Shame On Us

Apart from the wondrous enlightened few, we have quite a worried bunch here. We bite our lip peering into a distant tomorrow, fret over things we can’t control. You can check out the confessions on this post if you missed them. We fear the ground giving way under our feet, of being cut off from this beautiful world and from those we love. Every time my husband steps out to get gas, I hear an ominous echo under the casual “I’ll be back” he tosses over his shoulder. The classic hold-up at the local gas station plays itself out before my eyes, his last words an innocent presumption that could bring the house crashing on my head.

So let me switch gears and ask: what burden of guilt do you carry? What do you beat yourself up over? Please don’t tell me about the body you buried in the night. I don’t need bloodhounds all over this blog or the cops at my door.

And you got me. I’ll leave the LIKE button on. Stubborn people.