Never Too Old To Dance

As fun as it was to shake it, I buried my dance clothes in the treasury of happy memories deciding that I barely got away with it at my age. Mr. Wayfarer disagrees. Forty-two is hardly a time for him to start hanging hats. Yoko Ono seems to have proved him right. She shows what it means for 60 to be the new 40. So now I’m rethinking my dance avocation. If you’re 50 or older (in real time) and inspired by the video to do a jig on camera, email me your work of art in motion and I’ll consider posting it. Actually, it can be any display of creative or physical activity that might inspire us to adjust our self-imposed boundaries.

That like button is still under lock and key, by the way. I can’t believe you went ahead and tapped the Reader. Please. I am very busy on the home front and will stress at the sight of my inbox spilling over. *scowl*


Thanks to Leprosy on the Wall for the fun link.

113 thoughts on “Never Too Old To Dance

  1. There’s no age to stop dancing. In fact, when you ask people, right before they die, what they wish they would have done more, most of them say: dancing. So get your dancing clothes back out and dance again, I thought it was nice, with the kid on the drums. And I DON’T like the post.

  2. My best dancing occurs in the kitchen without video equipment anywhere. My son, on other hand, can bust a move like a rock start. He gets it from his dad πŸ™‚
    I sure hope people send you videos – that would make me a happy reader!!
    Have a great weekend, Diana! xoxoxo

  3. Well, I can hardly believe that I would send you a video of myself dancing or doing any kind of strenuous activity where I run the risk of making a fool of myself and you would only CONSIDER posting it!! LOL!
    P.S. This doesn’t mean that I will be sending any anytime soon…

  4. Recently our daughter filmed us (Peter and me) dancing while our two year old great-grandson was watching us. You should have seen the expression on the little one’s face! But I am sorry I cannot find this video now.
    Dancing to the beat of some exciting dance music is a pleasure at any age!

    • You DO do a good robot. lol. Don’t go using toddlers for an excuse, now. You’d do it even if you weren’t a parent.
      Missed your robot at the party. Ain’t tapering down much…there’s still time.

  5. Well, at least you get likes. Why not adjust your settings so WordPress doesn’t e-mail you every time someone likes your posts? That would take less time than asking people not to like your posts.

    • I just answered Writing to Freedom on this. =) I have compunctions about supporting people back. Except I am 8,759 email notifications behind (some being repeat likers. Haven’t had time to file them away). So the rain of likes = stress.

  6. I always have a senior moment when asked to remember my birth year so I only use functional age rather than chronological age. I’m clearly too young to qualify functionally and too senile to qualify chronologically.

    Your confused follower,


  7. Lord, it will have to be a slow dance. Both the girls were in Dance. I have two left feet and one does not work. Dad will have to lean on them as he did with his daughter-in-law. I slow dance at weddings!

  8. Diana, my goodness why do you think there is a limit on dancing? Its a wonderful exercise and I think you looked marvelous and well versed in how to be entertaining. You looked agile and fit. Keep at it.

    • It was my mother’s voice (from my youth) I’d heard – though she’s come around. The traditional Asian (female) voice that whispered that there’s a time to be silly and playful or sexy or fill-in-the-blank. What are some ways you try and stay fit, Yvonne? You’re too much with the praise.

      • My approach to aging is not to act one’s age but at the same time not act inappropriate. Many elderly folks still dance in groups such as square dancing, clogging, or simply go out to a bar that has a dance floor. Of course those folks have remained fit and never stopped dancing or running, or biking, or playing tennis.

        I was very active until becoming ill 2 years ago. I danced at home to lively music when no one was around and always have. I have never danced with a partner in public for I never dated anyone that was a dancer.

        In the past I worked in the yard, raking leaves, digging planting, watering, etc.

        I still do some of the pet chores such as watering and feeding and giving meds and sub q fluids , bathing of some of the cats, cutting nails and so on.

        Now I have little energy to dance but I hope that I can someday if I live through the ablation for the afib. The heart condition is supposed to be fixable and I should have had it done last December. I was stubborn and thought that I could beat the odds of it returning. But alas it is back again so I’ll need to get myself in gear and “git er done.”

        PS: I’ve always eaten sensibly and remained on the slim side which has enabled me to remain active and agile. My cardio MD says that I look and move as someone who is 20 years younger. That is the best compliment that I’ve ever received. πŸ™‚

        So keep dancing if it is enjoyable to you. If you stop moving you will age faster. Stay away from as much sugar as you can. It speeds up the aging process. X

      • Hey Yvonne, I’m glad to know more about you — except somehow I’m not surprised by any of it (well, except the part where you boogeyed in blissful privacy). =) And yes, I’d meant how do you stay active in light of your heart condition. The doctor has seen people across the spectrum; you really did outdo yourself.

        Did someone say sugar?

        No hurry taking a peek. I’m not even active on it, as I’m just a little busy over here – and off the screen. It was my first blog, actually. The seed for a book. Before AHJ stole my heart.

        “If you stop moving you will age faster.” Yes, m’am.

      • Looked at the blog and made it a favorite. I don’t eat gluten either because I’m sensitive to it not allergic but it causes pretty sever itching and with little shooting stings in my arms, legs, and joint stiffness.

        Will go back to your blog later today when I have time.


      • I understand fully but do you have this other blog listed so that people can click on it if they wish. I don’t recall seeing the other blog on HW but then I miss a lot ot things. πŸ™‚

  9. Dancing has always been a part of who I am. Love it, Love it! If I can dance well into my Autumn & Winter years I will be a very happy gal!!!! Don’t stop the music….. Just get on up and boogy….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ PS: Yoko still looks fabulous. I haven’t seen a photo of her in years…..

  10. I loved this SO MUCH! I needed to see that! God how I miss dancing! I’m only 38, but the kids and the hubby do not encourage me to dance at all. It makes me sad and has caused me to stop all together. I know I’m not good, but I never cared before. Then they started mocking and making fun of me every time I so much as bop my head. I’ve been feeling a lot like my life is over lately but this reminded me that there is still so much life to live. Thank you for posting! I will dance despite their contempt!

    • Wow. No, you gotta keep doing it. And your kids will remember it differently when they’re grown, probably with respect and fondness for their fun mom. No way grown kids (esp girls when it’s THEIR turn at mommyhood) will scorn it.

      Thanks for letting me know. How rewarding to hear.


  11. β€œI’m a bad dancer / No regrets.”
    Over a million views, the video is catchy. It even has QuestLove! Oko’s a bit stiff today (say what you will), but I watched this several times to hear the song mostly.

    Now, Di, I didn’t mind that you danced the last time. It’s just that I have limited internet and can’t always watch videos. I usually skip posts that are only videos. (But yours have been worth it.)

    β€œβ€¦stress at the sight of my inbox spilling over.” You have email notification on for Likes? I turned that off a long time ago, problem solved.

    • Ha ha ha. I ALMOST mentioned you in the post with a half-apology (except HW doesn’t really going around apologizing) that I may dance again for the crowd. LOL. I also tend to skip vlogs. Unless I like the blogger/vlogger. =) And no, I have no plans – or the time – to be whipping out a series of dance posts. Just thought maybe I have another shot at this…in a year or three or ten. And thanks for opening these vids.

  12. My best dancing is in my kitchen with no one else around. Hence, I don’t have the video to prove it! πŸ™‚ I’m thinking I need dance lessons (for real) before my youngest gets married next year. That was one lesson learned from my oldest son’s wedding. Everyone is watching you for the mother-son dance. A few lessons to give me the smooth moves of practiced grace and the confidence to go with it. Otherwise, this song could be my theme song! (It is reminding me of the episode of Seinfeld where Elaine dances. LOL)

    • “My best dancing is in my kitchen with no one else around.” Why is everyone saying this?? LOL. And a few lessons won’t hurt. Go for it if it’ll afford you some measure of peace and the ability to enjoy yourself on the big day. =)

  13. Hahahahaha. First of all, Yoko is only 60? Second, I guess if you were married to John Lennon, you can do almost anything and get away with it eh.
    Fun post.

  14. I think dancing is something that happens inside a person when the music starts. I hear old tunes I once jitterbugged to and feel myself dancing while sitting in a chair. πŸ™‚

    • Not sure. It’s cool of her to have done this as an Asian, too. (Although she’s obviously in a class of her own, a social gadfly, the way she hooked up with Lennon and all.) Speaking of which, I meant to add in our thread under the other post (Readers’ Choice) that this Type-A Asian would start stressing if she didn’t have blog material three months’ out. πŸ˜›

      • Lol 😊 this type z hybrid has no content ready in advance, and sometimes doesn’t know what she’s going to write for her next post until she sits down and starts typing. Not all my writing is like that though, but my blogging is πŸ™‚

  15. Oh Diana I will spare you the ugliness of it all. I am fifty, have stiff knees and the rhythm of an old chook scratching for a meal in the garden. Its not pretty, unless you have your beer goggles on. I bet there will be some real winners out there though.

  16. There are various forms of dance and I can appreciate classic, cultural and modern. This one though was a bit of a turn off for me. It looked to me like a sad old lady trying desperately to bask in the Lennon fame to make a few dollars.

    • Ha ha ha. Do you know how happy I am for this constructive-destructive comment from Ian G?? This is the FIRST time on this blog you have laid a critical assessment that happened to be unfavorable. Feel free to leave us more… =)

      • I don’t believe in criticism for criticism sake. I state what I feel and if you’ve had favourable comments from me then you can rest assured they’re not sugar coated platitudes but genuine appreciation. lol. As for Yoko, like the rest of us mortals there is a use by date. Time for her to enjoy her Lennon memories and do her private Jane Fonda exercises for continued good health. πŸ™‚

    • But I wasn’t talking about doing the jig and the jog in the privacy of your kitchen, as many here have come out of the closet about. =) I was mortified at how old I looked in my vid and had decided that was my last public shoot. =) (And please, no need to refute.) But you’re right, AL. Seems Yoko O proved you right.

  17. As a child I had ballet lessons my parents could ill-afford. After a decade of instruction, I managed the impossible and failed the grade 1 exam. My dreams of dancing died. Decades later, I have learned that there are many different ways to dance.

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