Why I Run

You might run for the thrill. You sail into the zone, keep on like you’re under a spell. I wish it came so naturally to me, wish these limbs would move with knowing.

I run because I was terrible at it. And I’m less terrible the more I do it. I run to silence the aspiration for what’s easy. To teach my body to endure, hold on just a little longer. I run to meet my weaker self head on – conquer her on strong legs Treadmill2so I limp less under my load. I sprint for the fullness of being alive because I often forget how to live. I remember the power of simplicity. I jog to find my pace and cadence. I run to take ownership of myself and to stretch my reserve. I run to claim every day that is mine.

I run because good enough isn’t good enough.


See me wrestle? Why I Sweat


144 thoughts on “Why I Run

  1. Theses profound thoughts sometime gets lost in the wilderness of the power of running. Though running revitalizes us, in walking we reflect and we discovery, and it is one of the better form to get connected with nature and self. “Walking is Wonderful”, one of my post resonates with your wonderful perspective on running…

    • “the torment I’m inflicting by running.”


      Thanks for the follow. Welcome to this rich community of writers. The only thing we ever rAn was a race around the world, a study on race and culture. Otherwise, we sit and talk. =)


  2. When I was very young, I wanted to be a track star—but in those days, girls were not encouraged to run…in fact, I was told that directly by the nun at the boarding school. LOL…I didn’t listen when I was at home in the countryside…alas, I am too old to run now. But I have walked—and these past three weeks, I walked at least 30 miles…seriously…I am exploring a new city in Bellingham. Unfortunately, the visit ends tomorrow and back to the cornfields. I do admire your determination to run! Onward and forward with hope and promise! That is my slogan I made for myself for the next 40 years! LOL Best to you in your endeavors~!

    • What I do (and look like doing it, probably) is not really what they call running, LOL. To say I am uncoordinated is…a gentle statement. =) It’s also been a while. I’ve been biking this season. But when I push myself on that treadmill is when I’m on higher ground, in many ways. Thank you for the encouragement. =)

  3. Lovely Post, great inspiration I will keep that in mind next time im feeling lazy, “I run because good enough isn’t good enough.” love this thanks 🙂

  4. As a high school teen I loved to run but got away from it as adulthood set in. This past year I’ve been fortunate to do two runs at Disney with my kids. For me, the running has become secondary to fundraising in support of St.Jude Children’s Hospital. I run simply to give back to the children and their families who need it most. Thanks for a simple but great post.

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