On Poetry

       open time

Poetry sifts the moment

The lyric of dreams
       aborted hope
            hearth of pain

Poetry is the  space  between
          the noise outside  and  my voice

Poetry reasons

          is intention 
a luscious joy 

Jealous for beauty 

Poetry, watercolor memory
surfaces to clear lines, light

       is breath


62 thoughts on “On Poetry

  1. So, poetry has something to do with your voice?
    The crack, the moment, the lyric of dreams, of hope, of pain, of aborted hearth?
    The noise outside is intention and questions.

    Poetry is your watercolor memory
    Of the surface to air missiles
    In breathing.

    I apologize, but there is some connection
    To the image you paint.
    I am falling in love with “Assurance”
    And “Lucious joy.”

    There is clearly light.

    • *Shaking my head* Chloe, I say again what I have to other thoughtful commenters. If you kept writing over at your place the way you leave gems here (your diction is amazing), you’d be unstoppable. I don’t know why your (plural) comments become so rich and beautiful here. Thanks so much for the blessing and for enriching my work.

  2. Love this piece. This is a more descriptive expression. Loved it, especially the line “poetry is the space between the noise outside”.

      • Yes, although I was avoiding email from all the hectic-ness. I wanted to submerge myself in beautiful photography and poetry which is mainly what my blog feed is. Yours was the first post.

      • Oh, nice to know. =) I was asking which mode you receive my posts by, email or Reader, bc this was a rare repost (from over a year ago) I wanted to refresh for all the new readers, and WPress has so many glitches that sometimes those who get me by email don’t receive reposts. I wanted to keep abreast of any glitches. And your blessing of a feedback meant so much when I (italicized) was about to crash from an extraordinarily tiring day.


      • Lately, life has been hectic and sometimes I think I don’t have time to find a quote, or work on a piece or post a photo. Yet, it is just these things that are revitalizing to the soul.

  3. As a TV/Movie producer guy, I love that you used the same font that is considered ‘official’ in that industry.
    And ‘poetry is breath’? Interesting. As my yoga instructor tells me, ‘breath is life’. So, ‘Poetry is life’ for you???

    • I tHiNk WPress selects this font for reposts (wrote this over a yr ago) on my template.
      I don’t write as much poetry as I’d like to be able tom to say it is my breath – writing, writing AnYthiNg is my breath, as I shared in the About. But in answer to your ques, I think of the

      poetry of life.


  4. I relate to this poem so much, especially the last two lines: “Poetry/is breath.” Poetry is my breath, and I don’t know what I’d do without it, whether I’m writing or reading it.

  5. “Poetry is the space between
    the noise outside and my voice”

    I like these lines celebrating poetry. I like poetry in measured doses 🙂 Its influence is sometimes evident in my prose. I like prose more . . . it takes me beyond the space between the noise outside and my voice; beyond rhythm, verse, iambic metres, and stanzas.

  6. Just beautiful. Examples of poetry like this are always striking to me, partly because poetry isn’t something I’ve explored much and don’t quite have the knack for. Lovely words and composition.

  7. “Poetry is Breath”
    That is the line I love to see. For at times it feels like that is the sole truth. Very nice

  8. For some reason I didn’t get an email notice of your last couple posts, Diana. Your poem makes me think about why it always feel so necessary when reading a poem to slow down and really take it in- no skimming or speed reading– yet so much fewer words. Poems, as you say, can “crack open time.”
    Will return soon to take in your other posts. xo

    • Your technical feedback’s helping me see that most – if not all – my reposts (this one was over a year old, I believe) are not reaching those who follow me by email. I guess those who get me on their Reader are doing all right. I enjoy hearing what you take away from my poems. I heard that phrase in my head one day last year. You really are so wonderful with the faithful reads. Thanks so much.

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