Piano & Drums Duet: Mom & Boy, “Sovereign”

The little guy fell in love with this songย by Chris Tomlin, Sovereign, when I was practicing for church last year.

I think Tennyson played better here. He was 5 1/2. In the zone. I quickly grabbed the camera:

60 thoughts on “Piano & Drums Duet: Mom & Boy, “Sovereign”

  1. To see this little guy not just playing the drums, but playing as an act of worship, it warms my heart. I play the drums a little bit, and the songs that I learn are almost exclusively worship songs. I love many genres of music, but there’s nothing I’d rather play than worship. The harder I play, the more connected I feel to the worship. Love this! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the thoughtful feedback and for entering our worship room. He LOVES to worship, whether in prayer, devotions, or in praise, with Mom and Dad. I have had a post sitting in my drafts pile for months….on Christian worship music. It’s a heads-up. Written by the Mafia. Yeah, uh oh. I see things a bit (rather, vastly) differently than a lot of Christians, esp when it comes to music and standards. Well, you shall see, I suppose. In time. Blessings, my brother.

      • Good to talk with you as well. I greatly enjoy your blog. It’s always well thought out and superlatively worded, which makes for an appealing read. I’m really looking forward to your post on Christian worship music, by the way…whenever you get around to completing it, of course. No rush. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Chuckle. I’m not sure you’ll like it! (I did say scathing, I think ^^). Thank you so much for the warm feedback, R. Am no mind-reader. Simply don’t know exactly how who perceives what from my board unless they tell me. =) I look fwd to my revisit.

      • I spent about eight hrs and my soul on the Why We Read post, not counting think-time. That is how passionate I am about the word, my readers, and their time. I realized I spent a day’s wages. But my reward is the response in readers — esp if they verbalize it. I give you my best and I am grateful you receive it as you do.

    • Thank you SO much. You are amazing. Just this wk I put up a “No More Awards, Thank You” request just above the Versatile Blogger award on the right margin of my site. I’d rather be posting content, giving my readers substance in one way shape or another, than listing things about myself. I appreciate you! Diana

  2. The kid’s good. Excellent sense of rhythm, and he looks very comfortable and purposeful. Are the headphones to protect his ears?

    I’m curious what camera was being used. I see no pixelation anywhere, even in the dark areas.

    The mix was better in the first video topmost. The music he was playing to was very hard to hear in the second. Maybe the camera mic was much closer to the drums in the second?

    Honestly, though, he’s great at what he does now and could become amazing when he grows up and likely sooner.

    • I only now caught your comment, Jim. Thanks so much for writing. Yes, the headphones are for those little eardrums. It gets crazy loud in here. Sorry I don’t know what camera. We got it used – friend had gotten it from Costco, a discount warehouse. We weren’t going for good filming. Just wanted to catch my son in action. My husband’s wanted to record my solos and more duets with a mixer but that’ll have to wait ($). Tennyson’s appeared to have leveled off. Meaning, his talent really stood out when he was younger bc few kids were playing at that age. We have Youtubes of him from when he was 2.5 yrs. He’s the real deal, if i may say so. He debuted when he turned 5 at a local elementary school where he played Brazilian Samba alongside 5th graders in a schoolwide assembly. He knew the call and answer – didn’t rehearse – and took over the call (the leader’s role). Yikes. Thanks for the audience, J. I appreciate it. I enjoyed your keyboard posts.

    • There you go…how sensitive and aware you are to catch that. That’s my boy. He gets quite intense on the set. Thanks so much for your time and for tuning in so thoughtfully. And keep up the great blogging.

    • LOL Suave….? He gets in the zone. I see my intensity in him those moments. Well, it’s HIS intensity. =) Thx so much. I’ll be revisiting as I do with all my commenters, esp the brilliant ones. But I’m swamped trying to do this with everyone.

      Laters…. Xxx Diana

  3. You have such a talented son. Does he takes lessons from someone else? Loved the Sovereign piece that he did. He seemed to get into the zone.

  4. Absolutely amazing Diana. Your young man blows me away. I don’t play any musical instruments but I know what I like and I like that.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to view, Paul. Appreciate the golden praise. He iS something, I have to say. He and Daddy have missed my playing (which I’ve reduced since all the writing). Whenever I sit at the piano, Tennyson jumps to his set to accompany me. =)

  5. Yowzer Diana – has your boy had lessons? He is one gifted drummer, and to be able to drum impromptu to worship songs like that too, just amazing, what a blessing ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your piano playing too! My middle boy played piano from the age of 6 and I always wanted to play so learnt alongside him. One thing I was NOT going to leave behind when we moved from CA back to jolly old England was my piano…still have it, pride and joy, but not played for a long time now, more’s the pity ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Just love this, your little boy is absolutely gorgeous…but you already know that ๐Ÿ™‚

    • His daddy is a Brazilian Samba drum instructor (full-blooded Korean). =) But Tennyson just kinda taught himself for the most part, playing to songs. When he was about 2, the teacher’s aide noticed in Sunday School that while all the kids were clapping while singing, T was tapping his feet LOL. He was listening to the rhythm. He made his debut at a schoolwide assembly when he turned 5 two yrs ago. After a year on the waiting list, T is NOW in a drumming class with other kids! (So guess who chauffeurs? I am out a lot, off my blog. SAD.) Enough about my boy. HA.

      HOW in the world did you take the piano with you????! They accepted it in the belly of the plane??? No..ship.

      • It’s wonderful that your little boy has such a natural rhythm, and boy, he has got it baby ๐Ÿ˜‰
        I shipped my piano back in a container with the other ‘stuff’ I brought back. All my worldly possessions ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’ve just come back from my holidays and had a look at these videos. They are really amazing. What a talented little boy and it’s such a joy to see young people enjoying playing an instrument. You must be a very proud mum.
    Sorry I haven’t commented before, but I was only using my mobile phone while travelling and it took ages to upload videos.

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