Wishing Well

“Mimi, what do you wish for the most?”

I couldn’t speak. The question distilled my deepest desires down to sudden tears that stung.
Only later did I realize the knee-jerk response hadn’t been to play with The Royal Philharmonic.

I swallowed the truth that would sadden my niece. To deflect her attention, I whispered,
“What do you wish for, Golden Girl?”

She didn’t hesitate.
“For there to be only goodness and kindness in the world.”

What do you wish for the most?

189 thoughts on “Wishing Well

  1. Like your niece, I wish for peace and joy in the world. For myself, I would like a clear purpose and contribution to world peace and living in harmony with each other and nature.

    What would you wish dear GM?

  2. Thank you for this question. Thought of many ‘good’ things.’ But mostly I wish for all of my grandchildren to walk in the fullness of their design and destiny. For them to experience ‘the joy of the Lord in the land of the living.’

  3. Ah, sweet post. Seriously, God asks me that question frequently and most of the time, I haven’t got a freakin clue. Most of the time I have to simply defer to His will, and request a few creature comforts in the process, some chocolate perhaps, or a bit of encouragement from others. Sometimes I have felt those tears and pangs of regret, but I so seldom know what they are about, and when I do they are usually about things I only thought I wanted, but would have been terrible ideas if they had worked out. So, I don’t know what I want, but I do want it right now! πŸ˜‰

    • “about things I only thought I wanted, but would have been terrible ideas if they had worked out.” Huh. I’m sure many would agree, IB. And you bring up an interesting point. That many of us well may not really know what it is we want.

  4. Wow. Deep thought! I would wish for an end to pain and strife, for peace, for all these lost and hurting hearts to know the joy of the Lord. Your niece has a lovely heart. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  5. A wish can indicate a lack of something desired strongly and thus emphasising the lack and it’s power can in reality make that very opposite of desired come one’s way. wish has for me been a bad thing.

  6. Oh gosh I loved the swallow part! I wish for peace in my girl’s heart! When my girl is not doing well I’m heavy hearted for her! So I wish for peace in my girl’s heart and also a sound mind to find it! Beautiful post! I love this so much!
    I hope you are doing well! Happy Summer to you beautiful friend! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks for the summer WiShEs, MM. =) I’ve barely had time for myself or to post. And for sharing. We are as happy as our unhappiest child, aren’t we? I know how heavy and worrisome it’s been for you at times. I’ll lift up a prayer for A to find her peace and grounding when the going gets rough.

      Thanks so much for being here.

      • Oh yes Diane! We need me time! It’s so so so important! I need to remember this and schedule time for myself ! Thank you for your sweet prayers! I pray for rest and peace for you too! And comfy slippers! My feet hurt today! LOL MM
        thank you for being here!

      • OH yes! I sure will! I love them! LOL So wonderful! I walk a lot to walk off the stress! I also walk and pray! I know my neighbors think I’ve lost my mind! πŸ˜€

      • Oh yes she sure did! I love that story so much! It’s one of my favorites! I was in the back of my neighborhood just one house back there and I said God hello are you listening and this man comes running to the street and shouts miss are you okay! I started laughing! Talk about someone thinking you are drunk I know this poor man thinks I’m kookoo! πŸ˜€

  7. Oh gosh, it certainly would be nice for their to be goodness and kindness in the world, I just can’t imagine those words coming out of my mouth. Let’s just say happiness and whatever may bring it.

  8. I wish for happiness and health for my family….that life only deals goodness and the sad times are few and short in-between…peace and kindness for all, I realize its a big wish but hey wish big, dream bigger,,,right!

  9. Like you, my knee jerk reaction would be to play Beethoven’s Fifth in the world’s greatest orchestra. Upon further consideration, my wish would be for the planet’s health because without it, we’re all sunk!

    • Which instrument, J? The Philharmonic wasn’t my greatest wish – neither do I have a niece. I cast the piece in fiction. And I think the health of our earth deserves a vote. Thanks.

      • My greatest wish after WordPress followers, would be for people to be injected with DNA that would hardwire them to have fewer children, more adoptions. Don’t you think the world would be a better place with fewer people?

  10. I’ve spent the last week visiting the Normandy beaches, medieval fortresses and museums full of weaponry.I wonder if we’re a hopelessly violent species. Your niece must be a gem.

    • I think you’re onto something there with the “hopelessly violent”. And those who’re not violent per se will be hopelessly hurtful in some other way. All of us in small, even unintended ways often with those we love most. (What a trip you had.) The niece was fictitious as I don’t have one, but a little person did share that with me.

  11. Beautiful fiction Diana. I wish that on the same day and on the same hour everybody on the world would laugh and hug for 5 minutes. All the best to you.

  12. I wish for peace and contentment for my family and loved ones, and the happiness that will surely follow those 2 states. For the world, I wish for enlightenment, that we are all one and need to stop destroying each other. Thanks, Diana. ❀️

    • It’s something about the way you put your hopes together here, Van, that suddenly makes this thread feel like a sacred growing stream with everyone pitching his, her pennies in. I can actually feel the reverberations of all your blessings here.


  13. So moving, D. So little words, so much emotion. It’s never easy hiding disappointment or think of a life of what could have been. What do I wish for? I don’t know. If I can pass it up, I could because I am happy with what I’ve got. Give the wish to someone else. But If I had to make a wish, I wish we were all more encouraging to each other. Funny how we find it hard to compliment but easy to look down on others ❀

      • I really wonder why…maybe we are all selfish in our own little ways in this dog eat dog world. We could all do with a bit more loving…like how you responded to your niece, turning the attention to her. You’re beautiful ❀

  14. I’d like to wish for a quiet death with my dignity intact. So few are afforded that small favor. I’m almost reluctant to hope I’ll be an exception. If dignity is out of the question, I’d at least like a few seconds to ask the nearest person to pull my finger and while the masses recoil in horror, I’ll exit stage left and be on my way. I know that’s selfish. I can’t do much about those improbable things we really wish would come true so I opted to wish for a slight modification to the inevitable.

    • Very interesting you bring up and then marry the two things I’ve been thinking about on their own terms: death and dignity. I think it’s a small, daily dying when we begin to lose the dignity of our independence and our faculties. Probably an upcoming post. I appreciate the sober share.

  15. It is interesting to ponder this question, especially after reading through all the comments. I heard peace, safety, healing, goodness, kindness, health, protection, etc. All attributes of the One who breathed life into dust and created man. So I would have to say for the world to be held closer to God and to know and love the One holding us.

  16. I wish someone one would follow me. I am the loneliest girl on all of WordPress. My words are unanswered prayers. I might as well be locked in a closet. Without dialogue with the most thoughtful beings in the universe, I’m in jail.

      • I do actually. That’s how I found you. And I continue to learn. The interrogatory! Such a smart form.

      • Keep engaging bloggers. Get on their radar and they will make their way to yours. Of all the people here to visit back, I remember the most frequent commenters. Hope that helps, C. And thank you for the support.


  17. This is going to sound so stupid or precious that I hesitate to say it… but after thinking about all the things I might wish for, I fall back on the chorus of a song from ‘Godspell’ –

    to see thee more clearly
    to follow thee more nearly
    to love these more dearly
    day by day

    Somewhere in there, I really believe, is fulfillment and happiness.

    I’m not a good or holy person. Nor am I being a phony. I just think – no, I truly believe – that if those things could be achieved, everything else would fall into place.

  18. I wish that the people around the world stop pursuing ambitions at such a frantic speed. That they go easy on themselves and synchronize with the natural rhythm.

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  20. That is harder than I would have thought! Regrets are easier at my age πŸ™‚ It would be nice to leave behind a good and kind world for the children.

  21. Your niece is very smart and observant.

    I just wish for the people who I loved and who are no longer alive, that they be alive again.

    What I wish for is always clean air, water and warmth for us to survive and live well for community.

  22. WOW. The children are precious and priceless and they bring light into our days and nights. What do I wish for? Now, why is that a tough question for me? Because I have so much I could wish for? Orrrrr ….. could it be that my thinking gets all tangled up and I believe that I don’t deserve to wish …. Orrrrrr I forgot how to wish… God the artists of all artist, the father of all fathers, the Wise One of all wise ones … He speaks through children. Oh, does He speak, continuously! What would it take … for you to be able to play in the Royal Philharmonic?

    • “I forgot how to wish…” I think there is a great deal to this, D. I appreciate the digging. And the niece is fictitious, as I don’t have one…neither did I ever hope to play in any Philharmonic =). But there’s the old joke. “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” Someone stopped a stranger.

      “Practice, practice, practice.” =)

  23. Reblogged this on Kim L Hine and commented:
    What do you wish for the most?

    Thats an open ended question… But as always when I reblog its be ause I want to come back and dig deeper..l I’ll be back to reply in the meantime YOU think about this question, be auae I will be asking for YOUR in put!!

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