Youth MMA Belt Promotion [Wrestling]

Last Saturday, Tennyson (in the orange) aka T Dog, moved up to a Sr. Yellow Belt in Mixed Martial Arts. After mastering the techniques required for the next belt the last several months, the students had to take down three opponents in the ceremony. In the video, T Dog is helping each child earn his/her next belt. Mine’s the loudest voice you’re hearing: “GOooo T Dog! Push!!” My throat hurt the next four days. You can hear Gavin’s mom and me cheeryelling our boys side by side. Our husbands should’ve filmed US. T Dog didn’t do so great when it came time to wrestle for his own promotion. I think he’d burned off his breakfast by then and got low on blood sugar. After refueling, he did better in class than he’d done in the ring.

Props to the coaches at the UFC Gym of Corona.  We love the self-defense T Dog’s learned, to handle attacks from bullies and kidnappers. And when learning to ride sans training wheels last year, he applied the breakfalls and didn’t get hurt falling. We are the biggest fans of the UFC kids’ program!

4 thoughts on “Youth MMA Belt Promotion [Wrestling]

  1. Day 1, when I carried him knocked out and slumped on my shoulder, into the gym for his trial class (he’d fallen asleep in the car), he woke, stunned at the sight of all the kids and unhappy about the unfamiliar environment. He cried when the mom who’d been joined to him at the hip forever stepped out of class. Coach dubbed him T Dog right then and that’s how EVERYONE there, including other parents, soon came to know him (because their kids were talking about T DOG).

  2. this is wonderful! videos are such a necessary part of having families i think. im embarrassed by the videos my parents have of us but regardless they’re memories and they’re so needed. those times only last a handful of times so its important to have ways to record them. thank you for stopping by my blog and i totally agree – being grateful is so needed. thank you for being the very supportive mom! that’s oh so important. i like your approach – i’ll be sure to stop by again.

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