Congratulations: Your poem, Age, has earned Honorable Mention
in the 2017 Steve Kowit International Poetry Contest.

Your poem will be published in the next edition of the San Diego
Poetry Annual, due out on March 1, 2018. A PDF of the annual
will be available for free reading and downloading in February 2018
on our website:

You are invited to attend the awards ceremony to read your poem
at the Neil Morgan Auditorium on Saturday, April 21, 2018. If
you can attend, you’ll be paid a small honorarium ($50). If you
cannot attend, a certificate of achievement will be mailed to you.

Again, congratulations. Your support for the legacy of Steve Kowit
helps us donate of copies of the SDPA to every public and university
library system in our region, making the annual part of their
permanent collections.

Most of all, thank you for allowing us to publish your work.

Warm wishes,

William Harry Harding
for The Judges

San Diego Entertainment & Arts Guild

210 thoughts on “Age

  1. WOW…! But no surprise, for it is truly a magnificent poem! That ever so complete picture you express, says it all, well at least to me, to the point of wondering what I was writing about over the years, in the dozen or so pieces I have written on the subject as I dug around to understand that I could express with as much clarity as I read in your beautiful version of that cruel and brutal word… Age!
    Most impressive. CONGRATULATIONS!

    • I appreciate your taking a moment. Actually, I am quite pleased about landing in the Annual that’ll help furnish the San Diego libraries! A modest start, but a journey of 10,000 miles starts with a single step…as you of all people well know. πŸ˜‰

  2. Congratulations on the honor, Diana, how sweet it is! Beautiful words, these… It’s not just about aging, but about life and connection. So evocative: My grandmother also cut apples up for us kids! (Blast from the past πŸ˜‰

  3. What a wonderful way to start a New Year! “a flurried deck of hands” – so true and an apt metaphor for how fast time flies past a certain age (which I have unfortunately passed.)

    • I know I’m supposed to age gracefully and own it and love myself and all that !@#% LOL. I don’t much care what I look like, didn’t go shopping (for clothes) at all last yr. But even I understand what the mirror holds up is nothing to laugh about!

  4. Are you going to go and read your poem? That would be awesome, as long as you don’t speak like Popeye the Sailor πŸ˜€ This is a very beautifully made poem, technically as well as materially. I am in equal parts impressed and moved

  5. Your reflection of time from different eyes and how perspective changes resonates with me. I like the phrase, “Grandmother’s overripened face.” It makes me think of the apple dolls we used to make when I was young. Congratulations on the recognition.

  6. Congrats!! This is sooo good! I love your creativity with the poem. Well deserved honor that they are bestowing on you. Always enjoy seeing your post. What a way to begin the New Year!

  7. Congratulations, Diana. It really is a pretty comprehensive look into the reality of old age. Age does not discriminate but some or a bit luckier than others and age somewhat more gracefully. Every day our body dies a little bit until one day…. Keep on providing your wonderful insight about so many aspects of life.

    • It’s a surprise, isn’t it? You look up one day and all these lines…My boy is shooting up like a beanpole and I forget that only means I am withering on one, lol. And yes, you read right.

      I was speaking of its judicious, unbiased nature. It gives to all. Well, we savor what we have while we have it. Make it a great yr as you can, dear friend.

      • Thanks, Diana. I surely hope that it is better than the last two. And I hope that yours is a good year too. You have been very suipportive and I appreciate your advice and kind words.

        Savor your child and his presence while you can. He’ll be out of the house before you know it.

  8. Congratulations: for having the courage and talent to put your emotions into words and submitting to the contest β€” and for being selected. It must feel good to know others can relate to your work. Good job!

    • Honorable Mention is not something Koreans crow about. =) So I just skimmed the congratulations notice and only just today realized I’ll end up in the Annual that will furnish libraries. Now THAT is pleasing. Thanks for taking a moment and for having walked alongside. All the best this year.


  9. DIANA!! You are my hero!! This poem is so incredibly powerful, and it reminded me of my mortality. There is no way I can escape the hand of time, so I must live every moment before I can no longer. Damn girl, you are so incredibly talented, and your words never fail to leave an imprint. Congratulations – you killed it! Oh, and Happy New Year!! Lots of love and hugs! xo

  10. Beautiful, Diana, and so deserving of the win. I love the sprinkles of imagery, the slow realization that time and age are almighty as it trods over our grandmothers, mothers, and then us… and in time our children. Stunning work.

  11. Your words are lovely and almost turn the affliction of aging into something beutiful. I cm almost see the apple being peeled as I long for one myself… jc

  12. Ah, the sneakiness of the aging process – we don’t notice it so much on the inside, but looking at pictures is a dangerous process. Now I look for the pics of my daughter when she was a baby to show her that she looked just like her own little baby girls! And I look back in amazement – where have all those decades gone?

    • I was just the other day marveling that it was time to start thinking about Thanksgiving already and next thing I know, time has dumped me on the other side of the wall. I understand they call this country 2018, lol.

  13. Love this poem, Diana! β€œand now I feel oldness on the other side of the wall.”’ Wow, that and other phrases really hit home. Within inches of touching 80, my wall is thinning much too fast! I related to your grandmother image, my own a WIP book featured character. Congratulations! Your poem’s a winner! πŸŽ‰ Christine

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