Ode To My Blog

How do I miss thee? Gasp! Let me count the ways.
I miss thee to the deep, the space, and skies
My soul can reach as I strain for my prize,
For the ends of thought and ideal phrasings.
I love thee with the ease of every day’s vernacular
In most quiet need to velvet utterance on devilish wings.
I love thee unreservedly, be thy taskmaster or a friend avuncular
Through the days thou art my handmaiden of laughter.
I love thee like my child; I feed thee tenderly
And when I can’t I begin to starve; breath labors.
Oh, if time were more giving, more patient
I might dance another dance and sing what hides latent.
I miss thee that loss fills my well of joy with gravel
A week feels like two, two fortnights like four.
Parched, I am run aground on a lone shore
‘Til time should stall and bid the ink on my paper travel.

May Elizabeth Barrett Browning forgive me in her grave.

114 thoughts on “Ode To My Blog

  1. Well, if I were your blog I might be a bit peeved that you initially watered down your passionate love to a mild longing. However, as your paean develops it becomes clear that you have the most endearing and heartfelt attachment to your blog. I just want you to know that we missed you too HW.

    • I think I started off pretty earnestly – gasp and all. =) I have missed my alter ego maddeningly and convinced myself that I could be a worse mom than one who sits her kid to lunch next to her to write on the computer. Just couldn’t take it any longer. I appreciate the closing word. =)

  2. You most certainly can “touch a word of another poet” in this legitimate way – ESPECIALLY one of that calibre – because the poem is in the public domain now, AND you gave credit. Browning would be pleased that her poem inspired you. You were inspired, and you wrote beautifully!
    Now, if it’s a poet who is alive, and/or whose work is still under copyright – that’s another story…

  3. What a passionate and energetic ode to your blog. You would even dance for it πŸ˜‰ Writing is certainly in your bones…and I love it when you post πŸ’•

      • Yes, you certainly dance for you blog. You go back in time and dig out memories and your darkest, most-hidden emotions and put them in words for your blog. I hope coming back here hasn’t been too overwhelming for you, D. Enjoy the love here ❀

  4. No one went anywhere. We were right here waiting and you didn’t disappoint. EBB hasn’t written in a while. Somebody has to. It might as well be you. πŸ™‚

  5. Oh Diana. You are so funny but oh so talented. So let me count the ways that you have become a super writer of poems.

    Of note. Here in my little town of about 120,000 there is Baylor University which has the Browning collection. I have never been to see it but maybe one day….

    • Oh nice!! I know you have plenty keeping you busy but that would be special if you could get to it. And you’re too much, Yvonne. I most certainly appreciate the generous word.


    • That would be an honor. =) Glad you laughed bc it was supposed to be funny. Just got a little hard bringing out the humor in the likeness of a Browning. Thx for being here.


  6. I laughed out loud, but I know you were only half joking. I never meant to blog, I meant to post art, but since I’ve started it’s been an incredible outlet. When I can’t write for a while I start to itch! I can completely identify. I have to admit I had to look up “avuncular.” Always nice to increase one’s vocabulary. Now I will go look up Ms. EBB! Always good to increase ones culture. Finding you and your blog has been one of my biggest blessings of recent months. Thanks for being you!

    • You got it. Yep, was half-joking (and half-crying) LOL. And yes, blogging is its own thing, apart from the art. The two certainly conjoin but you can be a good blogger without having to be a great artist, or the latter not knowing how to blog. I appreciate the glowing encouragement, J.


  7. These are feelings that we all can relate to. It’s a mixture of longing for the past but living in the present. We all have to be active participants in our own lives. Wonderful post.

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  9. With a touch of poetry, your blog must be as happy with your return as we are ~ well done HW. Your talent simply will not allow you to hide its abilities πŸ™‚ Wish you a great day.

  10. I miss your blog when life keeps you from posting as often as you would like to. But it also makes me realize that you are still human! I have often wondered how you do it all: blogging, special series on your blog (with all the coordination), replying to every comment, checking out other blogs, being a mom and a wife and homeschooling (just the things I know about through your writing!) I come away with the hope that I can accomplish more as a mere mortal! πŸ™‚

    • *Smile* You have a very good handle on what I juggle. Very thoughtful of you to think about that. Do yourself a big favor and drop the hope that you can accomplish more than you do, D. It (really) hurts and is frustrating when I can’t write – esp the deep stuff that requires hours of thought and sitting. I remind myself of the blessing of my other callings – and when that wears thin, I kick the rocks, seize the moment by the collar, and post. LOL.

  11. I love the roots of your poetry sunk deep in Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Your poetry is uniquely you and you speak about the mysterious pull of writing on all bloggers. I’m glad you are coming back home to yours. ❀

  12. So lovely and honest, Diana. EBB would be proud. Many of my favorites have gone missing a bit here. I just assumed “Life” got in the way, or maybe just Spring. But, it is certainly addictive, and I can understand your feelings. We’re still here. Take your time ! ☺ Van

    • How sweet. =) That happens to me a lot, the vibes connecting through cyberspace. A like comes whistling in when I think of someone. =) I’ve missed you all so much. Had to tell Time to get off my back and just. Write. =)


  13. Very nice thoughts towards your blog Diana. And I do believe it misses you just as much, as do we when you are away for so long! πŸ™‚

  14. Hahahahaha. Great ode Diana. I must admit, I feel the same way. I’m dying to get back to regular blogging. Busyness gets the best of us, doesn’t it?

  15. Diana, as a homeschool mom who has invested over a decade of my time and love into my children I just want to encourage you that you’re making a good choice. My daughter who now does online homeschooling is so glad that she was at home for all these years. Love your poem.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

    • You know I needed this, Wendy. I read my boy your comment (LOL) to HeLP him appreciate being home. I wouldn’t give him up to life outside the home for anything but you know the thirst of an artist for her work and a woman torn in all directions but her own. Thanks so much for taking a moment. I actually thought of you two wks ago.


      • Diana, there was one year that my daughter asked to go to public school. I suggested she wait another year because I knew she was vulnerable to peer pressure (like I was). The next year when I asked her if she wanted to go to a high-school her friend went to she said no thanks. This scenario is very common. Once they hit grade 9 or 10 they realize how blessed they are to skip out on the pressures of drugs and dating. It’s a tough world out there for a young developing brain. Even 50% of adults can’t hold a marriage together–how can we expect lambs to survive in a den of lions? It’s not a one size fits all, but I know it’s best for our family. Blessings as you follow where God leads you. Because we homeschooled, my daughter was able to zoom ahead in piano and pass others who had started lessons before her. Same with her singing lessons. My son is the drummer for his youth group and my daughter plays piano for it alternately with other youth. I read and write in my vehicle while my daughter is at lessons. All that learning you’re doing while teaching will bless your (already good) writing. ❀

      • Shared this with my husband. I sneak in reading and writing any crack of time I can in the run-around but I am very much hands-on in his drum lessons at the school this season – and in the practice at home. I am grateful for every word you took the time here, Wendy. We need friends to come alongside and lend light, wisdom, and cheer for the journey. Appreciate you.


  16. Out of our 11 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren only two of our only daughter’s three sons were home schooled. So far, one was home schooled until College…..he graduated Magna cum laude from college.
    Her younger son was home schooled until high school and he graduated Magna cum laude from there and is doing extremely well in college.

    The one that has already graduated from college has taught in Indonesia and last year in Afghanistan until bomb threats closed the school down. I love listening to him talk about his experiences. It’s been incredibly educational in all the best ways.

    I’m not sure I could have home schooled with four born in five years, plus another one later, but I can sure tell the difference in their education and in how close knit their family is.

    There are advantages in so many areas of their lives, but it does mean sacrifices for you.
    There are treasures and fruit that make the sacrifices worth it.

    Persevere!! I’ll keep you in my prayers. eileen

    • It is wonderful hearing about your family, Eileen. And I thank you to no end for the encouragement and prayer support, dear friend. I am sharing your comment with my husband.

      Diana =)

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  18. You wordsmith! You say beautifully what I generally feel about blogging but cannot half so cleverly convey.

    Golly, Miss Wayfarer! You sure do talk pretty. ❀

  19. Ode to Diana: Oh yes, I’ve noticed your absence beautiful scribe. And as I was reading your lovely ode, I was thinking it sounded a lot like Browning, and no doubt you were using her poem as a vehicle to express your beautiful words in humour. ❀

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