I Challenge You

Make me cry
Make me wonder
Give me chills, my
assumptions sunder.

Make me bellyache
and slap my lap, not
wince. Convince
me you’re the real deal.

Mix me a drink
Hold the sugar. I have
expensive taste, please –
richer, fuller

Teach me something high
or low, so much I don’t know
We don’t have to be in sync
but do make me think.

Quick! Erase the cliché
Wayfarer’s on her way
Oh mercy: rain…heaven’s tears?
She’s had it up to her ears.

Easy on the adverbs
Her sensibilities disturb
Impress or bless, but don’t bore her
when she’s willing to concur and confer.

But no one’s responding, you lament
Well, compel HW to comment.
Learn from her, this poem her worst yet
but see here the footprints of those who tread.

There is hope for all. Turn
around, if you’ve hit a wall.
If you knew how busy she is, this
challenge you wouldn’t dismiss.

Don’t post just to post. Wait
’til you can give your utmost.
Oh, don’t ring hollow
if you want her follow.

160 thoughts on “I Challenge You

  1. Your poetry ~ music to my ears, and the line “I have expensive taste, please – richer, fuller” actually got my heart racing, what a woman it must be behind those words 🙂 You do have an incredible way with words Ms. Wayfarer.

  2. I love words, but I never hope to be a Harper Lee. Think of the excitement she must feel that her “unacceptable” first draft of GO SET A WATCHMAN, which was revised to become TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, now surfaces once again to become her newest publication.

    • Hi TJ. Very sweet of you. I appreciate the cheerleading and the follow. Am chuckling bc this poem is not representative of my writing style (goodness, this was just for fun!) but am pleased you took a look around. Visit was my pleasure. I’d love to stay connected.


  3. First view of your site. “Don’t post to post.” Thank you, I’m new here and beginning to realize I am in the midst of writers. “We don’t have to be in sync…” made me think. Enjoyed deeply.

    • Great to know I’ve provided food for thought, Denise. Thanks so much for the follow. Blogging has been nothing less than transformative. If you tap any title to open up the sidebar, you’ll see more posts on blogging under My Topics, in case they interest. Welcome, and cheerleading your way. =)


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