field of words

this epicurean sea of wildflowers and opus
white blossoms stirs beneath a rising day

she spills seminal secrets as the bees and
winds drive pollen grains and promise past
the velvet parting into stigma and style

with the marksmanship of knowing.

this field, voluminous womb, awash with prose
drinks the sun that climaxes overhead. a rain
of white sapphire upon silken spires that
indemnifies last night’s shower,

and the dandelion memories too much
for me in the wind perish in a panoply of filaments

but here i lie on my earthen bed pregnant
with poetry, the story under stories of the grass,
translating the anatomy of nature’s mystery and
indulge myself upon this, my field of words.

161 thoughts on “field of words

  1. this epicurean sea of wildflowers and opus
    white blossoms stirs beneath the rising day

    This creates such profound image in my mind of sight and sound, unseen by human eyes, but still existing in its own beauty.

      • You’re gonna call me out on my non-G rated mind again, aren’t you?
        I TOTALLY went there as I read your beautiful words. That said, you wrote it in the most alluring and beautiful way possible. I loved this poem for both its literal images from nature as well as its subtle nod to the sensual.
        And, at the risk of spoiling such a gorgeous poem with humor…it left me wondering if you had big news to tell us????

      • Ha ha ha. I was in FACT thinking of Mickey and “(not) Rated G” in one sentence today LOL! We really are in sync. Nothing was subtle! But I’m discovering what a genteel crowd it is that I write for LOL. The biggest news I could possibly dredge up – if I think real hard – is…eh…is…I managed both laundry AND dishes with the homeschooling today. (Yes, my life is THAT fun. Which is why I run to A Holistic Journey whenever I can and gasp for air.)

      • I’m afraid homeschooling may have done me in. D and I spent another hour on linear postulate pairs and now, I have a headache. Laundry? Dishes? Still waiting for me πŸ™‚
        As for your genteel crowd, I am a huge fan of Malcolm. He is one clever chap!

  2. Well HW, you excelled yourself on this one. But you do realize, that if you didn’t have this extraordinary talent to transform your thoughts and feelings into poetry, you would have to change your name from the Holistic Wayfarer to the Hot Wayfarer πŸ™‚

    • Ok, I’m laughing OUT LOUD. “Excel..extraordinary” da ra ra oh how nice, I thought and then BAM ha ha ha ha. So you’re the first of this decorous readership to allude to the sensuality I ventured into – a first for me here. Um…not sure if I’m supposed to thank you or not. Actually, yours is comment enough on the subtext of the poem. I just may close the comments now. *grin*

    • Linear Pair Postulate…or LPP as we say it in the Terry Household.

      It’s a geography theorem! Geometry and Trig were “my thing” back in the day, so it was something that I could actually help my son with.
      LPP=if two angles form a linear pair, then the angles are supplementary. Linear pairs are equal to 180.
      Anybody have a whiteboard???


      • Oh, bona fide homeschoolers always carry a whiteboard. =) I actually went to a math/science h.s. in NYC. (Go figure.) I loved trig and now actually remember the LPP ha ha ha. Love my geek bloggers. (And you won’t lose your “clever” standing so easily with us, MG.)

  3. What a beautiful poem, I like the way you describe the world around us. “..drinks the sun that climaxes overhead” As much as the sun is scorching, we all need it to live. How ironic πŸ™‚

  4. As I was reading, I was enjoying what ‘led’ to this birth, and lo and behold, you even included my answer ‘pregnant with poetry….’

    I promised no more Roasts πŸ˜‰ but I can give ya a bunch of thumbs up.

    Nice D.

  5. Absolutely beautiful. I especially loved, “a panoply of filaments”, and I’m still trying to nail down a visual that does your ethereal phrase the justice it deserves. And I’ll even risk being repetitious to say once again, absolutely beautiful.

  6. Wow! That’s enough praise to propel a hot air balloon to Pluto and back πŸ˜‰ Bravo, muy bonito el poema.

      • Yes! you’re like a rock star. Which leads me to the question if you could be any rock star who would you be?

      • Haha awww you are too kind. Gracias πŸ™‚ Although I think I confuse people cuz I’m all over the place. And Yes! Korean Ella Fitzgerald. Now she was a cool cat. Excellent choice πŸ˜‰

        Btw I made a really awesome bipolar-infused meal and posted the recipe and pics! That I took myself! And I’m disappointed that no one clicked on it. I guess pumpkin,chickpeas, baby spinach and baby kale with cinnamon and Mexican morita chiles is not for everyone! Go figure.

        Ok one last question. If you were singing in a red dress….would you paint your lips red? Or is that too much red?

      • LMAO!! The few times I do lipstick, I try to match. And I meant both her and Catherine Zeta-Jones. I am behind, way behind in getting back to readers. Will make my rounds as I am able. Editing guest posts, too. =)

      • Ahh yes Catherine Zeta-Jones is super-cool too. Very elegant and ages really well. And I can only imagine how you manage hundreds of comments. I get exhuasted for you as I scroll down the comments…all the Thank you’s..Thanks..Thank you very much’s…reminds me of an SNL episode…bye, buh bye, buh bye now…

        Sweet dreams πŸ™‚

      • LOL LOL LOL. Overcome with joy, a guest writer said she felt like a celebrity that week she featured here. Actually, that is sweet and keen of you bc it takes me literally hours to get through the first wave of comments when I post. So it’s taking me a lo-o-o-o-ng time to make my rounds. Friends have seen my inbox of likes. It’s like my email had a heart attack. Not to boast, just riding on your gracious coattail. I am VERY TIRED (all the time).

        Sweet dreams? Hear, hear.
        Appreciate the support.


  7. “translating the anatomy of nature’s mystery” – the art of forming words to describe the beautifully wordless … the stunning soul that you are shines through your blog – I am excited to follow along with your journey. Bundles of love, skies of light, musings of magic, and revelations of wonder for you today ❀ XO, Luna

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