Two years and 11 months

Two years and 11 months

According to Malcolm Gladwell, behind the genius of high-achievers that leaves us awestruck is really just 10,000 hours of practice.

Let’s see what this might look like for you as a drummer, Tennyson:

You’ve put in at least 500 hours thus far.

1 hour of practice a day, 35 free days in a year –>
330 hours
the next 5 years –>
1650 hours plus the 500 = 2150 hours by the age of 12

The next 12 years, double the daily hour –>
660 hours every year, a total of 7920 hours
plus the ones from the first 12 years = 10,070 hours by the age of 24

Unless an earthquake brings this house down or you find yourself with a single parent, you will continue to have every opportunity to play. And even in the tightest straits we will sell the furniture before we touch your drums. Every hour on the set you’ll get to exchange for more options as an adult musician. Every hour brings your dreams that much closer within reach. You easily played for an hour-and-a-half when you were five. It is up to you whether you want to hit your 10,000 sooner or later than 24. But a good idea to develop your art as deeply as you can, find its place in our world before you settle down? Keep those two hours a day sacred and you will learn self-mastery, excellence, and your happier self. We know the more we love our music, the more we love it, right? Play your joy and never make excuses. I don’t want you to end up looking on as Joe blows smoke out of his set, saying “I could’ve done that.” He just practiced longer than you.

Your biggest fan,

171 thoughts on “Genius

  1. Tennyson, is it? Played for one and a half hours, (of meaningful music, We would presume) at the age of Five! That is Stupendous!

    And You parents ready to support him in his love, even till be reaches 24! That is LOVE indeed.

    Good to know about You All.

    Love, Blessings and Regards. 🙂

  2. Any videos? That would be great to see. I know this post is from awhile back. Hope he’s still at it.

    • At 9 earlier this yr, he took 2nd place at a talent show for Kindergarten through age 12. We were busy and he hadn’t been feeling too great so he didn’t have time to practice much. The audience loved him. He was 5 1/2 in this vid. Thanks for the interest:

      • Wow, I am impressed. I hope he continues to hold his interest in drumming. He could have a really good future, if he chose to pursue that as a career, but I would assume that he is equally bright in many subjects.

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