Oh, How We Worry

What do you worry about? Am sitting on the like button but feel free to confess what keeps you up at night.

PS: Friends, I said I pulled the button. Means I don’t want your like, right? Please STOP it!! You got me woRRying this won’t turn out to be the rich, meaningful post I had imagined. You’re derailing me!

119 thoughts on “Oh, How We Worry

  1. Ps you’ve got 5 likes already… also do I get a prize for being the first comment, it’s just gone straight into my top 5 achievements ever just behind the time I fell of the roof and landed on my feet.

      • I was just about to say “well surely being first and second today should count for something”, but you’d just refer me to my comment about Michael Johnson in the previous post, who I called a hero of mine which therefore kind of implies that I agree with that quote about 2nd being nothing, I know what you are like.
        I’ll bide my time though… I’m only another four 1st comments away from immortality.

        I worry that the powers that be decide to reopen purgatory before I die. They’ve got the premises just sitting there empty, it would only take seconds for it to happen.

        Perhaps WordPress is purgatory, it started around the same time that purgatory closed….


        ps – I promise that this will be my last comment today. I appreciate the fact that you tolerate me here, no one else lets me into their blog.

      • Don’t give up! I think you missed coming in first on the posts I shot out after this last comment of yours for the time zone difference. I’m no cruel mistress. You’re allowed to sleep.

        And yeah, remember my series on outsiders and those who’re excluded. I accept the outcasts, the excommunicated, the downtrodden. Like the Statue of Liberty.

  2. Hi Diana!
    I’m getting ready to write my first book (NaNoWriMo) and asked this EXACT question to the women I polled for background research.
    What pushes MY worry button?
    My kiddos are at the heart. Basic worries like–are they: safe? Hungry? Cold? Sleeping enough? Eating enough?

    More serious worries like are they: happy? Lonely? Do they feel good about themselves? Why are they sad? Do they have good friends? Who will they marry? What if they move far away? So many more not on this list…I could go on and on, but I’d rather read more from your readers than blather on. Oh wait…I’m already blathering πŸ™‚

    • LOL Woah, you wrote a post, I mean a book. Yeah, each one’s a post, Micky! I def relate –> my kiddo. I’m a crazy momma. That is interesting. You remind me that I don’t worry if he’s happy bc he’s such a happy boy. I think I’ve worried over how long he’ll stay that way stuck with me all day. Seriously. Esp that time of the month. Yeah, I know you men are reading this. Loneliness has been a concern bc he’s an only child. Wow, we could talk forever. You’re an expert worrywart LOL. Feel free to shoot me any related links so you could save me search time. =)

      • You know me too well! I’m definitely an expert worry wart–at least when it comes to my kiddos.
        Not a trait I’m overly proud of.
        I’m giggling at you though…I’m sure your kiddo likes/loves being ‘stuck’ at home with you πŸ™‚

  3. What keeps me up at night?? You and your obsession with the “like” button πŸ˜‰

    Nothing keeps me up at night. I kid you not, I sleep like a log. I do however, worry about the decline of Western civilization, about broken women and fallen men, about the entire collapse of our economic system, about my grown kids doing something stupid, about the extra ten pounds I can’t seem to get rid of, about what we’re going to have for dinner tonight, about when was the last time I changed the oil in the car, about how long we can go without fixing the leaky faucet, about the results of the next election, about when I will ever see the sun again…..

    Then we have the irrational worries, snakes, an airplane crashing into my house, losing my desire to write, my husband meeting somebody better, a giant sinkhole opening up in the ground, catching Ebola, watching this President get elected to a third term…..

    Feel better now? πŸ™‚

    • LOL WOW. You guys are fantastic worriers. I’m not sure anyone can trump you. I shoulda done this post a long time ago lol. I get the broken women and fallen men. I worry I will never gain weight again. I’ll be happy if I can reach 95 lbs. Your hubby doesn’t see to the oil change? I think you’ll be okay, you and hubby. =) You survived the GOSSIP. Seems you’re not alone on Ebola.

  4. Life, society, the direction of this planet’s inner infrastructure (humanity). Nothing will ever change – for the spirit of humans – except for the technologies we use to separate ourselves within this planet.

  5. I sometimes worry about losing my connection with God. I don’t worry about God letting go. I worry about me, like when I let the distractions of this world get between me and God. But He’s always there when I look again to Him.

  6. My daughter (6) and I had a conversation about worrying the other day. She asked me what I worry about. I said that when I was a kid, I worried about lots of things, everything ! Now that I’m grown up I worry about my family’s health and wellbeing. If I start worrying about things I can’t possibly control, like global warming, politics and war, I just say a prayer and let it go. Of course, I asked her what she worried about: she said, “bullies!”. Oh! I said. Have you met any? “Nope!” She said, “but if I do…” And then she got up from her chair and showed me her best Kung fu moves. πŸ˜„

    • Yeheah! Go K Fu and Mixed Martial! So you worry about things you could influence, huh, Sara? That is something, that she worries about bullies. Which means you worry deep inside that you’ll let go of the dash and it’ll go careening off track.


      • Yes. I also worry that i’ll get to the end of my life and think – i didn’t take enough risks, i didn’t live large enough.

      • Long silence…thinking…nup πŸ™‚ Got nothing. It just strikes me as terribly sad to realise that you’ve wasted your life – at the end of it.

      • I think you put your finger on something huge, Sara. What the masses wrestle with though probably at a quieter level. We may not go around worrying about it but that the quest for meaning and fulfillment takes us on all sorts of journeys, even or esp like the ones I just talked about in Not Being Good Enough. The quest also lies beneath the depression that is so prevalent.

      • yes, I think you’re right – that kind of non-fulfillment must be at the bottom of all kinds of sadness and depression. And we only have ourselves to blame if we make choices that keep us safe and small…although it’s easier to blame everyone else. It’s a bit of a theme for me this week – can you tell? πŸ™‚ Anyway, that feeling kicks me out of bed when it’s still dark and sends me off to my study to meditate, write and do yoga because I don’t want to be that person.

  7. I don’t think anything keeps me awake at night worrying. Just ramping down from 14-16 hour work days, I’m happy to GET sleep again. Only in a rare time have I stayed up all night, and that is usually out of frustration trying to find a solution to something, or mania, but I don’t think it’s that (should I worry? ACK!)

    My worries are normally situational and event related – other than you know, just the low-buzz static of worrying overall due to being a widow and wondering “What next!?”. And I have enough events that I get to worry, solve/ignore, move to the next event.

    Current ‘events’:
    Land contract buyer of my property in another state died Monday, leaving his widow literally penniless and SS-less. What to do to resolve that?
    Will my job work with me on the above, or am I going to have leave ten years of track record behind and start over?

    They are usually large enough events that I don’t have time to worry AND work πŸ™‚ Most of the rest of it, large things, I do my part and realize that there isn’t much I can do about it except take care of my ‘stuff’ and be the best me I can be!


  8. I worry about everything. Mostly that I will not get to see the world like I’ve always dreamed. I always feel like there’s not enough time for some reason. I like to beat myself up. I don’t sleep a lot at night πŸ˜›

  9. At the moment I am worried I’m going to slip and let my ex back into my life after he texted me the other night. Staying Strong! Other than that, I worry about what job I might have to do if I can’t find Library work soon! =S I never want to do call centre work again!

  10. The main thing I worry about is my family. Anything else I can generally let go.
    But…now I am worried (ok, not really!) that I know nothing about WP, there is no like button in your post but there is one on the WP reader…so confusing (or did I say worrying?)!

    • I can relate to family – kid, esp bc he’s more vulnerable and dependent. Yep, it’s the button on the Reader everyone’s tapping.

      I’ve started worrying my words don’t mean anything. lol

  11. I want so badly to tell you what I worry about, but I can’t talk about it until it’s resolved. I will say that after this, I may never worry again.

  12. This is classic but I often worry about the future as my years of education are coming to an end (actually there are still 2 years left, hopefully). But 2 years for me are just so close to the end. I don’t think I’d be ready…

  13. I worry that I’m signing off for the day when what I should really do is find more energy – get more done. I want my “to do” list to be empty. So, I guess I worry that I haven’t done enough.

  14. Like what are you referring to as in sitting on the like button?i ‘m not sure I like that sentence. Like all your readers are like some kind of a dummy. Like maybe most of us like to be liked so what is your problem with like?

    Now Diana, I hope that what you have just read was seen as a joke and I was “pulling your leg” but not exactly. πŸ™‚

    Honestly I disabled the like button for a while on my blog because too many people merely want to click like and move on with no comment. Now I call that “plum lazy” and please forgive me for my Texas slang or whatever word you prefer to call my silly words and expression.

    Eventually I turned the like button back on because I could not tell the difference.

  15. My worry about not being good enough to get accepted into my graduate program keeps me up at night. I clench my teeth daily and constantly check my email in fear of receiving a rejection email. I have banned myself from most of my social media accounts to keep myself focused on things occurring outside the virtual world. I tell my friends I will get back on eventually as though I am punishing myself until I receive an acceptance letter.

  16. What I worry about? Absolutely nothing. Years ago I came to the realization that it was pointless to worry about things over which I had no control and resolved to worry only about those things I could change. But then, methought, if I could change it why waste time worrying about it. Ulcers are truly the gift better to give than to receive.

  17. Last night I was kept awake all night worrying about where I’m going to put the Christmas Tree this year, as its usual spot is now taken up by something that can not be moved. By 5am I remembered it’s still October and managed to get one and half hours sleep!

  18. I worry a lot. Used to. Worry about whether I can finish writing a freelance article on time. Worry if I can wake up for work when my alarm rings (will I hear it?!). Worry about getting lost in a new town I’m going to next week.

    Every time I catch myself worrying, I tell myself things will work out. Because they always do. And then I move on to look a the world around me. These days I prefer to observe people and things around me, asking myself: what’s happening around me, what’s the story here. That always stops me worrying πŸ™‚

  19. Oh come on D. I like you. You’re a good soul. πŸ™‚ I usually try to comment and hit the like button. The like button is a quick way of reminding me where I have been. Sometimes, I just hit the like button. Gasp. But I don’t worry about it. In fact I try to avoid worrying about things. It’s such a waste of time and energy. If you can do something about it, do it. Otherwise, move on. I will confess that sometimes I wake up at 3 AM worrying about things I “have left undone or ought not to have done.” Not good. The boogie man comes out at night. I read until I’ve chased him back under the bed. –Curt

  20. If you’re taking about people pressing like to a blog I can’t see any problem with keeping that like button. I know there are people who hit like just for the sake of it. Possibly not even reading before doing that. But some of us press that button because we genuinely like the article and wish to encourage those who take the trouble to blog for our enjoyment. It’s optional. Maybe they don’t have anything further to add other than what the author said and the only way they can communicate their enjoyment is through the like button.

  21. Hello, Diana! I do not know if I am supposed, or even allowed, to be serious here! If Yes, I am one of those who worries about Nothing. Now. But indeed there were times when I had worried myself sick. …Love and Regards. πŸ™‚

  22. I worry about one day losing my sight – because I love to read. Or my hearing – because I love music.

    I am watching my mother grow old. It’s hard. I worry about her. I worry that I will become her.

    I worry about one day losing my wonderful husband.

    Then I pray, and thank God for the fortunate life I have had.

    • Ohh…..this precious confession hurts to read, Kate. Because I relate well on every single one and you laid bare what many of us don’t want to face. You fear being cut off from this beautiful world and losing the fullness of who you are and being helplessly cut off from those you love. I found myself getting snappy and angry at my mother (even more than I already was) about ten, fifteen yrs ago. I realized it made me angry to see her age. I was afraid in my helplessness.

      I love the dependency and gratitude you return to.
      Thanks so much for sharing.


  23. I usually worry about money. I know the universe will provide and I make enough to live well, but since I live alone, “I worry”… I try not to and fight my demons regularly, but every so often, “I worry”… I find that meditation does provide some peace and comfort and I regularly sit and pray and silence my mind… Anything that helps me find balance in my life, I try…

    • I was waiting for this. =) Guess what the next series is about? I appreciate your sharing what can really be frightening if we let it be. A most legitimate concern, and I’m so glad you try not to stress.


  24. Well aren’t you confident, assuming that I’d like this post. Maybe I wasn’t going to hit that button, but you didn’t consider that, did you? πŸ˜‰ What keeps me up? I wake up early to run, and my internal clock sometimes goes haywire and wakes me up early and it’s hard to fall back asleep. Sometimes is a kid that woke up crying in the middle of the night. Sometimes it’s the rising costs of seemingly everything. Sometimes it’s a nightmare. Sometimes it’s the sound of a dog dry heaving. Sometimes it’s a thunderstorm. Sometimes it’s a nagging worry that I forgot something.

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  26. Diana – English is not my native language. A meaningful comment does take some time for me to write, and not always I have that time. Yet, I would so love to express my gratitude for your post that entertained me, that made me think and smile or sigh. This is where the “like” button comes in. It is also a sign for me where I have to start reading when I visit again. πŸ™‚

    • Ha ha ha, I see. A bookmark. You’re right. It does come in handy that way. Ok, I’ll bear that in mind and try to keep the button up. =)

      I really appreciate the sweet comments that brought this smile to my face today.

  27. There isn’t too much I don’t worry about, so my list would be quite long, but I ama pessimist, so that’s how I always feel.

      • I just sent mine. I have had a busy week.
        I’m in a writing group, don’t know if I mentioned that, but we meet twice a month. Members submit a piece, and we are supposed to review it.
        This time, I had six of them, and I have been having a hard time keeping up.
        Between the blog, and reading and writing the submissions, and submitting my own. I have so little time, and that doesn’t include working, taking care of house, cooking meals.
        There aren’t enough hours in the day. I will get to you.

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