We Dream Again

What is it about the year-end? Makes us face our fears and disappointments, and count our hopes again like pieces of treasure in the palm? The seasons herald change as they fall into one another but the calendar shows us we don’t cycle in place. We wheel forward. Birthdays, anniversaries, “three years since” are private touchstones across memory and longing andΒ the new year, a giant communal marker of time, leaves no one unaffected. The Eve is a live wire between the past and future and with the turn of the year, we cross a mental threshold.

For some of us it’s simple math, only so many grains of sand left in the hourglass. We try to balance the equation, weigh our dreams against the run of time. But it’s more than a race with the clock. No matter our age or station or story, the height of the new year holds out a second chance. We hope for better, of our life and of our self, because to be human means to grow. In character, strength, achievement there is room for more and we seize fresh opportunity. So we turn our feet toward our dreams, reset our compass to the hope of this winter sun.

Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague Astronomical Clock

187 thoughts on “We Dream Again

  1. Many people have conjectured that intellect or soul is the defining difference between man and animal. Personally, I think that hope and optimism are also distinguishing traits. I love the way you express that hope.

  2. Hope. Even when one is crushed, another opens its bud.

    It’s been a helluva year in 2014, but like you said Diana, something about the eve gives us courage to face our fears.

    Wishing you a beautiful 2015, Diana. You and the rest of the family in this holistic journey.

    • I know all about hellava years, Uju – though 2014 was thankfully not among my top 5 in that regard. Think of it this way…it can only look UP from ground zero, right? Thank you for the beautiful blessing to me and everyone here.

      Sending you lots of love and my deepest hopes for a redemptive new year.


  3. Got it rather late but still it’s relevant. This was a well thought out piece. I like how you love words. Shake it off and have big fun this year. πŸ˜€

  4. Beautifully written. “the new year holds out a second chance”. Love the way you see it. We can certainly leave behind the year that was but it doesn’t hurt to take the lessons that we’ve learnt in the last few years into unknown…no one is perfect, and we’ll all make mistakes. Funnily enough, we still feel that the “perfect us” can be achieved πŸ™‚ Happy New Year, D. Wishing you and your family well.

    • If we change nothing of our routine, everything will remain the same! But the skies seem to declare a newness, that it’s time to rethink and redo.

      Here’s to another great year blogging for us both, M.


  5. It’s funny because often when a milestone is reached ( a certain weight level is reached, a work goal accomplished, a test score achieved, etc…) there is a let down period and a lot of “well now what?” thinking. When the calendar flips over to a New Year though, it’s different, with thoughts of renewal and hope energizing the spirit. Great post you made in expressing this. Happy New Year!

    • Right, Tricia? There’s something about that turn of the year’s calendar. It’s human nature to strive but also not to be easily satisfied – which is why we often continue to hunger. For more. But there is a sweetness to the promises this time of year. Thanks for taking the time, and happy new year. =)


  6. So well said and worthy of a second reading … out loud. It’s been a pleasure following your blog. Your posts dance between biting wit and sincere sentiment, artfully worded. Grace and peace to you and yours this year!

    By grace alone…

    • Ha ha ha. Must say I quite like the dance between the bite and sincere. Can’t be lulling everyone to sleep, now can I? Gotta mix it up. I sure appreciate the support, Vanessa.

      Happy new year.

      SOLA gratia.

    • Goodness, happy new year to me! WhAT do I do with feedback like this? Thank you so much for the good word and the investment of your time. I can only hope for good returns. Happy new year. Diana

  7. I was just thinking this morning how arbitrary dates are. I started the thought: “This is the year I’m finally going to….” and then I stopped myself because I don’t like cliches, and big changes build up gradually anyway, so even if this is “the year I finally…,” that process started many years ago.

    I hope the next (arbitrarily set) 365 squares on the calendar bring you lots of joy and success, Diana.

    • “that process started many years ago.” LOve it. But markers help. The turn of the calendar provides the impetus we all could use and opens up opportunity.

      Wish you the same, my friend. Keep up the beautiful writing.


  8. Well said. Because of a recession in the late 70’s right after we had started a new business, we went through seven seriously challenging years with five children. Each New year’s Eve we would sit and console each other with the thought that surely the next year had to be better. The seventh year we just said, “Well, it may not be better. But we are stronger.” Of course, that was the year things got better. πŸ™‚ I suspect because we had grown.

    • Seriously love this vignette, Eileen.

      β€œWell, it may not be better. But we are stronger.” Right. I wasn’t painting roses. I try not to on this blog. The capacity we reach into well may be (and ought to be) in our own spirit more than in any outward achievement. Thank you so much for the light and wisdom, as always. Thank you for the faithful read.

      God bless you.

    • I so appreciate the feedback. Ha ha ha I thought of posting sometime how 2014 was such an amazing year blogging, I’m tempted to fear it’s downhill from here. LOL! THANK you for the blessing – and the faithful read.

      May hope and love light your way this year.

      • Outside of death, nothing can stop our creative genius than our own stories about it’s limited existence. You, my friend, are so full of creative magic 2015 won’t know what to do with you.

      • I am transferring this gem of a comment over to a special list of V.I.P. comments I plan to show my son when he’s grown. Hard to pick these out bc I have to say the input here is by and large amazing. But yours takes the cake. So humbled. I’m just tired much of the time LOL. Let’s hope that won’t stop the flow this new year. Thank you for shouldering up your fellow bloggers onto higher ground.

  9. This rushed hurried world leaves so little time for reflection, but crossing that “mental threshold” at the dawn of a New Year is the one time where people do seem to look inwardly.
    This was very, very powerful. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • And I am really thankful for the thoughtful feedback, Carl. You’ve been such a wonderful reader since walking along (jogging, that is =) ) on the holistic journey. I look fwd to my next revisit.

      Happy new year,

  10. Your writing is absolutely fab!!

    For me NYE has never held much personal significance. But that’s just me. I understand how important it is for others.

    People yearn for the opportunity to reflect on what has passed and to hold hope for what the next year will bring. I think it is a chance for us to really try to right our wrongs.

    It’s just a shame that it only comes every 365 days. πŸ™‚

    • Ha ha ha “It’s just a shame that it only comes every 365 days.” Yeah, right? And here you are, blissfully willing to let it pass you right by. LOL. (But I’m glad you at least liked READING about it!)

      • I think it brings about good intention in a lot of people. A chance to reflect and change if needed.

        For me, everyday is that opportunity.

        Why wait till Jan 1st?

      • Wonderful. =) But it’s not about waiting for the 1st. We are creatures in and of the environment (that’s a whole book, on frequency and energy dynamics in/outside the earth and their impact on us) and cooperating with the universal timetable brings its benefits. =)

      • I am aware of the alignment of the stars and planets on Jan 1st.

        I am also convinced that religion and spirituality embraces the stars and planets, much more than we think.

        At the same time as many scriptures were written, we studied the stars and used them to base the future of mankind within the scriptures.

        I cannot vouch for the truth of such predictions but I know that this was done by many religions east and west.

  11. “hopes…like pieces of treasure in our palm” – a beautiful image Diana. I love any occasion that feels like a new beginning, but you’re right that this is a particularly special one because of the weight of all those communal hopes and dreams.

  12. I recall many end of the year proclamations that as the next year began, a few days into it, I would lose sense of my resolutions, have a scotch, smoke a joint and forget about all over again, until I built up enough resentment, I had plenty to discard the following year. Now, I honestly try to just make my next day a little better than the previous – being a bit more resolute with my actions with every waking hour. A bit more difficult to maintain, but no nearly as big a letdown when it doesn’t work out. πŸ™‚

    • I’m glad you brought this up, the human tendency to slip, lose resolve in routine and laziness. This is partly why I tend not to make ReSoLutions — and if you noticed, didn’t use the word in the post. And yet crossing this visible threshold of time does bring with it the anticipation of possibility and I think it wise and encouraging to seize the hope of a better self.

      (Love how you’re making yourself right at home here.)


  13. Reblogged this on Journey to Self-Acceptance and commented:
    Inspirational none the less. As humans we grow no matter how well or less we’ve done over the year. As we believe and dream of tomorrow, especially of the New Year, let us also put actions with our words and move forward together. As the old saying goes, “Time waits for no one.”

    • You make me sink into my seat all humbled and warm and fuzzy while wanting to smother you in a hug fit for mma fighters. LOL. Eh, I’ll just do the first. Too tired for the second. It’s only day 1. I have 364 chances to work out, rebuild muscle.

      • That’s what this passage did to me. I can’t always pinpoint what I like in writing, but I always know when something makes me FEEL something.
        And, speaking of MMA…I’m back to boxing next week, too!

  14. Beautifully said, D. Particularly liked: “The Eve is a live wire between the past and future…” I like that we have a day out of the year to contemplate the past and dream of the future. Just think, we have 365 days to grow, and to make a difference. –Curt

  15. happy new year, diana. i consider my birthday my official new year πŸ˜‰ but Love waking up early on january 1, going for a long walk, and feeling gratitude for what i’ve learned and hope for what lies ahead. it’s been wonderful to get to know you this past year! much love ❀ aleya

  16. Yes the New Year does feel like a time for second chances as well as looking at that hourglass to see if we let our dreams languish too long. It is a bittersweet time of year for reflecting on where we have been, where we would like to go, and how to get there.

    Another great post Diana!

  17. Funny, isn’t it? It’s just like any other day, but we humans seem to have a need for certain marks in our lives. That’s a good thing I think.
    Happy new year Diana. All the best to you and your boys. And hey, we’re going on a short 5-day vacation to the beach in Porto Seguro, Bahia. You sure you guys don’t want to come and join us? Hubby could play his drums with the bahians here. hehehe

    • *Roar* I won’t pass on the invite. He’ll have us packed and on the plane before I can say Peter Piper picked a peck of….and I am so dang tired. =)

      Good point, Stace. You bring to mind the O.T., how the Israelites built altars in their sojourn. There’s a whole other aspect to that, namely that of worship, but the fact that they were marking time DOES play into it. Girl, you deserve some rest and sun. Your kids (and hardworking man) are gonna luv it. I know you’ll be coming up with post ideas out there LOL but try not to think too hard.

      My best wishes for a fulfilling year for you and yours. I know you’re gonna rock on your blog.


      • Hahahahaha. Rest and sun. It’s stinking hot and sunny here a lot lately. However, being on the beach and ‘unplugged’ for a bit will be very nice. We just sold our house, will be packing up and moving south. Plus my mom’s coming in February for a month. She wants to go to Argentina and Chile with me. And of course you can’t come to Brazil and not visit Rio de Janeiro. Then there’s starting homeschooling with Caue. Phew! Yup, I think I better get a tiny vacay in to rest up before the storm.

        And I know you’re going to rock on your blog too. No doubt about it.


      • Wow. I need a vacation just thinking about all that’s in front of you. (AH! So THIS is how the male brain works…..!!) LOL!!!

        I’m about to disappear into the yr of schooling now. Two hrs ago, I said DRAT!! I thought we had another wk of break with the group. We pick up next wk already!

        Have fun for me, S.


      • It’s so daunting. Soooooo daunting. Today I’ll start packing up. Argh!
        Oh no, already? May you receive all the strength and wisdom needed to get through to the end of the year Diana.
        I’ll definitely try to have fun and not think about the tasks ahead.
        Thanks a ton.
        πŸ™‚ ❀

  18. “we turn our feet toward our dreams, reset our compass to the hope of this winter sun.” Love this. Happy New Year, Diana. I definitely feel like there is something magical about the turning of the year- everything before yesterday was then- behind the shut door of 2014 and now, new passage into the rest of our lives.

    • Yes, I hadn’t thought how this particular threshold is a communal one we all are caught up in, until the writing. Calendars the world over, the alignment of the stars, everything declares a newness and while I was never keen on resolutions (bc their luster dulls with time), I think we cAn seize the fresh opportunity for meaningful changes, big or small.

      Here’s to another great yr for us, my friend.

  19. Beautiful, you say it so well “We hope for better, of our life and of our self, because to be human is to grow…” That is just a perfect answer to questions I think we all ask ourselves at such moments. Cheers!

  20. Well said. The coming of the new year forces all of us to have a time to reflect and assess. It is when all hopes are much more alive. All the best this 2015.

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