Words Between Mom & Boy

TreeBetween22.5 or 3 years old
“Ditsy, ditsy spider went up the water spout.”

4 years old
From the backseat of the car
“Mom, you’re my Giving Tree,” the Tree in a children’s book who gives and gives of herself until she’s cut down to a stump.

5 years old
Zonkers over the rare treat of tapioca pudding, Tennyson happily volunteered to give thanks. “Dear Lord, thank you for…[spoon LICK.ย  Lonnng LICK….Silence. Prayer resumed when reminded.]

5 1/2 years old
To Daddy. “Your heart sounds like Samba. Bugga Bugga Boom.”

“Where does Barney live?”

Out of the blue, reflectively, like he was tasting the words
“Pine cone juice…”
Laughing, I asked where he got that.
Shrug. “I dunno.”

Another random thread out of literature
“This is a special day in the hundred-acre wood,” with the widest grin.

He walked in on Daddy in the bathroom who requested, “Uh, excuse me.”
Tennyson’s gleeful retort: “I already went this morning.ย  HA HA I win.”

“What do the other planets smell like?”
One of many questions Mom couldn’t answer.

6 years old
“Where is the Star Wars planet?”

Mom: “You wanna stop eating?”
“I wanna feel my stuffedness.”
*20 minutes later*
“Is your belly happily full?”
“My belly is happily ever after full.”

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
I want to be a daddy.

Two weeks ago
“Mom, when I die, bury my ashes under the trees.”
Speechless. I realized it was his rendition of Daddy’s last wishes.

From the backseat
“Mom, I think you’re not a good driver.”
(She’s nOt.)

In bed, with a smile: “Mom, I feel Jesus’ love.”

The last thing he hears from me every night
“You are safe and loved.”


To my boy, when he’s old enough to understand:

“Be good to your friends. Life is relationship.”

“Whatever you do, be unique as you are skillful.”

“Onward and Upward.”
I love the pithy profundity that concludes the odyssey of Narnia, suggesting the journey’s only begun.

38 thoughts on “Words Between Mom & Boy

  1. Beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hear his words echo in my soul, at times, as if he’s standing right next to me..”Onward and upward, daughter!” Proof that even when we aren’t standing right next to our children (he lives about a half hour from me), that their words stay with us. We should choose wisely the words we say to our babies! I’m glad the words he spoke to me as a child were good ones.

    “Mom, I feel Jesus’ love.” <— Makes my heart smile so big!

  2. Though I don’t have children yet, and I don’t plan to have children yet (at least not till the next 5-7 years), at least I have an idea of what to expect.
    P.S: I think I saw the funny side of The Holistic Wayfarer today.

  3. This morning when I opened my PC, I saw your comment on my post and then the voyage started for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I am here now, in your world…. What a beautiful morning for me, I am impressed so much… I felt myself in your world, in your words… Thank you, Blessing and Happiness. (I hope you don’t mind because I want to share with my own readers your beautiful blog) Love, nia

    • Oh my! What amazing feedback. I am deeply touched, Nia. Thank you dearly for the love across cyberspace, and the generous support. It’s been an amazing journey, and it looks like you have numbered yourself among the readers for whom i have great affection. I do look fwd to revisiting. Am just trying to dig my way out of homeschool matters and my nutrition blog. Grateful for you. Blessings, Diana

  4. I love these random snippets of your life. Kids say some incredibly funny things, they are innocent, yet there can be deep meaning in what they say, such as the “ashes under the tree”. I like the way you write, it’s a bit quirky.

  5. You have some special boy .. and it’s all down to you and daddy … *smile
    I just love this sentence: โ€œMom, youโ€™re my Giving Tree,โ€ – that says so much about the spirit and the way you’re bringing up your boy.
    You have one special boy and he has some special parents.

      • Diana, I have been moving around with “tons” of photos for years and I never looked at them – decided to burn them all … and then I started blogging and could have done with them. So I was lucky that my mom had some photos of me. Thank you so much for your kind words and welcome back.

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