Holisticpedia: [Blog-eye-tis] Blog withdrawal refers to a group of symptoms that may trigger from prolonged hiatus in posting after sustained blogging. There is no way to predict how an individual will respond in the abstinence. If you plan to break for a month after blogging drunkenly for a minimum of a year, you should consult a health care practitioner before going cold turkey or locate a support group near you.

Days 1-5
Brain has yet to process the trying spell ahead. It is still feeding off the sugar of the comments from the last post and is feeling okay enough.

Days 6-12
Brain knows something is up. Headache and mild agitation.

Days 13-21
Irritability coupled with mood swings, anxiety, paleness, increased appetite and caloric intake. Seeks comfort food, craves alcohol.

Days 22-28
Shakes, sweating, failing blood pressure, chest pain. Bad dreams (that you have forgotten your WordPress password and are calling out to your readers, the screen impermeable against silent shouts).

Days 29 – Day You’re Kidding Me.
Call 911.


139 thoughts on “Blogitis

  1. It’s terrifyingly addictive. After sitting at home alone writing for myself for years (with the hope of publication- one day) I entered the world of blogging, signed up for WordPress Blogging 101 and got totally hooked.
    People ‘liked’ my posts. I attracted ‘followers’, received and replied to ‘comments’. There was even talk of the occasional ‘Reblog’. After six years of scribbling with the odd dose of feedback from writer friends, it was all so instant, the praise so delicious, so… hmmm.
    Problem is now, I can’t not look at my ‘stats’ page, worry when I’ve not had any likes or visitors… Lady Blog is a cruel mistress πŸ™‚

  2. Love this post! Almost fell into Day 29 in my mind, fast decline after three PC computers failed. In a way I was cut off from my ” usual” connection to WP. So, no posting, but I could read posts and comment (iPad & cell phone) to fellow bloggers. The adjustment taught me to go with the flow, followers are not going to disappear if there is no NEW post for even a few weeks. Stats are hovering, but not completely flat. I was never a power blogger anyway! There are a few new sunsets on my Welcome Page and some blogger friends visit for a peaceful look. I’ll “be back” soon with a new Apple iMac and NEW posts. Thanks for helping to put blogging in perspective in a funny, very clever way! Christine

    • Ha ha ha, thanks for sharing the unwelcome “trial” you learned to adjust to, Christine. No, that is why I don’t apologize when I don’t post: there are so many of us out here I don’t delude myself into thinking I am missed as people like to think they are. But I HAVE missed you all bunches. Stay happy!


      • Diana, thank you, such kindness, being missed. There are some that do say, glad you’re back. I also know now who actually is following me and not just gathering followers to up their stats. There’s a whole new culture to learn in Blogosphere! It’s Like moving to a new country! Christine

  3. They did an experiment using rats where they gave the cheese reward intermittently, which caused the rats to check for cheese constantly. . . . I need to check stats now.

  4. This made me laugh out loud. So relate. Many times I simply don’t want to post anything, then belabor myself that I have now withheld from the world my great genius….. Such is the razor’s edge of life and work of us creative types.

  5. Noooooo. I had to give up coffee, and limit wine, and give up most of the foods I used to love due to my colitis. Please don’t make me give up blogging!
    (Oh, wait, that wasn’t really the point of your post was it? Just ignore my knee-jerk reaction. No addiction here!)

  6. I wonder what we are all looking for? Are we forgetting how to interact with people? Did we forget that there are people out there in the physical? This is probably just an easier way. Yes, I do miss some bloggers, and there might even be a couple that miss me; Who am I kidding! Great blog, interesting.

  7. Addiction Vs Passion I look forward to. Let me say that I am a reader first, then a writer. I have all the stories bouncing around inside my head. So I work slowly on them, trying to publish once per month. That is sufficient–and time-consuming for my “research.” But I am replying more than ever, keeping the two or three fingers going. When the computer is down, I suffer from the DT’s. That is addiction. Passion? I love to love: words and reading. Not addiction, but burning desire to read and to live and to think. Oh, to sit and contemplate, too. That’s my love. Expression. :o)

    • Wonderful. Thank you, James. I have seen your passion for words and contemplation. =) And thank you for including me among those you comment on. That is the heart of blogging. Writing is just a part of it.


    • “I think you will be OK GM.” Ha ha ha. For those who’re not clued in, this is the shorthand between Brad and me for…GODMOTHER (as in Mafia, not Fairy – though that’s subject to debate).

      And yeah. STAT!! *Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzzzz*

  8. This is so perfect. I keep a file of my own writing prompts, most of them come to me in the middle of the night. As they pile up, I have to hold myself back from writing too many posts all at once. I feel almost guilty to skip a day. It’s all still new to me, not a year active yet, so it may wear off a bit. Thanks for this one, very creative !! ☺ Van

  9. I wondered where you were. My inbox was smaller (and sadder!) The computer wouldn’t share any answers as to why I hadn’t heard from you. You have been revived and are obviously back to fine blogging form with this post!

    • Ha ha ha. So terribly sweet, Debbie. Since you’d wondered (and missed me), it wasn’t just the homeschooling. Omg, I devoted over two days just to visiting everyone back from the previous posts. (And I was gearing up for the upcoming series. =) ).


      • Honestly, I don’t know how you get it all done! We all need breaks from time to time to recharge and to catch up on other things. Oftentimes, that leads to more inspiration for our blogs!

      • Ha ha ha, the respite does lead to more work when the brain has time to see and think. Although, as I shared, it wasn’t really respite. Trying to visit everyone back over here is like drinking the ocean through a straw. And then there’s the mommying and schooling…(Trying not to complain.) =)


  10. LOL… I was wondering when you were going to pop up in my mailbox again. Hope the hiatus was good- knowing you you were coming up with some new editorial yumminess for your readers.

  11. My dear Diana,
    Your timing couldn’t be any more perfect. Just as I’m planning an indefinite hiatus, I read your wise warning about what may happen if I pursue.
    If you don’t see me for awhile, you’ll knowing that I’m buried in chocolate wrappers.

    I just LOVE you. But, you already knew that didn’t you πŸ˜‰

  12. Wow I can so relate. I have had to take a sabbatical from my blog and the withdrawal is definitely a “trip” I didn’t foresee!

  13. Great post! Also raises great questions, even though I didn’t have time to read every comment. I think the addictive piece would be great to explore.

  14. Love your witty writing, D. And I missed it.

    Totally understand your sentiments going on a blogging hiatus. I used to blog once a week, post out on Thursdays. Then late last year I decided to cut down to blogging three posts in a row, then a blog break at the end of the month. In this week I do feel like I have more time for practising photography, which is great and I love it, but I miss talking to everyone in the blog world and a lack of purpose.

    Hope you’ve been well and looking forward to reading more from you soon πŸ™‚

    • So sweet. i appreciate your having noticed my quiet, M. Indeed…you survived the withdrawal at the end of the month! =) You have a wonderful community that enjoys those great discussions. Yes, a lot of work to sustain but also something to miss. I’ve been around catching up on responders. Just haven’t been able to post. =)


      • Glad you are back. I am sure more interesting posts from your side are on the way in the near future, I can’t wait to read. Love how you engage your audience, it’s never easy. Thanks, D. Looks like I’d be doing the blogging disappearing act a bit more in the next couple of months…and be back recharged and raring to go πŸ™‚ ❀

      • Your parents – and YOU YoursELf need you. You don’t want to just survive the juggling act. You want to thrive. (Keep your oxygen mask on hand when you’re away!) =)

  15. I had to come over to check if you had posted something my mailbox missed days ago… apparently you hadn’t. Glad to see you’re back again, Diana.

    • Ha ha, sweet. I know. It was an unthinkably long lapse between posts, those 28 days. Gasp, I just missed the call for the ambulance. Appreciate your wondering ’bout ‘lil ol’ me. =)


  16. Love this. I actually just shut down my blog yesterday cold turkey. I’m in the middle of a very unpleasant family situation and decided for now I need to keep my content off the web until this all plays out. I’ll have to channel my energies into journal writing again for now.

  17. Blogitis is the likeliest cause of why I’m ill as well – thank you, Doctor Diana!
    I feel the symptoms are much more pronounced in my case, with my loooong absence being caused by work and life. Ugh!

    Lovely to see you keeping your spirits (and blog!) up, and with mummy duties too?

    You have to let me in on your secret! :p

  18. This really is funny, Diana. What if you purposefully broke from writing for the sole intent of engaging with both your readers and random bloggers, even if it took 21 days?

  19. Blogitis, huh? Well, I have had a busy and disconcerting past few weeks (months?), and my presence in the blogosphere has been curtailed. Like the rabbit in ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ I often feel I’m running behind, late, late, late – and for a very important date!

    I am trying to climb back aboard the ‘Blog Express’ train and get my equilibrium back.

    Can I blame my newly developed puffy eyes and frantic, wild-eyed expression on Blogitis? I certainly hope so!

    This post put a big smile on my face. Thank you!

    • LOL. I know you’ve been busy. I didn’t post for TWENTY-EIGHT whole days so we were quiet together. =) Funny you mention the Rabbit bc that’s exactly who I am all the time, everywhere. That’s how I was running out the door when I posted the piece on beauty (that I had to edit some parts to get ’em JUST right) when I got back. =) I hope you take good care of yourself this wknd, K. Please. =)

  20. I was thinking about you for the last few days, wondering where you were at. Glad you did what you needed to do (even if it’s not what you wanted to do). I take breaks from Twitter and my blogs now and then. Recharge. Shift perspective. Get out of the screen world. Work on that “balance” thing that apparently is so “healthy”. Ha!

    Nice to see you, my friend πŸ™‚


    • Seems we all could use a break now and again. (Did I say that?) There comes a breaking point ha ha ha. I felt like I was stuffing 20 burgers into my mouth trying to visit everyone back from the Valentine’s Series. LOL. Was thinking about you too, actually, Paul. Hope you and yours have been well. Nice to be talking again. =)


  21. Days 13-21
    Irritability coupled with mood swings, anxiety, paleness, increased appetite and caloric intake. Seeks comfort food, craves alcohol.

    Oh, that explains it – was wondering what was eating at me – you’re better than a therapist!

  22. I’ve not tried the Break yet since going to the daily format about 1300 or so days ago, so I haven’t the remotest idea what it’ll feel like. But I know it’ll happen, whether it’s in a backing-down to fewer days (or once) a week or in taking a chunk of time completely away before plunging back in fully. I’ll be very curious to see how it goes. I don’t doubt I’ll be back here to check my pulse and see if I’m on Diana time! πŸ˜‰ You do, after all, set the bar in so many ways that it seems only logical to assume you do this part best, too. πŸ˜€

    • Ha ha ha. That is freakin’ scAry to use me for a barometer, esp in gauging one’s powers of survival through blogitis. I am so not normal. Come and go as you please. We love it when you’re around. Just keep the oxygen mask on hand for unexpected delays on the return trip to yo’ beautiful blog.

  23. Haha although its been just one week for me since I started blogging, but I can relate to this post completely. It is an addiction much more addictive (and healthy) than other drugs πŸ˜€ I hope I keep seeing you around and your wordpress password stays safe πŸ˜€

    • LOL. Just one week and addicted already. You’re in trouble – and welcome to the Cult. Ah yes, my password. To think, my sanity, health, and the safety of those around me hinge on a word…

      • Too kind, Prateek. Welcome to blogosphere. I know we’ll talk again. =) If you haven’t caught them, by the way, I have posts on successful blogging that new and veteran bloggers enjoyed and had a lot to say on. Tap any title to open up the sidebar and you’ll see BLOGGING under MY TOPICS. Some are in the Top 10 as well. Hope they’re helpful.

        Diana =)

      • Oh that’s wonderful ! Thank you for sharing, Diana. I will definitely go through them! Thank you so much for the warmest welcome, we’ll surely talk again πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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