Words Between Mom and Boy, Part 3


Seven-and-a-half ~

Yes, we all have our job. Yours is to study, mine is to cook and teach you, Daddy’s is to make money.
Huh. I have the hardest job of all.


Umma, what is the bottom number? The lowest number….the floor?
*Smile* It’ll be a negative number, right? Way below zero. Only God can reach it because He is infinite.
When I get to heaven, I’m going to ask Him to show me how He stretches from the lowest to the highest number.


*Watching him eat, in amazement*
Where does it all go? It’s a three-mile tunnel in there.
I’m mileless.


Mom, what is M x X?


Mom, you know what the bottommost lowest number is?
Negative infinity.


His prayer in Sunday School
Lord, give us joy as we fall at your feet.
*Mom stunned*


142 thoughts on “Words Between Mom and Boy, Part 3

    • This is really amazing, how we (all) are following one another’s journey through time. Your witness is precious to me, D. And yes, he looks older and taller this wk than he does in that very recent (top) photo.


      • When we gravitate to the same blogger’s homes, it’s like visiting an old friend. We sometimes get privy to some intimate stories, which sometimes include snippets of their lives and family. I pay attention. ❀

    • I really liked what a blogger once said. We talk about laying down our lives for those we love (and rightly you bring this to our needful attention, E). But most of us won’t need to do that. What we wiLL be called upon to do is live for them. This is my greatest challenge. To live worthily of my family. (How frustrated – and mad – I was even today.)

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking the post about ADHD. I don’t have the HD part, but I most certainly have the AD part, as do my daughter and a couple of grandchildren. One of them also has the HD part, and I want to learn how to help her. Maybe this information I’ve gleaned will help me help her. I hope it helps others as well.

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