My Obituary

When she was young, she lived on her last dollar and books and dreams.
She worked as though her life depended on it.

She watched and smiled, said yes I’ll marry you.
She died and birthed her boy.

She played her heart on that piano and her husband heard
and loved her again.

She questioned, ate disbelief. She wept.
She prayed and prayed. She received.

She slow danced with ideas,

She was frail, a leaf the wind turned over, and
a rock you couldn’t move.

She sang blues and hymns and dreams.
She struggled to get off ground some days, and
wrote her way into clouds and drank their rain.

She asked God for one more day because she erred, wounded, and grieved.
She loved deeply. She didn’t love enough.

She hoped her life was enough.


Comments all yours if you’d like to write your own here.

200 thoughts on “My Obituary

  1. Your poems always remind me of sketches. Sketches that draw deep into paper with smudges, shading, fine lines and all. And I suppose we can never really love enough, we can only do our best though. And that in itself, is enough.

    Keep singing, Diana.

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      • It is actually on my list of possible future posts Diana – waiting for just the right time when it feel right and I feel inspired. Yours blew me away though!

      • I find your response to this piece interesting, Jodi, bc I feel it’s not one of my strongest works. I also didn’t birth it in the travail and anguish I do most of my poems. =) I’m thinking it spoke to (or reflected) where you happen to be now, perhaps in a place where you want to take stock of things? =) No need for a reply. Just musing. =)

      • Hmmm…… deep thoughts – I like that… I have only begun to follow your work so I can’t speak to if it is as “strong” as others. I often struggle, to be quite honest – and I hate saying that because then it means I’m not usually honest – UGH – but trying to admit vulnerably – with understanding poetry. Sometimes I read others’ poems and I just don’t get it – and it makes me mad! LOL! – but this one seemed to really speak of your life journey – honestly and openly. I am always wishing to take stock – never sure where to begin and end – never sure to write or not – but learning and growing as I go – and enjoying the journey. Thanks for reflecting on my response and taking the time and care to write. I am deeply moved that you did that! Thank you, Diana.

  3. Interesting. In the obit post you died only once. I wonder how many times I have died and been reborn. Not of spirit but of the changing winds of time.

    Love your writing.

    Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Smile!

  4. Such a beautiful and moving poem. As a mum, I can relate myself to all the sentiments you capture so well. Thank you for sharing the whisperings of your heart xx Rowena

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  6. This is so good, love the last lines, she asked god for one more day because she erred, we all do ask for one more chance to undo the done. Love this truly. Thank you!

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