Report Card


Art AApronLove2
Geography A
History A
Latin A
First Lunch A+
Math A
Music A+
Phys Ed A
Second Lunch A+
Public Speaking A –
Reading B
Science A
Writing B+



Beautician C (Can pull off a B when she crams)
Dr. Mom A-
Homemaker C
Homeschooler A-
Nutritionist A
Tired, crazy woman A+
Wife C

77 thoughts on “Report Card

  1. I think it deserves a place of promise on the fridge also. Way it go especially Dr Mom and homeschooler hard subjects to pass but you did with flying colors…Good JOB!!!!!! You deserve to brag a little MOM you did good.

    • Actually, I gave myself A- in those subjects because I can always do better. You’d be amazed at what some homeschoolers do. The work is endless. You have to cry, “ENough!” at some point. “He’ll be all right!” Thanks for staying with me.

      Momma Crazy

    • LOL In elementary school, it was

      S (Satisfactory)
      N (Needs improvement)
      U (Unsatisfactory)

      My hands would clam up, my heart pound away, as I stood behind my desk at the end of the big day waiting to receive my envelope with the report card in it. I had to get all Es. Now, bleh..I’ll be happy to get WIFE up to a C+.

    • Are you kidding? Do you know how many moms lament their kids’ not eating? The mommas have to chase ’em around with a dripping spoon. I am the envy of women. My boy and I are a pretty mean team: I go at it in the kitchen and he vacuums it up. I almost listed First Lunch A+, Second Lunch A+ about our Hobbit, if you happen to be familiar….=)

    • *Hang head* Yes, I’ll have to pull up that C. And whaddaya mean a C ain’t bad? It’s terrible. Might as well be an F to a Korean. Ha ha ha yeah, I hope I don’t screw up the little man too much. And he declared last wk that he decided he’ll be an author one day like CS Lewis. He then got cracking on his next book, this one on Star Wars. I was tempted to give him an A- in the writing.

      • Always pushing the envelope… there are reasons why Asians may rule the word. (grin)

        I remember my first grade year. I had straight Cs all across the card. And all of those little checks where the teacher notes your behaviorβ€” they were below the line. πŸ™‚ In fact I may be the only kid in the world who was kicked out of the first grade for a year. LOL

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