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Please respect my wishes. I. Do. Not. Want. Your. Like. On. This. Can I be any clearer, well-meaning friends? Tell you what. I will let you know when I really want it. I’ve hidden the button under the post so please don’t go tapping it on your Reader.

We’re not done with beauty. But on the heels of the party the neighbors complained about, I wanted to take the occasion to ask: What are some kinds of posts you would like to see more of here? We’ve talked about dreams, persistence, hope, death, loss, love, shame, fear, faith, parenting, achievement, money, childhood, race, culture, identity, belonging. There are the posts on clear writing and effective blogging, my helpless series on men and women, the behind-the-scenes exchanges between Mr. and Mrs. Wayfarer, dialogue between Mom and Boy – the blog plaited with poetry, with a touch of song (and dance). You seem to enjoy how I’ve used series to kaleidoscope through a topic. Thanks for welcoming our guest writers. One said that her blood froze every time she saw mail from me (laden with the edits). Wahahaha. Let’s just say your spirited support smooths things over. So suggestions and requests? You’re welcome to help steer the ship.

167 thoughts on “Readers’ Choice

  1. I’m rather interested in learning more about Ms. Wayfarer. I like the posts about your mother, the exchanges with Mr. Wayfarer, the glimpses into your daily life, the relationship between you and your son. I also like when you touch on your faith – you do it with such a light, lovely touch.

    Your blog is one of the most unique in the blogosphere – at least, that’s been my reading experience in the blogosphere. I think that’s because of the variety of content. I like it.

    • What LoVeLy feedback, Kate. Goodness. You know, I’ve mentioned how I sidestepped getting personal at the start because I didn’t feel personal posts really interested people. Unless one happens to have won over one’s readers. And this last bit I said when I was less than a year old out here in reference to big successful bloggers I saw. The sweetest, most thoughtful things come out of your mouth – disarming for the sincerity. I will keep the feedback in mind. Thank you.


    • Mmm. I wove the marriage (quoting Gilbert out the wazoo) into the Valentine’s series on men and women because not all the readers are married. I want to keep things as broad (and therefore relevant) as possible. As to the second part of your suggestion, that is giving of you, Diahann, as one who isn’t a parent (and isn’t really hoping to be). Thanks.

  2. Your views on U.S. education…since you have chosen to home-school your son. I actually think a lot of parents are not suited at all to home-school. And only a few would do it well, in a well-rounded way for the child.

    Do you chat up with other parents about homeschooling? What have you all learned? Being with the company of other women or maybe you’re like me, a friendly outlier. I’m beginning think I’m a mini-freak.. oh well.

    Anything on Internet and how it affects society, our habits, learning, etc. Oh I said about learning already…

    Songs, poems that you and kid collaborate on. Or with hubby.

    But always be free to follow your heart for your blog. Otherwise it would become a chore for you.

    • Ha ha ha. Ya think I’ll ever let this blog become a chore? =) Hey, I find it interesting that the topic of learning and homeschooling would interest you, Jean. Diahann, a most faithful reader, said she sincerely enjoys learning about things (other people’s experiences) that don’t directly fit her situation. I have tried to keep it broad here (e.g. the series on men and women, as opposed to marriage strictly speaking, bc not all the readers are married). Not everyone is a parent so I haven’t done many posts on homeschooling. Very sweet of you to be open like that.

      • Since probably most of us who regularily comments are adults, we are also in a position to mentor or teach a child a particular skill/impart knowledge, so home-schooling wouldn’t be a totally foreign /useless topic.

        Or maybe more broadly ask the question, do we feel comfortable imparting anything useful to the younger generation or do some of us do that already in a conscious way? I’m not sure what to think when I believe I have some teenage followers/readers.

      • “do we feel comfortable imparting anything useful to the younger generation or do some of us do that already in a conscious way?” Hmm. Interesting. No promises (I never make promises. =) ) But will certainly keep this in mind, my friend. Thank you for the thoughtful input.

  3. Enjoyed all that you’ve brought to the table so far ~ such a great place you have here for the mind to find great material. One thing I have seen from your writing and from the comments on your writing is is a very high level of expectation, which is such a positive for with us all. It is how we evolve. Look forward to more ~

  4. I’m waayyy behind on your posts and finally commenting after reading this in March… I enjoy underdog stories (and not the 70’s superhero!). I’d be interested in hearing of a story where you shined, more than you or others expected you to.

    • “interested in hearing of a story where you shined, more than you or others expected you to.” Huh. Wow. Have to sit on that one. The answer is yelling at me right now but I’m wondering if there is another. =) Thanks for caring, buddy. Glad you are back safe from all your adventures.


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