20 Things I Consider Sacred: Part 3

Being willing to heal from the past

Celebrating the moment

Keeping in view a future you want to move toward

Keeping aware that the world doesn’t revolve around us. We expect our kids to get this, a lesson we ourselves struggle to learn.

Doing what you love by vocation, avocation, or hobby. Let the soul breathe. Free your energy to run the way of your nature or gift.

8 thoughts on “20 Things I Consider Sacred: Part 3

  1. Wonderful collection of posts! I can say that we have a lot in common. I also find beauty in the daily little things, the ones that are often taken for granted. Everything you’ve listed here is wonderful and if we don’t forget it, we will live happily and peacefully.

  2. I appreciate your lovely selections here-especially living one’s passion, which I am convinced helps feed and heal the universe. Especially love your idea for this post…a personal repository and exposition of the sacred. Thank you.

My Two Gold Cents in the Holistic Treasury

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