Rain Story


Lovelorn Lake
under Mountain Sky
   supplicating rain

A thousand kisses
she receives, the
   condensation of grace

Echoes of moonlight
tendril out
   the laps of lake

While the hopeful earth
athirst lies ravished
   'til she revives.

Earnest drops pearl
upon the bosom
   of Mother Lake

That swells, and vanish
in their rising, her
   surrender back to

Father Sky.

30 thoughts on “Rain Story

  1. Excellent, glad to see you back so soon with another poem. I like the imagery you’ve used here and your sparse, efficient use of words in places. Keep up the good work.
    Also must mention, at the end of the post I did about the forest on my blog I put a link to your post on here about trees, because it made sense to. Two people have actually came back and thanked for posting the link, they thought that your post was wonderful.
    See you later.

    • Rain Story emerged in my head right on the heels of Bereft as I sat over my son’s lunch, policeing vegetables into his mouth. I am quite sad bc the WPress drafts page would not let me indent the 3rd line of every stanza. I tried everything. The poem would read better. The indent button shifts the entire stanza. Hubby has to install Microsoft Word. Thanks dearly for all the support, M. I don’t take it for granted. SO funny you linked to me beCUZ a few days ago I had planned to browse your gallery again for a shot that would complement the next poem, if you would be willing to share. I was going to cite your site. No promises, though. I have to take the time to look….SO busy before wknd getaway….Diana

      • Hi of course you can, if you see any pictures that you like on my blog. I did smile to myself when I saw the title of your poem.
        As regards indenting text, I have had the same problem, not just here but on other websites….. I was just about to suggest a solution but it looks like you’ve managed to do it anyway, or is that my eyes gone all crazy. Oh well problem solved.
        I must try and get round to adding more space photos. I did start making another page that was all about rain. Rain quotes, rain poems, how to make a rainstick, raindance it’s even going to have it’s own thunderstorm soundtrack, I just got sidetracked.
        Keep up the writing, it’s good to see. Take care for now.

        “The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling.” – Lucretius

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