I May Be a Man, Part 2

I know why the Serpent went to Eve first. She had thought God was speaking her language. “Don’t do it.” We’ll talk some more, she thought. If Adam had stayed single the poor, simple man would’ve just listened to His Maker. The Serpent knew he could bring the world crashing down on its head if he could tickle Eve to analyze what God’s word had really meant and why He had said it.

I’m just glad God is a man.

Speaking of guilt, our new miniseries is right around the corner.

62 thoughts on “I May Be a Man, Part 2

  1. *frowns*
    Men need to be careful when they choose wives. Even if they refuse to admit it, a woman has the ability to make his world crash. Ask Abraham, David, Solomon and of course Adam *sighs*

    Thank goodness God is a man.

  2. LOL! Hey, cut Eve some slack. She was deceived by the serpent. Adam’s the one that tried to blame God Himself. Like it or not, Eve was honest. She flat out explained that there was this snake….. Adam is the one that tried to blame God himself, “this woman YOU gave me.” Hence they both got tossed out of the garden.

    It strikes me as a bit amusing, if the fall of man can be called amusing, but men and women haven’t changed one bit since those days. Men still try to point fingers at women, even at God Himself. Women still kind of like to pretend we have no idea what happened.

  3. I assume your tongue is firmly planted in your cheek. I’m just glad God is fully neither, but transcends every aspect of our humanity, men and women. Love your “cheeky” writing style. 🙂

  4. Poor Eve… Meanwhile, Adam totally ignores his maker and takes the apple and (love this) BLAMES Eve AND God for his transgression. He tells God the woman YOU GAVE ME (Hey, God, it’s your fault – you gave her to me after all) gave me the apple and I ate it.

    Now that I think about it, not only did Adam dump blame for his own eating of the apple on God and Eve, where the heck was he while Eve was traipsing around Eden? Eating figs somewhere else in the Garden? Weak fellow didn’t even know what his wife was up to… or did he? Was he hanging behind Eve, letting her take the initiative in testing the apple theory out? Heck, maybe he was one of those shiftless fellows who sends his wife out to bring home the bacon! (ahem, in this case the apple)

    Why are all these men so weak that they cry about women bringing them down? It’s their characters – not a female – that leads them to ruin. And that is true for all of us. We take responsibility for our own choices.

    I hope you know my response is mostly tongue-in-cheek (well, not the part about personal responsibility). As a reule, I don’t mess with the Bible, girlfriend! 😀

    Liked your post, but then I usually like ’em all.

    • “Why are all these men so weak that they cry about”

      Exactly, Kate. Many read through all the comments and I will confuse them. We all suck – each gender on our own day. And I am well familiar with the exegesis on Genesis. He was a doof letting her take over the wheel, whether he was asleep in the backseat or in the two-chariot garage on the hammock in lunch coma. We can’t cry about anyone’s having done anything tO us – unless they physically overpowered us. Well, except when other women stick their foot out to trip us. We all have a choice. Nice hearing from you. (Took my bashing Eve to break your silence, eh? lol)


      • Ah, Diana, I may not always comment, but I always read your posts! But, having said that, now that I know you enjoy hearing from me, I’ll be more of a presence. 😀 You may start to get sick of me!

        I enjoyed this post, and I got a chuckle out of your responses to my comments. I particularly liked your line ‘responsibility is not infallibility’ – I’m going to pin that one to the bulletin board above my writing desk.

        Kate xxx

  5. Forgive the typo above. 🙂 I meant ‘rule’ – not ‘reul.’ Darned touchscreen keyboard! (Get me, passing the blame my poor keyboard’s way when it was me who failed to proofread – so much for personal responsibility! 😀 )

  6. My take on it, is that this was the second of several commandments (the first being “Get a job” – to “dress and keep” the Garden – and the others being “Be a faithful husband” – to “cleave unto his wife” – and “become a father” – to “be one flesh” again), none of which Adam knew how to do. The forbidden fruit also held “the knowledge of good,” so he was given a choice, with a consequence: “for in the day that thou eatest thereof….” Adam’s options were to stay in the Garden and wait for God to visit and tell him what to do, every time; or to eat and have to leave, but be able to figure out how to do things independently.

    Eve wasn’t there when God and Adam agreed to the terms of the lease, but I get the impression that Adam may have exaggerated a bit when he told her about it, because of what she said to the serpent: “neither shall ye touch it.” When Adam found out that she’d eaten the fruit, he realized that in order to obey all of the commandments (including sticking to his wife), he’d have to eat, too. Eve was deceived, but Adam decided that he’d do what would ultimately lead to the greatest good for the greatest number. Unfortunately, by the time God showed up, the knowledge of evil had also kicked in, so when Adam was called to account, the guy waffled.

    Ain’t religion fun? 😉

    • The jury’s still out on whether he exaggerated in his paraphrase for her or she did in the self-talk and engagement with the Serpent. Let’s see…who’s more likely to exaggerate, men or women?

      “When Adam found out that she’d eaten the fruit, he realized that in order to obey all of the commandments (including sticking to his wife), he’d have to eat, too.”

      For real? You think he’d be this complicated? lol

      He saw (her eat).
      She looked fine enough (didn’t fall down dead).
      Food sure looked juicy and tasty (way to a man through his stomach).
      He bit.


      • You asked,

        “Let’s see…who’s more likely to exaggerate, men or women?”

        Who’s the party that’s responsible for telling “fish stories”? As in, “you should see the one that got away….”

        and asked,

        “You think he’d be this complicated?”

        I don’t think that “might as well be hanged for a sheep, as for a lamb” is too complicated a rationale, in this case! 🙂

  7. The serpent beguiled Eve! Which means insidious! I’ve known a few smooth talking snakes the key is to not pay attention and don’t listen or give him a foothold! Hum!
    There’s wisdom in keeping the door shut don’t even go there!
    I like this a lot! It is beautiful how you think! 😄

  8. Perhaps what we have here is the very first conspiracy theory. Eve, bored by life in the garden and knowing Adam would not leave with her, conspired with the snake to dupe the guy and get them both kicked out. Just saying.

  9. Some of the most rational people I know are women. Some of the most emotional idiots are men. Let me put it this way, the serpent would have been pretty dumb to go after either of the women in my immediate family.

    In other words, I think you’re overestimating the differences between men and women.

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