My Biggest Fan, Part 2

Early this year:

“Birds fly. Horses run. You write.”
“Awwww, honey. SO sweet!”

But wait.

Two weeks ago:

“So dya see my post?”
“Oh, yeah. It was GOOD. Sounded like you plagiarized or something.”


My Biggest Fan, Part 1

58 thoughts on “My Biggest Fan, Part 2

    • You know, M, he’s a
      VERY simple man.
      He doesn’t do anything sideways.
      (Remember he’s not a woman!! LOL)
      I think part of his simplicity is how he keeps his mental dashboard clean. With his awful memory, I think he forgot how much he admired my writing.

  1. I believe men do not overthink things. And often they way under think. In this case, based on his previous comments, I believe he was attempting to tell you it was so good it could have been written by a world famous author. What an affirming thing to say!

  2. Such times might make you wonder why you love ’em so much, but then there are other times when he will be totally focused on what you are saying and BINGO!

    BTW, I have one of these too (same inattentiveness to detail) and am grateful he loves me.

  3. Oh D. I had to read this twice (I’m a little slow on the uptake). At any rate after the second time I now find myself being unable to stop laughing. I think I’ll carry this thought throughout the day. Thank you for sharing. πŸ˜€ ❀

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