Rain Story


Lovelorn Lake
under Mountain Sky
   supplicating rain

A thousand kisses
she receives, the
   condensation of grace

Echoes of moonlight
tendril out
   the laps of lake

While the hopeful earth
athirst lies ravished
   'til she revives.

Earnest drops pearl
upon the bosom
   of Mother Lake

That swells, and vanish
in their rising, her
   surrender back to

Father Sky.



May my eyes, Lord, Never
stay set on what surrounds
but solely, wholly, Ever
on Thee be fixed and bound

Lest they stray the Giver –
in times my cup be sweet –
to the gift that Never
can be as sweet as Thee

Or in self-pity settle –
when my cup be bitter –
on my heart, there struggle
to dethrone its Ruler.

Touch my eyes, Lord, and lift
them daily Heavenward,
their sight also a gift
to see Thee more and more.

Lift them off the pages
of my earthly life
should I lose sight of Jesus
Who my hid story writes.

The poem was published in a University of Pennsylvania literary arts magazine while I was a student. Sight and Blue Champagne could not be more dissimilar in meter and form. Champagne is fluid.  This one is highly structured and draws in on itself.

20 Things I Consider Sacred: Part 4

Music is heaven-borne. Was God’s idea. God’s people sung their prayers through the Old Testament, though they did not have to. And they sang a new song before the throne…Revelation 14:3. Music will crown the triumph of restoration, vindication, renewal in heaven.

Imagine there were no such thing. So we couldn’t even paint. Your house and office is straight white; your neighborhood devoid of color, the trees blank against a blank sky.  We live in color but often don’t even think about it. Every color bears its own purpose and energy. Color therapists use green to revitalize the ill. Green in food helps rejuvenate and cleanse the body. When the sun stains the sky in a particularly spectacular way, I point out the canvas of God’s painting to my son. A woman recently shared with me some challenges she was facing, I reminded her to look at or listen to something beautiful because beauty is healing. Seasoned in faith and living, she didn’t need preachy but encouragement to refresh her spirit and senses with the glorious things that surround. She took time to take in her garden.

Words to others. With these we can give someone wings or clip them.

Essentially, self-talk. People rising from their cancer bed. Or dying before resurrecting to pummel themselves through the finish line. Or choosing fruit over the chocolate bar whispering seduction. With our self-talk we keep on or give up. Fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over…every living creature that moves on the ground. Genesis 1.28. This call is also the unique ability of man in all of creation to subdue himself. When we tame the beast within and nourish our mind with good words and pictures, the body flourishes. There is no thought that does not produce a biochemical reaction that affects us physically.

Words we lift to heaven.  They rise from depths of hope, longing, fear, joy and move the hand of God.

There are people limited in the use of of their senses.  But there is a power available to those who are forced to compensate for the inability to see or hear, a power that’s also sacred. I could manage all of these parts of my life better. Some, I am outright terrible at enjoying and well could have named this series 20 Blessings I Take for Granted. Perhaps it’s best to work on sinking more sweetly into a few, for starters.

20 Things I Consider Sacred: Part 3

Being willing to heal from the past

Celebrating the moment

Keeping in view a future you want to move toward

Keeping aware that the world doesn’t revolve around us. We expect our kids to get this, a lesson we ourselves struggle to learn.

Doing what you love by vocation, avocation, or hobby. Let the soul breathe. Free your energy to run the way of your nature or gift.



I wrote the poem as a student at University of Pennsylvania.

When You find me breathless
from Time’s relentless
marching orders
would You
still my heart
and incline it to
Your gentle whisper?
Make me to climb the depths
of Your quiet words of wisdom
so to know that
You are God.

John 10.3,27
1 Kings 19.12
Eccl 9.17
Ps 46.10

20 Things I Consider Sacred: Part 2

Our Body
Who taught us to breathe? How does the heart know to pump blood, push life, to every cell? The kidneys, according to Dr. Henry Bieler, are chemists “whose tasks are more complex than any electronic computer conceived by man.” Human history is how old? And Science has yet fully to unlock the secrets of the human body.

Our Blood
Why do we perform labs? Blood work reveals a lot, doesn’t it? Blood carries nutrients to every tissue in the body to rejuvenate cells. Insufficient, stagnant, or impure blood runs beneath many common ailments. When the elimination channels of liver, kidneys, lungs, bowels, and skin are sluggish, toxins seep into the blood. The blood is not only our life stream. It also bears our essence.

It is surrender.  Our confession that we’ve done all we could today and tomorrow is not yet ours to shoulder. Try sleeping three hours each night all week and feel the holy love in the marriage.

Not only at night but in the dash of day. Even at the simple closing of the eyes, our brain waves change pattern. Release body, mind, spirit from the incessant bid of duty and haste. Embrace the reminder that life is more than the next thing to be done.

Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. James 4:14