My Vows…To You

Vows3I, Holistic Wayfarer, take thee [Insert name], to be my WordPress-registered partner. In the presence of God, our family and friends, I pledge to thee my abiding support in sickness and in health, in the homeschooling and holiday breaks (well, more during the breaks), for richer for poorer ~ no matter your blog size ~ in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh and cry with you, and value every like and comment ’til you should unfollow and do us part.

196 thoughts on “My Vows…To You

  1. I’m bummed that this post and others from this date were not delivered to me. I had to “come across” them when I came to your page to investigate! =) Will have to get to the bottom of this…

    • Do you follow by Reader or email? I don’t know why this one didn’t find you but email subscribers do not get reposts (like Not Getting Through Husband). =) So sweet of you. =)


  2. hello i am coming by to thank you for the like comment. It funny that you pickedthat particular post. That was a pretty intense time for me I am sorry to say I am going through the same set of circumstancesReading through it was comforting in the respect I did manage to make it through. Maybe a little fit for wear, but I did make it I can confess I am older I don’t know about wiser maybe if I have learned my lessons then I wouldn’t be going through now. Who would figure. I hope all is well with you and your family and thank you again for the like.nick.

  3. Is my hair on straight? Oh darn! My Jeans are on backwards again… Perhaps if I just walk backwards, nobody will notice. I in turn, will do my best, to do my duty, to God and The Queen! And to obey The Boy Scout Law! What Law’s that I imagine? Now look at what you’ve gone and made me do… Now I have to dig out my Boy Scout Law Book! LOL!

    Really enjoyed this! If that’s a picture of you: ‘I do!’ I now may kiss my screen… xOx Always happy to have new people on board: especially those so clever, elegant, and fun loving as you :O)

    • “I now may kiss my screen… ”
      LOLoLoLoL. Uh, with the screen between us, I guess that’s not too illegal. Ah – not too clever, I’m afraid. i forgot about the Scouts. Yes, ‘s me. =)

    • LOL. The blogger just before you asked about the honeymoon. Remember, this is a bloggers’ wedding – with a Korean-American at that. So it’ll be like boot camp. All-day seminars on successful blogging, marketing, and content (you have to both give and attend). But you’re used to rising before dawn. If anyone’s got the stamina, you do. Ready?

      • Wait, this is a two way relationship? I was hoping to sit back and let you do the work. πŸ˜‰
        Are you fo realz about the seminars and such? Where are you putting it on?

      • Why do you men always want a free ride?? You lie there dozing while we moms run circles around you and the kids, mop and kitchen knife in one hand, homework review papers in the other. We take the seminars on the road. I’ll drive ‘cross country. You can run alongside. =) So you in? ‘Til blog death do us part?

      • Hey, I generally do all the cooking! Oh, and dishes, laundry…pretty much most of the women work…Ya know, the stuff women normally enjoy doing. πŸ˜‰
        I’m in! Can I teach a class on how to take selfies? I’ll be getting plenty of practice as I promised people who donate to my charity fundraiser that I’d personalize an Instagram pic or Vine video for them. Sounded like a good idea, but now that donations are rolling in, I’ve got some flippin work to do! Hahaha!

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