Car Sale, Memories, Love

Hyundai2001Talk about the close of a long chapter. Today we sold the Hyundai that took me all over California when I forfeited my east coast residency 12 years ago. Since I stopped driving her when we got our minivan several years ago, I haven’t really thought of the sedan as my car. Yesterday Peter sighed that we were about to bid her farewell. I wasn’t sure why he seemed sad. We were glad the Hyundai meant an easier future for someone who’s been carless. But misty-eyed, Peter was looking back, “It’s the silver car I looked out for when we were dating. I never told you this but seeing it come around the corner made my heart flutter and skip tempo, knowing I was going to be with my soon-to-be-wife.”


My Two Gold Cents in the Holistic Treasury

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