Why I Married You

Mr: Honey, your playing was beautiful. I was reminded as to why I married you.

Mrs: You need reminders, huh?

Mr: Yep.

Mrs: Gotta blog that.

Boy: Blog it! Blog it! Blog it!

Apr 11, 2015






121 thoughts on “Why I Married You

  1. Don’t forget to play again at least one day before your anniversary and leave a magazine open to the page of some fabulous and ludicrously expensive jewelry. That will fire up the man-brain in time for a work-around using intuitive thought processes located somewhere in the “Will to Survive” region of the man-brain. If you do it for birthdays and holidays as well, the man-brain can be trained for auto response. It’s not perfect, there may be the occasional slip up. Kinda like potty training. It’s not fun, but after a while it gets results. πŸ™‚

  2. Sweet…nice to hear those words…cause sometimes we do get caught up in the hectic lives we lead..and BOOM…there it is …that overwhelming, wonderful sensation of love. Very sweet…..have a good weekend you too!

  3. Too funny! I remember when my oldest son was a pre-teen, he would recite “Dad’s love notes to Mom.” The real love notes from before we were married are all tucked away in a hidden place (because I’m sure my husband would pitch them away at this point.) Of course, my son made up all the words. It was hilarious to hear my son. I would crack up, but my husband would get mad.

    • “The real love notes from before we were married are all tucked away in a hidden place (because I’m sure my husband would pitch them away at this point.)” LOL!!!!

      “Of course, my son made up all the words. ” How adorable!! Oh, you were right to laugh, Deb. You know, those moments are irreplaceable. I loved this vignette. Thanks.


  4. that’s awesome! you two sound just like us. i first met my husband after hearing him play piano in the college dorms. before we started dating, we would find each other playing in the piano lounge and just listen to each other play before ever speaking a word to one another =)

  5. I’ve spent a little time in that uncomfortable space. Fortunately my own wife, like you , showed a bit of mercy for my graceless speech. This gave me a laugh. Thanks.

  6. This is wonderful, and … I cannot explain this … the word “elegance” emerges for me as I read this post. Maybe I see elegance (not for the first time) when there are two people who love each other, talking to each other … about almost anything.

    • Eh…that’s not quite the word in my book for this one, LOL, but thank you. Been wondering how you’re doing. =) Will be making my rounds after I get through the bday wk for the little man.

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