Seven Signs You’re a V.I.P. Blogger

1. You laugh and cry with people you’ve never met. And if anyone tells you they’re not real friends, you know which friend is on his way out.

2. You feel like a superhero. Not because you’re out at night saving the world but because you have this whole other identity, a life some friends have no idea you live.

3. You burn your third pot in a month, preoccupied with the new post bubbling in your head that eclipsed the bubbling on the stove. No one can get mad when you’re…InspiRed.

4. You have not only given up on the dishes but quit stressing that they’re in full view of guests. No time, no pride, no shame.

5. “Sorry? I don’t follow” or “You follow?” isn’t something you can say in cyberspace anymore.

6. Your vibes with bloggers run in sync. Just when you’re thinking of a reader, a like from the dear soul comes whizzing through.

7. You’re reading this blog. (This suggestion from a follower on Ten Signs You’re a Real Blogger. I will say it again: I have the best readers!)

137 thoughts on “Seven Signs You’re a V.I.P. Blogger

  1. A big resounding YES! πŸ™‚ I’ll go as far as to say that some of my friends who thought they knew me and have now read my blog, seem to fear having to talk about it. It’s amazing how silent they are about my writing. Oh the other hand, the bloggers that I engage with here have initiated conversations with me that have genuinely changed me. It’s as if the depths are more and more drawn up to a place where I sense them throughout my day; they are taking up more mental space than before.

    Anyway, thanks for this post…


    • “they knew me and have now read my blog, seem to fear having to talk about it. It’s amazing how silent they are about my writing.”

      Amazing, D. Says a lot, huh? I have gotten something along this line but less dramatically.

      What or who…taking up more mental space? Bloggers or the depths?

      • The depths, but, yes, bloggers too, because there is so much inspiration to be had from other bloggers, either in simply reading posts or engaging in conversation.

        It’s probably true that most of us are different in how we use language in writing than in speaking, but perhaps the size of that gap between those two modes correlates with the response from friends who are not used to our writing voices.

        In other words, I wonder how different I might be in writing than in speaking and being present bodily?

      • “correlates with the response from friends who are not used to our writing voices.”

        Mmm. There’s also the sheer friendship factor. I think those who really love you will support in some way the writing that means so much to you. I do free friends up to just be themselves, though. Meaning, they can admire or be happy for my writing but by temperament, not all will be effusive. They also have their own busy lives and won’t be able to read consistently.

        In other words, it’s not
        about me.


        PS – great reflective question, though, how we are different out here and in person.

  2. Way better than a Halmark card ❀
    This tender entry lifted me from my hectic schedule and said "hello" from a precious friend. Much treasured!!

  3. 7 is an odd number…how do you figure and didn’t get to 10? How about you get irritated when someone tries to get your attention when you are in writing mode….wow irritated x2. vw

    • Ha ha good first question. Actually, I did have 10 up my sleeve. But I was wiped out when I put this up last-minute having had to swerve a sharp detour because the timing didn’t work out for the next RACE post. I was so tired I didn’t have the wherewithal to include all that moment (bc I have to word every point just SO). Decided to save the rest, maybe unpack one of the remaining points into its own post. =) And seven is the number of completion in the Bible. *wink*

  4. I’m fairly new to reading blogs and don’t have one of my own yet. However, I notice quite a few of your points apply to me. The only thing that bothers me is that I live alone and only have 1 pot. If burn it, I am in trouble. Any suggestions?

    • Paul, why am I nOt surprised you’re already there – in VIP standing at that – before you’re past the starting gate? I did encourage you to start blogging. Well, the writing part, as the responding you do is half the blogging. As to the expected problem of the pot, it’s simply a matter of the spare tire. Get another.

      On your mark, get set, go! Vrrooom.

    • Despair not! There is always hope. You were reading this blog, for one thing LOL. And once you bite the bullet and let the dishes go for the sake of your next post, it gets a lot easier to sacrifice everything else for your blog. =)

  5. I started blogging in January. I now don’t know what I did in my spare time before … Oh, yes! I used to clean (sometimes), watch tv … can’t remember what else … Now? Well, suffice to say that here on holiday for a few days, the first thing I do when I get back to base where there’s access to wifi, is check out what I’ve missed whilst I’ve been away πŸ™‚

      • I don’t think anyone but you and some of your readers, perhaps, understand the time crunch we operate under. BTW, I will get my thoughts on the Race to you this weekend.

      • I really appreciate the acknowledgement. Not very VIP of me to whine but I am really under it. I feel everyone wants a piece of me. You would not believe…people email me asking for promo (of whatever the hec it is they wanna promo) on my blog. AND they have the gumption not even to follow LOL. Seriously funny. Ok, gotta run. Homeschool calls.

  6. these are so true!! I am a clean freak but since blogging, the dishes are always piling up on the counter, dinner is never cooked, and the clothes hamper is puking all of the time! I’m a mess but I love it! hehe

  7. Ha. I love it and absolutely agree. I started blogging a few months ago, and can’t believe how completely and quickly I’ve gotten sucked in! I can’t see life without it anymore. What an amazing place, the blogosphere πŸ™‚

    • You’ve certainly been a VIP reader, the precursor to being a VIP blogger. But actually, you’re quite the show on your blog. I know just where to go when I need a pick-me-up (sounds like I’m looking to snort something illegal). Keep up the great blogging.

      Oh, as to the pots, it is what it is. I’ll sacrifice what I must for a post that sears hearts and moves mountains (though I have yet to move a mountain). But Hubby has thought the third pot was a bit too much.

  8. Dishes? What dishes?

    Guests? Oh, you mean those people (I think they’re people) sitting in my living room for the last week?

    Burnt pots? Don’t have any. They’ve all been burnt.

    I’d like to keep commenting but I’ve got to write another post for my blog!!

  9. During the day, we talk and talk, and often feel no one listens. When I blog before bed, I sleep better, and when I wake up to a “like”, or better yet a comment, I start my day with an extra boost. I feel like someone was listening. I was wondering if that was pathetic, but now I am thinking it just means I am a VIP blogger. Thank you!

    • ??

      Trying hard to understand, but if you meant – to be blunt – that I didn’t sound very modest, I was aware of that and would never even have thought of that last point but put it up as a fun thank you to a sweet reader.

      • I confess, I only read the first point, from the Reader ‘wall’. When I read, ” if anyone tells you they’re not real friends, you know which friend is on his way out.”, it seemed like something out of Desperate Housewives, so I just shot off my snarky comment. Having read the whole thing now, I apologize–it’s a perfectly holistic post…

      • *Chuckle* It’s all good. Appreciate the honesty.
        I am fAr from anything to do with Desperate Hws ha ha ha. And point no. 7 was a compliment to my readers (eh hem), too.
        A VIP group, if I may say so. *wink*

  10. Loved the superhero bit!! And I have a long way to go, but a few burnt pots here and there should not bother me after reading this:D

      • Ooh la la! That’s a pretty big tower… paper plates in the future for you, I think! You made me smile.

        I get a lot of enjoyment from your blog, and am enjoying your series of posts on race. Very interesting.

        Keep up the good work.

      • SO sweet. Thanks, Kate. I’ve been planning a revisit. The Race has been a great deal of work behind the scenes.

        You know what? I really appreciate your kind word. You caught me smack in the thick of PMS. LOL. I’m feeling very !@#$%! in a lot of !@#%% ways LOL and was JUST thinking how much comfort and joy my readers bring me when I got your comment. You made my morning that much more bearable. THANK you.

        Diana ~ only huMan

  11. Hi – thought I would take a quick sec to let you know how much I enjoyed this fun little list – especially number 2- and this:

    “No time, no pride, no shame….”

  12. also want to add that I also really liked number 6….
    Just when you’re thinking of a reader, a like from the dear soul comes whizzing through.”

    First, because it shows that you value “likes” -and I know some bloggers hate them -and have this option dialed – but like the “likes” too – πŸ™‚
    also, this one reveals a bit more of your love and passion for people – like how you think of readers and then get excited to see their gravatar – you are so fully alive and this essence is felt when we read this and that on your blog. πŸ™‚

    • No. 6 happens to me every week. It’s cool. I don’t like the like so much (yeah, they’re nice) but the point is my readers and I are actually thinking of one another. Proof positive.

      I really appreciate your closing sentiment on your feeling my energy in my posts.
      LOL! Bc I am so dang tired all the time. In part from pouring my all into every post. =)

      Xxxx Thanks again for the support!!


  13. Love this!!! Especially #4…. oh dang it all, I NEED to get those dishes done. Maybe … later… No time, no pride, no shame. I am totally plagiarizing that line!

  14. Wonderful post… Not only I was reading your post when I arrived to the last point but I was also nodding with my head and smiling…

    Best wishes, Aquileana πŸ˜›

  15. On target, like dancing on a pin head with other bloggers. Also being a VIP blogger means you know a family member and good close friends, will like a couple of blog posts…to me that’s always a good sign!

    Another sign (not sure if I’ve told this story), when a 6 yr. old niece shyily says: “I want to be a blogger like you. When I’m 14 yrs. old” Her mother/dear sis probably laid down the law on this. πŸ™‚

  16. #1. I never expected this to happen [cynical me], but it does happen. We get drawn into the lives of others.

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