Not Getting Through Husband

When a sentence was not halfway out of my mouth this particular morning, Mr. Wayfarer’s phone beeped.  As I continued talking, I saw I’d been trumped by Text Almighty and the dialogue had turned into a soliloquy. I got mad at the ready disregard for my words, at Husband’s adulterous adoration of his phone.

I came back to the grievance later and huffed, “Actually, I should just text you from the next room, go to the office and text the conversation.  You’d listen then.” He started laughing, helpless against the truth. He added, “Text See me in the office. I’d come and you’d have my full attention.”

He wasn’t the only one laughing.

He’d have to come without the phone, though.

52 thoughts on “Not Getting Through Husband

  1. My whole generation is like that, so it doesn’t make me mad. I just stop, raise an eyebrow and say, “Good talk!” (That usually startles/guilts them back to the conversation)

  2. My chidren are just like that I really do text them from downstairs and vice versa. Its a crazy world, if you can`t beat them join them as the saying goes! Love this piece made me smile…. 🙂

  3. Don’t we all play a part in this soliloquy. Sometimes it’s noticed, at other times we are good at hiding it. I must admit I probably should be present for all conversations that I am in throughout the day. But sometimes the talk leads my mind to wander to other topics while I sit acting like I am paying attention to what one has to say. Maybe its just me but your post made me look at myself and see that I do probably need to value more the words spoken in good dialogue.

  4. Too true. I think my wife Mrs Squatch feel the same way about me and my computer. We do need to be more considerate of what our significant others are saying and prove we mean it by putting our tech down for a bit. H W if there is anything I can do, don’t hesitate to ask.

  5. It’s a new technology and like all technologies eventually we will learn to manage it. Fears that cell phones and social media will undermine face-to-face communication also existed at the time of the introduction of the telephone. Social mores take time to evolve. Your husband’s text may have been more important than what you had to say to him but he should develop a way of handling this type of situation with you and others. Have to go now as my Uber driver has texted to say he is outside 🙂

  6. I can relate…while I personally do not have a smart phone, my husband is contstantly (and I mean constantly) glued to his iPhone. Sometimes at dinner I ask him if he will “join us”, meaning: please put your phone away and be present. 🙂

  7. Texting will be the end to interesting conversation, in my opinion. However, sometimes my girlfriend will text me when we’re sitting right next to each other with something such as, ” Good movie, huh.?” She’s a silly one, cracks me up every time. 🙂

  8. I think the best answer to your problem lies in a video that I suspect you’ve seen (owing to the number of people that have), but just in case you haven’t, and because it’s such a perfect answer to the behavior you found yourself faced with, and also because it’s worth watching multiple times, allow me to provide you with a handy little link to a wonderful video called, “You Can’t Auto-Correct Humanity“. If you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy, if you have, you might enjoy it again.

  9. I seem to not be getting email updates of postings by you and a few others for some reason and am just seeing this now. My fiancé would be you in an exchange like this, which happens often in our house. Your husband and I am lucky that our significant others know how to take us with a grain of humor.

    • LOL. Ok, I can cut my guy some slack with you confessing. There’s nothing wrong with technical things on your end. Those who follow by email don’t get reposts. =) This was one of my very, very first posts.

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