I wrote the poem as a student at University of Pennsylvania.

When You find me breathless
from Time’s relentless
marching orders
would You
still my heart
and incline it to
Your gentle whisper?
Make me to climb the depths
of Your quiet words of wisdom
so to know that
You are God.

John 10.3,27
1 Kings 19.12
Eccl 9.17
Ps 46.10

29 thoughts on “Breathless

  1. Such indelible sentiment (no doubt felt by us all) beautifully expressed.
    Recalls to mind that Jesus is the author and perfector/ finisher of our faith.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely poem.

    • So very thoughtful of you. Have the funniest thing to share. I thought you were being funny (though sincere, I know) writing as your dog — from the gravatar. So I wrote back as though talking to a dog. Then I saw your About LOL. Your poetry on the simple things has a youthful quality to it. You sure seem to be having a great time blogging. Thank you for your encouragement. Blessings.

  2. This is beautiful. “So to know that you are God” is such a wonderful way to pray. Thanks for sharing (and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, too!

  3. “would You/ still my heart/and incline it to/Your gentle whisper”
    I don’t know a better prayer than that. Thank you! I will say this. Truly, thank you for writing it.

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