This I Believe

I believe in God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth.
I am ashamed to claim faith in Jesus Christ, unworthy as I am
to bear that name and call myself a Christian. For my sake he was
crucified under Pontius Pilate, suffered death and was buried.

I love the order and witness of the Christian faith;
the unassuming birth, disarming life, unjustifiable death,
and the deserted tomb that answer prophecy of Scripture.

A burning stick snatched from the fire, I believe I am more sinful
than I could imagine and more loved than I dare hope.*

Yet I worship at the altar of Self, and often insist and want and
worry as though there were no God. As though I were not loved.

I believe in right and wrong, and that I need saving from myself.
I need a God who is wiser than my purposes, deeper than my
hopelessness, higher than my dreams – a God who owes me nothing.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, Resurrection power
in this flesh and in the heart that fails me.

But how easily would I make my professions on a bed of nails,
not the carpet of ease and cultural civility of my times? On my deathbed
I will call myself Christian because grace will have won out in the end.

This I believe.


*This line a summation of the gospel by author and pastor Dr. Timothy Keller

141 thoughts on “This I Believe

  1. Diana I felt like I was a gecko on the wall in the confessional with you. I would have been camouflaged of course. You wouldn’t have seen me, because that would have been very distracting and seeing how you don’t like animals very much, my guess is you probably wouldn’t be a fan of geckos 😉

    I can relate to this. I feel somehow that you’re more “religious” than I am. Or that you seek out the “Christian experience” more than I. As my son’s First Communion approaches I can’t help but feel more and more like a hypocrite. I have some serious issues with Christianity, the church etc and also the spiritual personas of “God” and “Jesus” as Father and son.

    I never had a healthy example of a loving father and am basically estranged in a civil way from my brother. I can’t relate to these male loving personas. I have trust issues, and therefore just keep the golden rules in my mind and draw upon parables to help me make better choices.

    • How do you do that?! Take me from laughs to plunge me into frowns? You need to get yourself on stage. A literal stage. You can work a crowd, woman. My father wasn’t a role model either. But God is sufficient for all things when we really understand… I really appreciate how you’ve decided to make your choices. Btw, I’ve been posting as you asked (the homeschooling, dialogue with son, etc. Don’t expect you to tap in on everything. Just letting you know I remembered. 😉 )

  2. Oooooh very contentions! I love it! Show us a G.O.D already!!! I was raised to believe in Christianity because my mum & dad met at church & that’s where me my sister & brother got our names (Aaron Naomi & Samuel) I haven’t been to Church since the start of this year but I appreciate the good spirits Christianity has to offer because that’s why I like to dwell in that space, I hope we all find peace on our death beds. I know it’s not an exciting thought but I mean it 🙂

  3. Just as He is happy to call us His children, I am more than happy to call you my sister in the Faith. Thank-you for this lovely post.

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