Oh Holy Night

Background music, anyone? Played it out of my head. Just tap and go about your business, browsing blogs or sipping tea. I hope this piece adds joy and reverence to your holiday.

Love bunches,




113 thoughts on “Oh Holy Night

  1. O Holy Night is one of my absolute favorite Christmas songs. Such a beautiful song, and beautifully played. A fitting and magnificent end to my wonderful day. Praying blessings over you and your family tonight. Merry Christmas!

      • Most of my family is in Indiana, but my mom lives here in Florida just across town, so I spent the day at her house. It was a wonderful Christmas Day in it’s own right, but it got even better with the news of my brother’s engagement. So excited for him and his new fiance!

        I got this post through my Reader. I’m not subscribed through email.

      • Glad to know about your day, family, and the helpful clarification on the Reader. Looks like this post went out 24 hrs after the posting. (I’ll keep praying for what I spoke of earlier.)

        Good to hear the happiness in your voice, Rob.

  2. Thanks for the tune Diana. I’ve always considered it one of the most beautiful Christmas Carols. I even remember singing it as a solo at an Episcopalian Midnight Mass ever so long, long ago. –Curt

  3. Oh holy night – my favorite Christmas song – and beautifully played. Thanks for visiting my blog and bringing me here to enjoy a quiet moment.
    – peace to all in 2014 and to you.

  4. It’s always a little like Christmas when the work of the Wayfarer appears in my reader. I hope you and yours had a Christmas as magical as the piece you shared with us. My only regret is not being able to listen to it when it was posted. *shakes fist at WP*

    • Laughing – for real. You’re too much, R! You’ve blessed and enriched my journey so. Much of the magic – at least that I have felt – has come from the affection, respect, support I have exchanged with my fellow artists. Where we share the love for the written word, ah – the perfect word, it’s been even sweeter. And now I know we have fondness for music in common as well.

      Thank you for the holiday wish and I hope it’s a wonderful year-end with your family.


  5. You are truly amazing. This is my favorite Christmas song. I try to get people in my Church to sing it every year. When I fail to find someone who will, I attempt it myself. I always hope they will realize how badly I butcher the song and will vow to sing it themselves the next year. Much love.

  6. So beautiful. There is such peace and comfort in that song,written or performed as an instrumental or vocal piece. Thank you for sharing your gift and a blessing of peace this season. Happy New Years, may joy, hope and peace always go before and after you.

  7. Hi,

    This is my favorite Christmas song of all time. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it. Thank you for posting such a beautiful rendition.


    P.S. Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

  8. Thank you for inspiring me to continue playing my musical instruments, and using my talent that god has bleaaed me with. Beautiful simply bueautiful! I’ve been wondering now if it would be a good idea to post my songs that I’ve composed. Do you know how to do that, or a link that describes how to input media files into a wordpress post?


    • James, I am clueless as I am terrified of anything that blinks and sports buttons. My husband took care of the recorder, I guess is what you call it, and loading it onto the computer and online. Sorry. Once you get a link to your piece online, simply add it in your drafts page (draft of a new post). MP3 is one file I know WP takes.

      I appreciate the commendation and am so pleased you’re inspired to keep going. You really should. I am largely self-taught, both in the writing and playing. Didn’t take lessons very long, and the Holy Night was improv.

      You might see if a friend can tell you how to get your music online. And yes, of course you should blog that.

      New and veteran bloggers had a lot to say on this, How to Succeed as a Blogger. Hope it helps:



  9. Diana, this is so very lovely! It’s one of my favorite Christmas songs. I can’t sing it too well since it’s so high–my range is short.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  10. Wow!! On my reader it says that this post has only been up for 4 minutes and it already has 56 comments and 95 likes…
    “If I may but touch the hem of her garment, I shall be whole”
    nice music by the way, much appreciated, you have inspired me to post Dr. John’s version of “Silent Night” in my blog

    • Guess what? I am happy to burst the bubble of your inflated notions of moi. This is a repost. =) I don’t need to sit higher than I ought on anyone’s ledge of esteem. It got only about 8 likes in 4 min. =) Won’t go out by email, though. Just the Reader. 😦 By the way, I’ve been around WPress and NO one will fly at THAT RATE of likes. There now, no need to reach for my garb. That’s cool you’re gonna post that!

  11. Recently, I asked a friend to record some piano music for me, so that I could sing with it and post it on my blog. The song that I chose to post the other day was “Do You Hear What I Hear.” I might sing a few more and add them on. Oh Holy Night is one of my favorites. Wouldn’t it be fun if the musicians on WordPress could somehow “virtually” come together during the holidays and make a beautiful symphony of sounds!

    • Your post is lovely, Mary. Actually, I’d been batting around the idea of a collaborative arts project for a year now. And I think your wish is a viable one. I just won’t be able to nurture the inspiration for a while. I really hope things look up in the new year for you.

      Bug hug,

    • *LAUGHING*

      I am always happy to deflate readers’ generous impressions of me. I did take advantage of the good recorder we have and the ability to clip unwanted portions. Took several takes but this one made me grimace the least. Thanks, MG.

    • Thanks so much for the season’s greetings, Adrian. I’d actually wanted to say the same on your board but was rushing back to my son’s desk for our lessons. No, homeschooling doesn’t stop. Not for Koreans. LOL. Hearty thanks for the support this year. I’m glad to see you blogging your heart.


  12. hello holistic wayfarer its dennis the vizsla dog hay mary belayted krismas and happy nonbelayted noo yeer!!! i no my dada likes the eric cartman verzhun of this song but i prefer it a littel more tradishunal!!! ok bye

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