Tiger Dad and Tiger Wife

Dinner one night, and Tiger Dad pushes wife about the schooling.

Husband: Does he know what nouns, prepositions, verbs are?
Wife: Honey, you know he’s been learning the definitions. He’ll understand better as he gets older.
He’s only seven.


Wife: Wait. Do YOU know what they are?
Funny look. PAUSE.
Husband: I know adverbs. They have -ly.

30 minutes later, 7:30 pm
Out all day on field trip and back from little man’s martial arts,
Mom walks in, puts on apron and gets to work on dinner.
Elbow-deep in dishes after the meal with one eye
on her Holistic Journey upstairs in the office:
“I’d better stop and get on the computer or I’m going to start resenting life.”

Another day

Wife: So you got the mold off the stall?
Husband: Yeah (hanging head like he’s about to break bad news) but I couldn’t get all of it. We’re gonna have to hire someone next time.
Wife: NO. *Snort* You just have to keep it from building, clean more often.

The other day

Dad asks son: Did you like Kung Fu Panda?
Wife: It was violent.
Dad: It’s KUNG FU.


After his fourth serving
Tiger Mom: No, Tennyson. No more. You’re literally eating into your lesson time.
You’re gonna have to stop.
Cub: But I’m still hungry. Please. PLEEASE, I BeG you.

52 thoughts on “Tiger Dad and Tiger Wife

      • Oh hahahaha. Yes, that must be it. He doesn’t eat all the crappy fast food. We went to the shopping mall the other day and he was begging, pleading for french fries (cringe). I have to confess I gave in. I don’t do that often, but this time I did. Daddy’s been traveling.
        Plus, they both wanted to do the Halloween thing, being that they watch English TV. They wanted the candy bags and all. That one I did not give in to. You should see the crap they come home with after a school birthday party. I put it up and away and then sometime later end up throwing most of it in the garbage. Hahahaha. I don’t want my kids eating non-food.

  1. This is a good one. Oh the husband and aren’t most men about the same or maybe not? All my husband did was worry about out daughter’s grades when he should have been concerned about our son who merely scooted through school. You have a very bright son and may he always shine for his parents.

  2. This is hilarious…just over the weekend, I was having dinner with good friend and were discussing how grammar is important but knowing the actual rules and definitions of grammar was a total waste of time. Read enough and one will never have to study grammar πŸ™‚

  3. One line caught my attention because I totally got it! “I’d better stop and get on the computer or I’m going to start resenting life.” For me, writing is a way to process, to focus on what I am thankful for and to be daring (which I am so not in my non-writing life.) From all your posts recently, life must be good! Or maybe too busy?!! πŸ™‚

  4. Little addicted to the computer, eh. πŸ™‚ Those molds can be tough. Have mercy. He-he as you would say, D. Taught middle school English in Africa a long, long time ago. Worked with diagrammed sentences. Sure wish i could remember all that. –Curt

      • Interesting difference of perspective there: I had been out all day and even when I got in felt miles from my blog for the kitchen duty. I hadn’t been able to post in almost two weeks and was feeling the creeping resentmt.

        I mentioned in a previous post the guilt I wrestled with in posting “too often”, feeling bad that I was bothering you guys. But this is my new rhythm for the school year. Big bites when I can and longer periods of silence. This wk, it’s the guests. =)

      • It’s always a struggle to maintain a rhythm with blogging. And it takes so much time. There are times when I think, too much.

        I definitely enjoy the people I follow, and you. Don’t worry about bothering me too much. πŸ™‚ -Curt

  5. You and your hubby crack me up with some of the conversations you’ve shared here, Diana. I felt like I was reading one of those cartoon strips about family life- cept the images were in words not drawings. xo

    • Ha ha ha ha. The funny thing is we really said these things. I shake my head sometimes, muttering: “I gotta blog this,” and run upstairs to record the exchange on the computer. Other times my guys – yes, even the little man – will say, “You should blog this.” I wish I had some decent drawing skills HA.

  6. It is always interesting to hear stories of little boys (the cub, that is). We have three girls, and when little we had to trick them into eating. Thankfully that has since passed.

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