Wishing Well

“Mimi, what do you wish for the most?”

I couldn’t speak. The question distilled my deepest desires down to sudden tears that stung.
Only later did I realize the knee-jerk response hadn’t been to play with The Royal Philharmonic.

I swallowed the truth that would sadden my niece. To deflect her attention, I whispered,
“What do you wish for, Golden Girl?”

She didn’t hesitate.
“For there to be only goodness and kindness in the world.”

What do you wish for the most?

191 thoughts on “Wishing Well

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  2. I’m with her on that one, that we should all treat others as we would be treated ourselves. Other than that, I would wish that children could have innocence for much longer, in a world that is becoming so hard and cruel.

  3. The ability to communicate my knowledge, energy and passion for health helping people achieve lifestyle modifications of their choices resulting in a new positive in attitude toward life, self motivation, improved self discipline and ultimately the ability to experience happiness and fulfillment.

  4. I receive these “gifts” of wondrous, silly, profound conversation with my children every day. They keep me connected to all that is good. I want them to be proud of their mama. My most recent wish – big goal – is to whip up a book, like a deliciously satisfying slice of pumpkin pie. I want to be a published author. That’s what I want. I was thinking of Createspace. What do you think lovely?

    • I know little about Createsp except that a friend put out her children’s book there but wherever you showcase it, I heartily encourage you to go with it. I’m so glad you shared. And I expect it’ll be the Fourth of July in every bite. πŸ˜‰ And this hits home: ” I want them to be proud of their mama.”

  5. What a fantastic post to read on a Monday morning. Thank you, Diana!
    My wish? In addition to world peace and fresh flowers on my table–it’s quite simple. I want my kids to never be hurt–I want to take that hurt and keep them safe forever.
    Perhaps, world peace is easier πŸ˜‰
    Now, what is YOUR wish?

    • I brought up the difference between hurt and harm with another blogger who wished as you did, M. Susan, I believe it was. Elisabeth Elliott has written that the cuts of the Great Physician will hurt but He will never harm us. Our kiddos will have to face and endure hurt to grow, won’t they? Sigh.

      I wish…I could be in all the rooms in this house at once. I would be writing, cleaning, organizing, homeschooling, cooking at the same time. LOL. Then maybe I could feel finished enough to SLeeP.

  6. I’ll ask the rugrats tonight what they wish for most and will report back with their answers. Should be interesting since the 3 year old’s daycare teacher asked her “what is your dad’s job?” and she answered, “Grass.” She’s such a nark! πŸ˜‰

  7. How touchingly poignant! The innocence and honesty of children can surely wrench the heart.
    I love this piece. And offer thanks for visiting Mocha Muse. I appreciate your “like!”
    ~ jayni

  8. Beautiful sentiment, Diana! Children often seem to have it all figured out until they hit puberty.
    I wish that people could love and fully accept themselves and others. I think that would take care of many of the world’s problems.

  9. What I wish for most? I think to stop worrying about everything all the time. If only good and kindness existed in the world, then that would happen. So I guess I wish for the same thing as your niece. πŸ™‚ Btw thank you for visiting my blog in July and liking my post. I’ve not been blogging lately, so sorry I’m so late getting back with you. I just followed you too! πŸ™‚

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