Star Wars Campside

After I’d resigned to returning from the mountains with no poem in hand, this emerged over evening dishes. Originally Ode to the Adventurers, it was my contribution to the digital post-camp chorus of What a blast! It was wonderfuls from the families. In the spirit of roughing it, I’ve resisted the temptation to refine it more than I did.


The dirtiest – and so happiest,
Mom discovered – our boy’s ever been

Wading by the lakeside, painting by lantern:
blue nails and purple rocks

Star Wars duel amid dirt kicked up by kids
undying like their dreams, finger-laced
head bands knit by friendship
A boy’s first campfire:
“Mom, can we stay here ten nights?”

Faces glazed with sleep and S’mores
Night’s smoke murmur of
moms and dads glad in company
California fire circle a shadow of fellowship
in an immortal place

Inside their tents, little ones burrow into fresh
memories of blowing bubbles under star sky,
and the smell of charcoal

We came home
baptized with dirt and love, to
the burden and relief of laundry;
small irredeemable socks, a far cry from white
the most purpose-driven shower of my life
(Notice Mom’s preoccupation with dirt?)

We breathed Earth, Sky, Water
Enchanted Trail indeed.


17 thoughts on “Star Wars Campside

    • The recording missed the very first part, the cutest, where the little guy demands, “WHO aRe yOu?!” (You have to hear it to find it as cute as Luke’s mom does.) To which Big Guy answers, “I’m your fAther.” (Which is what you first hear.) I didn’t want Father trailing off in helpless laughter like that, “ruining” it, but now think it’s part of what makes it funny. Thanks.

  1. Oh, they are just so cute……and I’m actually reading this sitting by a Whelsh mountain in a caravan (not quite at the tent stage yet šŸ˜‰ ) all that washing to look forward to, but not before the adventures!
    Beautiful imagery.

    • LOL wow…yeah, I went cold turkey, right into the tent from the comfort of everything and 40 years. Did my dishes in the cooler we emptied momentarily bc we’d forgotten a basin. I look fwd to your pix! Xxxx Diana

    • And everyone was proud of this virgin camper – Moi. Hubby’d held his breath, waiting for the “Ok, NOW we’re going home” in the mid of the night when it hadn’t come in the day. LOL. Come on, I knew I had to lower my standards of convenience. =)

  2. Wonderful post. Even the comments are entertaining. I’m never disappointed when I visit. I’m happy you found your mojo in the mountains.

    • Chuckle. No – LAUGH! Thx for your sweet time. Wasn’t my best writing, nor was it meant to be. I know folks liked it for the duel, more than anything. Doesn’t always have to be serious. Xxxx Moi

  3. Okay, I feel like I’m gushing too much…but this is so beautiful! “little ones burrow into fresh memories”, “baptized with dirt and love”. I teared up a little, thinking of our camping earlier this year. I don’t know why, but it is something magical, being out under the sky together with loved ones. Especially in the “night’s smoke murmurs”….

    • Oh my…thanks so much, J. That most certainly wasn’t one of my best works, nor was it meant to be. Virgin camper deserves props for plowing thru last wknd without a word of complaint!! =) It was historic…our first family campout. I know the post was well liked (made my top 10! Until Knowing bumped it off today) for the video more than anything. *Chuckle* So glad it revived sensory memories in you!

    • Thanks so much for viewing. It is nice to share the joys of it all with one who understands. The poem isn’t one of my best, and it wasn’t meant to be. (And I believe all those likes were really for the video. =) ) Xxx Diana

  4. HW.

    Thanks for your post! I must say I can really identify with this one. It amazes me how for children (and we as children) memories are tied to smells.and placse. This is how traditions are made. I hope that you will have many more! šŸ™‚

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