Bedroom Talk

Sorry. Have no photos, people.

Mrs: If I die, you’ll marry someone nicer than me. But dumber.
Mr: This is true. I’ve had enough of smart wives.


Mr: (Caressing wife) Honey, can you…talk 20% less?
Mrs: ????!!

118 thoughts on “Bedroom Talk

  1. What do you call a man that lost all of his intelligence?
    A widow.

    Why do men like smart women?
    Opposites attract.

  2. well we are the embodimen of other’s fantasies…sometimes we get a grade 😀 remember it’s passing in a way always lol as in you’remarried and neither is leaving

  3. to be with a dumb woman? no way! I’d rather be with a smart woman. they know how to save money, make more money, do things I can’t figure out, etc. dumb women are just plain high maintenance.

  4. Talk 20% less – that’s a good start. I asked what time it is, not how to make the watch!

    Seriously, you sure do write about dying often…is something going on with you? I know I’ve been in and out of the blog world recently, so making sure I haven’t missed anything.

    • You solicit a mixed response from me, S. I’m sorta touched by your observation (that you care to notice) while I hold back this smile “I asked what time it is, not how to make the watch!” I’m all right (enough). Thanks for asking. (I do think about death a lot.) Now go on and make me that watch with four more hours in the day to blog, will ya?

      • Ok ok ok, finally was able to blog! Got it done!
        I had a Spanish prof in college who constantly talked about death – made us go to grave yards and hang out for assignments, etc. It was sad when died right after the semester ended.
        Of course I observe these things, D. And of course I’m almost always going to bring a little joke along the way. Glad you well (enough).

      • Yes, we’d have to go on our own, lay down on a grave and then write about our thoughts/experiences (in Spanish). He spoke of it often – I remember chatting with him after class and he said he thought the cold weather of Ohio wasn’t good for his health and if he could go back south he might last a few more years. Well, when my report card came while I was on break, there was none for his class. Called the school and they said he had passed and they were working to get the grades added up. I think he knew all along the end was near.

    • Mrs. Stubborn here, usually the one with the rocks I want to throw at what seem to echo back as gaping holes in his head, ha ha ha ha. “Are you listening, listening, listening?” Tomato, tomahdo. Gotta make it work. *Grin* But I like MG’s aphorism.

  5. A man should always choose a smart woman. When he does what he is told, he can have confidence that a series of unfortunate events won’t befall him. 😉

      • Haha–alter ego! My son read my blog and said I was being pretentious. I said no! I was being the real me.

        He said it wasn’t the real me he knew. 🙂

      • LOL!!! How funny. I’d love to know how his perception changes (or struggles) with (more) time (on your blog).

        T asked me yesterday what I’d wanted to be (as a girl) when I grew up. I thought that was pretty neat of him as a fresh eight-yr-old to be able to regard me as a person, someone who was once a child. Even adults sometimes have trouble seeing their parents as people apart from Mother/Father.

  6. Diana, You know, that “dry wit” can be inherited! When we get together with our sons and their (significant others) and talk around the dinner table, some people would think that we are being mean to each other. My husband has a dry wit and really that was part of his allure when we were dating. Over the years, it has aggravated me at times, but he keeps me laughing most of the time. And laughing is a good thing when we got to be “old fogies!”

    • Ha ha ha. “And laughing is a good thing when we got to be “old fogies!”

      I’m a little surprised at the (amusing but fun) glimpse into your family dynamics, Deb. But I love the laughter. It’s healthful, as you know, of course.

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