barbs would keep everyone else away until I could deal. Hugs, friend. We all need to be here for each other.

  7. ‘You might learn something about despair and strength and secrets in between’ – I love this last line particularly and its call to listen. Sometimes we just need to express that and have someone be there to witness it.

    • People can be so quick to speak. But it would’ve been far better for someone who did this last wk to have kept quiet than to try and comfort me. I found what tumbled out of his mouth hurtful, if not offensive, and I know he didn’t even see it. Why don’t people get there is a time for everything, including a time for words?

  8. The poem really takes off starting at
    “I am late to my life,   my joy,    and the feasting — ”
    down to that haunted phrase  “and smile for  people”

    Everything else is powerful self-talk, the voices of a real person using  words as a release,
    but here we can hear a shared soul stirring.

    (Sorry. I meant to say, I like the poem, and I really like this part.)

  9. Tough times, D, and my heart is with you. Much better than my mind. Preaching never, or at least rarely, helps. Simply listen. But your words have to help those who can’t express themselves so well. And oh, have you thought about duct tape? 🙂 –Curt

  10. I’m almost afraid to reply because sometimes I miss the real point. Please accept my apology if that is the case. After 64 years of missed dreams and not a day of perfection on my side of things, I have learned how to be empathetic, kind, and accepting of myself and others with all our imperfections. Just Saturday someone I know set up a time for us to meet, as many others before him. The reason was for me to hold him accountable for things in his life he does not like. After a lengthy conversation, I think he got the idea, of what he was hoping for, that I would not judge him but at the same time give him the support for which he is looking.
    I guess the thing in your blog that stirred my spirit was the comment about preaching the Bible. I know nothing of what you believe, right or wrong. I will say that Christianity is not just a set of rules but a book about forgiveness, love, kindness, long suffering, and mercy. In fact, the person who understands, as myself, just how far short he falls on matters of life, he can only have compassion for those who feel the pain as well.
    Your blog was good, honest, and transparent. That is what I have come to expect from you. I hope you find my words to be kind.

    • I knew someone was going to trip over that line but I kept it in, not because I don’t want to hear the Bible (you might be surprised by the depths of my theology) but because people, well-meaning people, make it trite and don’t take the time to imagine what it might be like on the other side. They diminish both my pain and the Word. We need more Christians like you, friend. I appreciate every word.

  11. Beautiful poem expressing very deep thoughts. Love the tape metaphor and “I am under construction”. Who is not? I also like how you express grief and suffering because in the end there is always hope. I admire how you have put all these words together. Love the triple rhyme here: “…Yes, and rope/ and hope and a new trope/ in the mirror…”. Good job!

    • Yes, I would love to meet someone who isn’t in the works. =) And it’s in these imperfections we can add to one another’s grief. How beautiful when we come to the table humbler and more compassionate for our humanness. Thx.

      • You are welcome. I also want to thank you for your encouraging feedback on my blog. All I do is write for myself or create other things like a dance, etc. I have this inner need. It is therapy and what comes from the heart. However, if I can share my humble writing attempts with others and they like my posts then I am happy. It rises one’s self-esteem, doesn’t it? It is a wonderful feeling to find out someone has liked one of your posts and perhaps has even become a new follower of your blog. You immediately feel the need to find out who they are and what they write about. Thanks again! I am traveling to the Bay Area from August 9 until August 23. I will be in Oakland and San Francisco most of the time. Am I wrong or do you live in the area? If so, it would be great to meet you in person. I cannot cover certain distances because I do not have — as oddly as it may sound to any American — a driver’s license.

  12. Too much pain and ironies! Follow your dreams… get that masterpiece lying around the corner somewhere published already! Lest I shall die of sorrow before you do 😛 Rejections and criticisms are part and parcel of living. All the best!

    • ” get that masterpiece lying around the corner somewhere published already! Lest I shall die of sorrow before you do 😛” Ha ha ha ha. I doubt your sorrow could match mine but that is awfully sweet of you. You should know criticism is the last thing I am afraid of. =) Fierce encouragement noted. Thanks.

  13. I love the structure of this poem. The placement of the words and the spacing between the letters–the disjointedness–highlights your opening line of holding it all together with Scotch tape. The pulling and unraveling we experience with that tape is a metaphor for life! What this brings to mind for me is how we all are looking for that one thing that will help hold us together, and make everything alright. Sometimes the search does make us “forget how to live” because we ignore our experiences along the way. We then realize that maybe not feeling like we have it all together is a fact of life and not something we need to escape from. Sometimes imperfection is freedom.

  14. You sure struck a chord there, magnificent poet… “just listen to the people’s sadness” it really does deafen the sound of breaking, as the number of comments your ‘Late to the party” evoked. From this humble scribbler, late to your party in responding to the beauty of your poetic expressions, in your economy of words style, on which I am finally in the process of feasting (in this your case, truly better late than never) that method and said style, in a rather abstract form, remains an absolute my favourite. I shall happily look forward to reading you from now on, dear poet par excellence… Chapeau, cher dame poète !

    • I feel like a cross between a beauty pageant queen holding onto her fresh flowers and a professor bowing to her audience. =) I appreciate the effusive praise. Something about its coming from a Frenchman. 😉 I only wrote from the heart – one Mafia eye on the economy. Thank you for the follow, Jean-Jacques. *bow*

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