176 thoughts on “What My Husband Looks Like

  1. I know my prehistory. T-Rex’s did NOT have the arm-length or opposable thumb action to build unicycles. This is visual proof that mankind did in fact exist in the Mesozoic Era.

    This is also video proof that your husband is a nut.

    Great morning laugh, Wayfarer… thanks for staring my Monday with that!

  2. He looks just like my husband! Your neighborhood looks like our Pardee neighborhood before we left the burbs and moved to The Holler (seriously). I was looking for my house!

  3. I can’t think of a more talented man and he’s your husband! Unicycles are difficult to ride and this proves that your man has exceptional skills in balance and coordination. The costume was a brilliant idea and it surely garnered some interest and respect. This gave me a good laugh. Thanks, Diana.

  4. He’s got way more balance and coordination than I could ever have dreamed of having. He might need to see a dermatologist for some of those skin blotches, though.

    He looks like a great dad. Very sweet to watch; thanks for sharing. – Marty

  5. OMG that was hilarious! Was that a leftover Halloween costume or just something Mr. Wayfarer enjoys wearing when out biking around the neighborhood? πŸ˜‰

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