May my eyes, Lord, Never
stay set on what surrounds
but solely, wholly, Ever
on Thee be fixed and bound

Lest they stray the Giver –
in times my cup be sweet –
to the gift that Never
can be as sweet as Thee

Or in self-pity settle –
when my cup be bitter –
on my heart, there struggle
to dethrone its Ruler.

Touch my eyes, Lord, and lift
them daily Heavenward,
their sight also a gift
to see Thee more and more.

Lift them off the pages
of my earthly life
should I lose sight of Jesus
Who my hid story writes.

The poem was published in a University of Pennsylvania literary arts magazine while I was a student. Sight and Blue Champagne could not be more dissimilar in meter and form. Champagne is fluid.Β  This one is highly structured and draws in on itself.

16 thoughts on “Sight

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  2. Love LOVE the poem!!!
    Ever thought about setting it to music?
    I can also “hear” it as a song…

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem that speaks to my soul.

  3. Your words glow wonderfully with the heavenly touch of His spirit! I am glad to embrace your heart that lives in the spirit of your words! Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope you come back soon, i will also do the same for you my sister!!!! Blessings and hugs…you made my day!!!!

    • Aw, Wendell (very cool name, btw). You rock. THANK you so much for the warm, selfless encouragement. I do my best to keep up with my readers but it’s getting hard with the other site I’m hard at work on. If you happen not to hear from me down the line, it’s not intentional. PLEASE feel free to rap on my window with a post you’d like to share. =) And I hope you got to the recent post on The Question of Human Suffering. It seemed to speak to people of all faiths — I was so surprised. Knowing I had a diverse readership, I still did not hold back…felt I was called to say all I did. And…here’s a virtual hug back. Diana

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